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  1. The ice show has always been fantastic on my voyager and freedom class ships.
  2. My wife and I dress up, but we drive so it is convenient to take lots of clothes (luggage and garment bags). If we were flying I'm not sure I would pack a suit.
  3. To OP: Miami and Fort Lauderdale (Florida) will have the most options. Both cruise terminals are close to the airport. How long will you be in the USA? Can you say 2 weeks or more? Maybe sail out of Port Canaveral, Florida, and combine with Disney World. And don't rule out a Disney cruise -- You can combine Disney World and the cruise through Disney. No casinos on Disney though, if that matters -- And Disney cruises are more expensive. Universal Studios in Orlando is also very fun if you have the time. I think the kids program on RCI (Adventure Ocean) is better than Carnival (Camp Carnival). Of course Disney has the best kids program. If you go RCI (Royal Caribbean), I suggest voyager, freedom, or oasis class (with an ice rink). Also, decide if you want a pull out sofa bed or a pull down upper "pullman" bed for your 10-year-old. Don't wait too long too book, or you might find there are no 3-person cabins remaining. Oh-- If you want lots of ports, consider leaving from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  4. Jimnbigd

    Captains versus Formal Nights

    Usually the Captain's party is the first (or only) formal night, and has free champagne. I think it still has this -- or has RCI done away with the free champagne?
  5. In addition to the above, the freedom class has: Cantilevered hot tubs in the Solarium (deck 11 forward). No window views from the restrooms by the buffet. Flowrider (some voyager classes have this now). Same number and size of elevators, but more passengers, so longer waits for an elevator.
  6. Jimnbigd

    Mobility Scooters

    We've charged up my wife's scooter in the Viking Crown (on the Navigator and Liberty near the Diamond lounge entrance), but that's the only place outside the cabin we found that had a plug and the scooter would not block anyone.
  7. Jimnbigd

    Tv channels

    Cabin TV on RCI to me is poor, IMO. A given channel seams to loop the same shows all week, except for sports and news.
  8. Jimnbigd

    What is the longest cruise?

    My brother-in-law was in the Navy. Everyone on the ship had to sail the entirety for several months at a time. Does that count? :confused:
  9. Interesting. They turned the cigar lounge into the card room/library on this ship. I wonder if that is the plan for all voyager class (and maybe freedom class) ships?
  10. Jimnbigd

    MDR breakfast/lunch question

    No Sorrentos on Navigator (a voyager class ship), but Cafe Promenade on deck 5 should be open most all the time. I often prefer the desserts there better than the MDR. Oh...If you do go to the buffet, be sure to go all the way back. The front part is often Asian food; the back part contains lots of choices. I like the carved ham at breakfast. On port days for lunch, your free choices are the buffet and Cafe Promenade. The buffet won't be very crowded for lunch on sea days. Here are a couple of videos of lunch on the Voyager (similar to the Navigator):
  11. I don't know personally, but it should be a great location -- near the back elevators/stairs and no public areas above or below you. Elevators can be slow and full, so you might want to take the stairs to decks 11 and 5 (the two primary public area decks). When you board, the connecting door might be closed and locked -- Just tell your stateroom attendant if you want the door opened. I don't know if the balcony door can be opened between the cabins (or if you want to do so).
  12. Jimnbigd

    MDR breakfast/lunch question

    I like the eggs benedict from the MDR -- I often also get a side order of bacon and hash browns. I find the breakfast to be much better than lunch in general, both in the MDR and the buffet. Remember -- the MDR is "all you can eat". RCI MDR for breakfast often has a small buffet also -- I usually get some fruit from there. And I find the orange juice in the MDR to be much better than the buffet. I'm told it is the same, but it does not taste the same to me. Besides, the buffet ices down (and therefore waters down) the juice. The very last morning (when we disembark), we like the MDR for breakfast -- the buffet lines can be long and very slow that final morning. Even if there is a line for the MDR, it moves fairly fast (no longer than a 15 minute wait for me). I find it nice to have one final sit-down meal before leaving the ship. We usually drive down so we are not in that big of a hurry to get off the ship. Note that buffet at night is a nice alternative to the MDR. It is not crowded, and usually has most of the same items, plus some additional ones. We usually do the night buffet when there is something scheduled that evening that conflict with dinner time (such as the ship's big band concert).
  13. Jimnbigd

    So excited!

    Beautiful ship. Don't miss the ice show (free). Check out the helipad (deck 5 front of ship) -- get there by going outside on deck 4 and walking up some front stairs, or by going out a door on the starboard side of the front deck 5 lounge. Cafe Promenade (deck 5) is open most all the time and has the best free coffee IMO. There will likely be a parade and a 70's disco party (different nights) on deck 5 (the Royal Promenade).
  14. I'd like for Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo to do one more Vacation movie, taking the children and grand children on a cruise.
  15. Jimnbigd

    What do you like to do on Sea Days?

    Like a Mongolian Grill for salad -- no cooking though -- You pick your ingredients and they mix and toss the salad for you. Served in the MDR for lunch (which is usually only open on sea days for lunch). You can order from the menu and also get the Tutti Salad bar if you want. A video is worth a thousand words: