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  1. OP...Sounds like you haven't tried any RC ship with the ice rink -- voyager, freedom, and oasis class. The ice show is fabulous. Plus, Cafe Promenade (free) is open just about 24 hours (close for a half hour or so in the wee morning for cleaning) -- A previous poster said they could not find free food late at night. Sorrentos pizza (also free) is also open until 2am or so, on ships that have it (freedom and oasis for sure). Room service has a fee, but I think Carnival does also now. Carnival does have Guys burgers, Mongolian grill, and made-to-order sandwiches, but these lines move very slow. My last Carnival was the Conquest. I was 4th in line at the Mongolian grill and it took 15 minutes before I had my food. Dining room: Carnival = neon lights; RC = chandeliers, especially on larger ships like voyager and freedom. I don't know about oasis and other RC large ships but these probably have elegant dining rooms also. Music: RC had 23 musicians on my last cruise (Liberty of the seas, Halloween 2019) -- a 4-piece dance band, 3-piece salsa band, 4-piece pool band, piano bar, classical guitarist, pub singer/guitarist, and 9-piece ships orchestra. The Carnival Conquest (my last Carnival cruise) had maybe 12 -- 5 piece ships band, 3-piece dance trio, piano bar, 2-piece pool band, and maybe a couple of more but I can't remember so it might be only 10. I've heard Carnival has done away the pool band and uses a DJ. Carnival cabins are bigger, but for me does not hold as much as RC. I really like RC voyager and freedom class ships much more than any Carnival I've done.
  2. You can have some bottled water in your cabin (a pint I think) per diamond member. It should be there when you board. And I think you can now bring some bottled water with you -- not sure exactly how much but I remember reading you can now bring water and soft drinks on RCI. Also, I find the ship's tap water to be as good as most bottled water. Good to know if the machine is still down I can get cappuccino at Cafe Promenade. Maybe it might be fixed or replaced when I board this Sunday.
  3. When you sign up, have everyone come that needs sign-in / sign-out privileges. Also, while not required, it is nice to tip the AO counselors the last full day -- $5 or $10 is fine per child. You might hand the money to the child and have the child tip the counselor (while you watch of course).
  4. I've been on the Rhapsody many years go. I am heavy to start with and always put on more weight overeating on the ship. And please don't call me a dumbbell. Oh...You meant weight in the gym. Nevermind. 🤗
  5. My RCI Galveston ships have always been 6:30 and 8:30, unless they did only one show (sometimes done on the first day and last full day -- then usually 7:15). Love and Marriage was always late night, as were the adult comedy shows. I'll find out in a couple of weeks if this changed. Does the AOS have the 70's disco party in the promenade? If so, what time? Ours from Galveston is usually 10pm. And the Quest is usually 10 or 10:30pm. Of course, neither of these are in the main theater. I'd be disappointed with 8pm for Love and Marriage show, since we usually have late fixed-time dining and would miss it (unless we eat other than the MDR, such at the buffet).
  6. I was happy with the coffee from Cafe Promenade -- better than the buffet or dining room I think. Being an RCI diamond member, the best now for me is the free capucinno in the diamond lounge -- really good.
  7. The video mentioned liquids. Liquids are OK and not limited to 3oz in carry on when boarding the ship. It is the airports that restrict this. Same for scissors. After all, your checked luggage is delivered to your cabin, so you end up with the liquids or scissors in the cabin one way or another. I would add: Stop mail delivery.
  8. Thanks. Leaving on LOS on Oct. 27. Phil Anderson should be in the Schooner bar then. As for Bubba Feathers, I don't think he's been back since his wife died a couple of years ago. And -- I wish Derek Lewis would return. We had him back once a few years ago after an absence from Galveston cruises. I miss his "Adult Day Care".
  9. Ideally you should have fixed time dining and several tables that all have the same waiter and assistant waiter. That way you'd all finish about the same time. One reason I recommend fixed time dining for large groups: You can be seated without waiting for others to arrive. BTW: Forget about having everyone meet for breakfast or lunch. I've tried it. There are always some who choose not to come, and don't tell anyone they are not coming -- so everyone else stands around near the entrance and waits for the "no shows". Tip: Ask the waiter to have the cheese & fruit plate (no extra charge) on each table for dinner so those who arrive first have something to munch on while waiting for the stragglers.
  10. One reason we get late dining is to enjoy the DL longer. It thins out just before early dining -- before that it can be hard to find a place to sit.
  11. I should add after I unpack, my wife and I usually go to the RCI Diamond Lounge since by then the free drinks have started.
  12. Good point. If you want lots of ports, consider flying to San Juan and doing a Southern Caribbean route. And of course Miami / Ft. Lauderdale have lots of options.
  13. I prefer RCI over Carnival, mostly for the entertainment. Food can actually be better on Carnival. Are you or your parents RCI Diamond members? If so, the free drinks each evening and other Diamond perks might make a difference. Are there any RCI voyager or freedom class ships available? These might be a little cheaper.
  14. 2 years ago it took about 3 weeks. (USA). My big complaint is that there s a period of time when we do not have a passport because we have to mail in the current one. I wonder what people who have to travel outside the USA do during this time when they don't have a passport? It takes time, even if expedited. Be sure to use certified mail to send in your current passport.
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