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  1. Time to plan for 2022! https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24324-alaska-cruise-season-cancelled-as-canadian-government-bans-cruise-ships-for-2021.html https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/government-of-canada-announces-one-year-ban-for-pleasure-craft-and-cruise-vessels-830109188.html#:~:text=Today%2C the Minister of Transport,prohibited from entering Arctic waters.
  2. Thanks for your kind offer. It was a direct internet purchase through John Hancock Travel Insurance, with Seven Corners as their servicing agent. I already filed a complaint with our State Department of Insurance for the appeal denial so will see how it goes since I believe they are absolutely wrong with their theory that FCC are reasons to deny CFAR claims.
  3. I filed for a CFAR insurance claim for my deposit of $500 when I cancelled my Alaska cruise and Seven Corners rejected the claim and the appeal. They claim that since I automatically got a Future Cruise Credit for the $500 deposit (which will probably expire before I ever plan to use it), I cannot get a CFAR insurance reimbursement since the FCC is considered compensation for my out-of-pocket $500 deposit. I disagreed and my appeal was a rebuttal to the CFAR rejection under California Law trying to pass or define these FCC as some type of compensation value equivalent to a gift card or gift
  4. I had a recent bad experience with CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason).... I cancelled an Alaska cruise before final payment (for COVID reasons) and was given a Future Cruise Credit for the amount of the deposit that I had lost. Since the Future Cruise Credit cannot be used as a deposit on a future cruise, these FCC are technically "discount coupons" since new money has to be outlayed for the FCC to be useable. CFAR was denied (even on appeal) though I tried to make the case that these FCC are not redeemable unless additional funds are outlayed even if we choose not to redeem it or if it expires unr
  5. We have done several HAL cruises and Elite on Celebrity. I have to say that I am done with HAL. Their smoking casinos on various ships makes it unplayable as a smoke sensitive person. Celebrity casinos are all 100% non smoking. Also the budget cuts on the entertainment (stage shows) on HAL make them less entertaining then Celebrity's line up. I am not a big music person so my bias against a intense music theme on many HAL ships makes them less desirable.
  6. The heading on the section is "Designated Smoking Areas" followed by bullet-points stating where it is allowed and when. It is clear to me that it means that smoking is on designated nights only. Whether they follow this on the cruise ship is another story.
  7. Change in Casino Smoking Policy (per HAL FAQ's posted October 2019): Per the most recent FAQ on HAL's website, the smoking policy in the casinos fleetwide has changed to allow casino smoking on "designated nights, active players only". Question: Has anyone seen this in effect? Does this mean its 100% non-smoking at all other times? Recent HAL cruisers, please chime in if this is hopefully being enforced... Designated Smoking Areas Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Westerdam, Zuiderdam Sea View Bar area Oak Room (Noordam only, including cigar and pipe s
  8. Dynamic pricing in action! Want more evidence of this inventory pricing craziness: Book a non-refundable airfare and try never to look at it again!
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