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  1. Dynamic pricing in action! Want more evidence of this inventory pricing craziness: Book a non-refundable airfare and try never to look at it again!
  2. Careful with Norwegian Air and WOW.. Read the latest press releases and coverage. Those airlines may not survive through 2019 due to financial issues.
  3. Just pre-booked online directly on the MSC website a 1 hour massage on the MSC Divina (from Miami) which is the cruise directly before we board the Edge for $77. So prices are totally dependent on supply and demand. Maybe its just me, but it appears many of the spa "therapist" dont work all day and are standing around recruiting and giving free "sample" neck massages hoping to get customers. I think most of these independently run spas on these cruise ships have their own way of "doing business." I would love to hear from a real cruise spa insider how this really all works.
  4. Maybe this thread and a few brave soles challenged the removal at the spa desk to such a point that they put it back. However, it does say "Equinox Theatre" which leads me to believe its not from the Edge. I will be on the Edge in a few weeks and will see if it really has vanished by then.....
  5. Agreed! We got rid of all our Airline credit cards (cash back cards only from now on). Removing perks without any notice (even though they claim they can do this), has to be the worse loyalty relations blunder a company can do. To be honest, I last about 1 hour max on the rather uncomfortable tile hot beds when I used it under the free perk. There is rarely any peace or tranquility in the hot tile bed room. If its not people talking or people snoring, they put those loud showers on the outskirts of the room and its really noisy. Its good for the sauna/steam rooms.
  6. Totally in agreement with you.... not to "grandfather" or have a break-in period when you make perk changes is worse than the actual elimination of a perk. The ill-will it creates when boarding expecting a perk that appeared before boarding (or at final payment) and then not available when you physically show -up to the venue (e.g. the spa) is the worse P.R. a company can have, especially for its most loyal clients.... Then again, look at what every airline has done to its frequent flyer program and all the planes are still flying pretty full.
  7. Just add this to the same dilution now seen in most Airline Frequent Flyer programs. Too many people with too many miles chasing too few seats. However some "notice" would prevent misunderstandings when you approach the Spa counter ready for your free day Port access you were expecting and they say "No", you have to pay.
  8. At the very least they should give notice that "Effective on this date, it is no longer available". Imagine the surprise (and argument) many Elite will get when they don't read this thread and are refused entry on upcoming cruise without any warning.
  9. As rumored, and now enforced, the Elite benefit of a one-day complimentary Port Day access to the Persian Garden has been eliminated (as verified on the Captains Club Perk list menu on the Celebrity site). Several members on the Edge report they were refused admission on the Port Day without paying the $59 one day fee. Sadly, there appears no notice of this change and we counted on it for a day on the upcoming Edge for use as we earned it and was showing as a perk at time of booking. We just got off the Millenium and it was on the perk list just a couple of weeks ago (which I printed out and had with me) so they allowed us access, but no more. To earn a benefit, have it appear at time of the reservation, and not at least have a phase out to those who counted on it, just leaves a bad feeling.
  10. That is awful. We were counting on the traditional Port Day free access to the Thermal Suite which is an Elite perk on all other Celebrity ships but was removed, with no prior disclosure, per your experience. For them NOT to honor a documented benefit with no advance notice is terrible P.R. and is sure to create an issue. Perhaps the Captains Club representative who main purpose is the administration of club benefits can step in and do what is right in this case.
  11. Your first warning that something is fishy with these "casino vault/key" games is the most land-based casinos regulators DO NOT allow the real cash version of these machines on casino floors. This is also true of the "coin pusher" games that use real money.
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