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  1. Bill - no need to apologize. I was pretty sure I recognized you from your photo but I didn't stop over myself either. We really did enjoy the F2 and will look forward to booking another one when we decide on the right itinerary. Hopefully we can connect in future - I'll hold you to that drink round!!! :) Meanwhile I'll live vicariously through the exploits of others on this Board!
  2. Bill - yes we were and I think I saw you at the CC meet and mingle but didn't get over to introduce myself. Next time for sure.....:) We started by booking a G2 but based upon your advice and others', we stepped up to the F2 and were really glad we did. As you said, everything about the cabin was terrific and met our needs to a tee. We found the motion we did experience in the cabin was very pleasant and kept us aware we were on a ship versus a land-based hotel room. Overall it was a terrific trip and we loved the Explorer and all that it offered. Can't wait for the next trip!
  3. We just came off Explorer and had an F2 - 807 which was well forward. The most soundproof and stable stateroom we've ever had. Considerable movement at times for the first two sea days as we left Miami due to high winds but the stateroom was no worse we found than down the hall at 859 near the centre elevator bank. I wouldn't hesitate to take a forward cabin on this ship in future. Cheers, Rob
  4. We returned from the Explorer this past Saturday and my wife had a nail repair and manicure. She thought the service was fine - the manicurist was very friendly and personable but found the service quite different than she is accustomed to on land. There was no soaking of the nails or hand massage and no undercoat under the nail polish. (I'm quoting her as I haven't the foggiest about the subject!!!) Service was professional and competent but just not what she was expecting - although her nails did look lovely!! Cheers, Rob
  5. We also disembarked the Explorer on Saturday about 9:40 and were in no rush as we had a 4:00 flight booked. I am pretty sure we were actually docked at 7:00am so I have no idea exactly what transpired to delay disembarkation. When we booked our flights I realized there were eight ships in port Saturday and faced with a choice of a 12 noon flight and the 4pm we went for the later flight as based upon past experience and what we had read about the Miami port situation, I thought in case "stuff" happens, I didn't want to be stewing and worrying about making an early flight. Frankly I can't imagine why Regent would purposely delay pax leaving the ship as they have another cruise to prepare for - the sooner we're gone, the easier the preparations would be. I thought the fact that Lorraine was making announcements about the delays was fine - if she had any definitive idea of an exact time, I'm sure she would have given it which gives credence to the fact that it was out of Regent's control. The only real issue we had was the embarkation as there were only nine agents checking people in. We arrived about 12:15 and didn't get processed until close to 1:00. I understand these were not Regent people doing the checkin but it was a far cry from our last experience on Navigator out of Miami which took about ten minutes from the time we arrived at the Terminal. Fortunately we had a great cruise - despite some rocky weather and two ports being substituted due to weather issues.
  6. We were slated to sail from Terminal J on January 8th (currently en route back to Miami on Explorer) and ended up embarking from Terminal F. No big deal as an earlier poster pointed out, there are large signs indicating which ship departs from which terminal on the way in. Rob
  7. Currently on Explorer and in my cabin on an I-pad. I can’t comment on last week or even last year as our last Regent trip was in 2015 on Navigator. I have found internet speed to be fine - not as quick as at home but easy to log in and email/perform searches etc. I don’t post photos however so can’t comment on that aspect but otherwise service has been good enough to meet our needs. Cheers, Rob
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. BNBR - you raise a good point that almost everything is within 10-15 minutes of the airport so we won't restrict our search to that area and will check out the ones you both have mentioned. Cheers, Rob
  9. My wife and I are flying out of FLL after a cruise docking in MIA in January and our flight isn't until 16:00. We expect to be off the ship around 9:00 and had planned to Uber to FLL - store our luggage and Uber to a nearby restaurant for lunch and to kill some time. No interest in organized tours - just want to be close to FLL so we can check in a couple of hours before flight time. Would appreciate any suggestions - we aren't looking for gourmet - just some good American food in a comfortable restaurant. Many thank! Cheers, Rob
  10. Great idea FlyerTalker - will let them know! Cheers, Rob
  11. Thanks to both of you for this info - will pass it along! Cheers, Rob
  12. We have close friends who are considering Regent and they both use CPAP machines. Wondering if distilled water is readily available for this purpose? Thanks, Rob
  13. Question about the actual classes: are all of the dishes seafood-based? My wife doesn't eat seafood let alone cook it...... Thanks, Rob
  14. We just received an email from Regent advising us reservations are open as of tomorrow (75 days out) from our January 8th Explorer trip. Think I'll stay up another ten minutes or so to nail them down......:) Cheers, Rob
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