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  1. Thanks. The 1 hotel/resort was prepaid and they aren’t/didn’t give any of that money back to them. It was a smaller resort in Cambodia. It would help if Celebrity would have covered the air fare price difference at least. I don’t think that part was fair or what Celebrity should have done. The other issues aren’t Celebrity’s to correct though I agree. It sounds like it was such a disruption in the cruise, spending so much time getting through to your airlines for flights home from Dubai! I’m sure that was not what you were expecting at the start of that cruise! Thanks for replying.
  2. Thanks I just clicked on what you showed me so I’m good. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Was anyone on this cruise? Our close friends were on this and lost a lot of money because the ship ended up not being able to disembark in Singapore as planned? Apparently Dubai port told Celebrity if they docked in Singapore the ship would not be allowed to go into port at Dubai (next cruise-reserve itinerary). Our friends had other plans after disembarking in Singapore so they lost extra money. Celebrity only covered air fare change fees not the air fare price difference to as well. Thanks.
  4. True! You’re right. That paragraph must be really old. Looking forward to next year’s cruise. We haven’t cruised last 2 years and missing it. Going to the ABCs which we have only been to Aruba before and that was a long time ago.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I was just reading cruise critic.com editor’s article (doesn’t say what date) and it says Oceanview Cafe was redesigned. I don’t get it....nobody is saying that they saw any difference to this area! Not sure who the editor is and I can’t reply to the article.
  6. Thanks for replies...they help everyone who’s interested. Someone mentioned about them only redoing Concierge and higher cabins. I don’t like Concierge, pay more but then we can’t get cabin on the “hump”. I’m always surprised they don’t charge concierge prices for the cabins on the hump. I find only minimal changes done to Verandahs disappointing as they charge more than enough for balconies. I guess we at least get new mattress and bedding!
  7. Thanks everyone. I hope they at least did the buffet area which they were suppose to do.
  8. Thanks. Disappointing that more wasn’t done to all the cabins.
  9. Oh that’s not good news. Maybe the fact that revolution was cut short means that the cabins didn’t get what they were suppose to. We’re on 9th deck. Hopefully some other people will let me know about their cabins. Thanks.
  10. How is everyone liking the new Equinox? I booked a cruise on Equinox for next February but didn’t realize it had already had the revolution remodelling. What are the changes to balcony cabins? Cat 1A? Any complaints?
  11. Ok, thanks. That explains a lot. I am seeing $50.34 Canadian money which would be the $45.12 USD total plus exchange. I will probably be choosing the beverage package and dining package.
  12. When I picked the dining package on the website it only add $50.30 to the invoice and that was Canadian money. So I thought it was around $38 USD to pick the dining option??? I wondered why so low. Yet when I picked Open Bar it added $530 CAD ($396 USD). Where can I see the prices that you quoted on NCL website? Thanks.
  13. I am thinking of booking 10 night Med cruise on Getaway. With a busy itinerary I thought maybe we don’t need to pay the $396 grats for the Open Bar since we might not get our money’s worth. Then I started to think what if my DH and I had 2 drinks a day...how much would that end up costing? So can someone please give me a rough idea of cost of a bottled beer, glass of wine, mixed cocktail? I think bottled water is not included? Thanks.
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