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  1. Ok, thanks. That explains a lot. I am seeing $50.34 Canadian money which would be the $45.12 USD total plus exchange. I will probably be choosing the beverage package and dining package.
  2. When I picked the dining package on the website it only add $50.30 to the invoice and that was Canadian money. So I thought it was around $38 USD to pick the dining option??? I wondered why so low. Yet when I picked Open Bar it added $530 CAD ($396 USD). Where can I see the prices that you quoted on NCL website? Thanks.
  3. I am thinking of booking 10 night Med cruise on Getaway. With a busy itinerary I thought maybe we don’t need to pay the $396 grats for the Open Bar since we might not get our money’s worth. Then I started to think what if my DH and I had 2 drinks a day...how much would that end up costing? So can someone please give me a rough idea of cost of a bottled beer, glass of wine, mixed cocktail? I think bottled water is not included? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I agree about going on the Mediterranean cruise. That’s the only reason I am even thinking about NCL. This is all about the itinerary.
  5. If I choose the free speciality dining for 2 as one of my free addons what would my DH and I be getting? Is it 2 dinners in a speciality restaurant twice during the cruise? Do they say which restaurants you can go to and which ones you can’t? Thanks.
  6. Well the UK/EU consumer law is how it should be. Free should mean no money attached at all to it.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Definitely not a “good deal” paying service charges on perks that are suppose to be free. Celebrity definitely does not do this. While I know they are more expensive and when they started giving free perks I realized that you are going to be paying for them somehow but I would rather it be hidden. So now the difference between NCL cruise and Celebrity is around $900 cheaper with NCL not the $1500-$1600 I had originally thought. $900 probably isn’t enough for me to go to a new cruise line and a ship with a lot more passengers. I can’t believe NCL would think it’s a good idea to charge s/c on something that’s supposed to be free! Thanks again for all your replies.
  8. I am new to NCL website, trying to book a 10 night cruise or at least see what the cost will be. When I picked drinks and specialty dining as my 2 perks (I really would like them to offer free grats) I noticed a $580 charge for DH and myself. Then I changed perks to drinks and wifi and the grat cost went down to $520 I think. I thought grats were roughly $15 a day per person which would make it $300 for 2 people on a 10 night cruise??? Can someone explain why the grats are so high? I am used to Celebrity ($14.50 or $15 a day per person, max of $300 for a 10 night cruise). At first I was thinking NCL is a lot less expensive than Celebrity but I am wondering now if that might not be the case if over $500 is being added to the total.
  9. I have a booked Celebrity Mediterrean cruise however Celebrity’s prices are just getting way too high. Looking at Getaway cruise next October and was thinking it would be worth it to try Norwegian. Then I realized how many passengers are on the Getaway! Has anyone gone from a smaller passenger ship to high passenger ships with Norwegian and been OK with the increase? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Can I reserve a parking spot for Port Everglades before leaving home for a cruise? If so, how far in advance can I book?
  11. Can I reserve a parking spot at Port Everglades ahead of my cruise?
  12. We would be staying in the Cannaregio area. Since we are going on cruise we would probably have 2 large suitcases and 2 carryons.
  13. Where is the port for Constellation in Venice? Going on cruise Oct 10 2019. How do you get over to the port if staying in Venice 2 nights before cruise? Thanks.
  14. Thanks everyone! I think I’m going to go with a cabin closer to midship on deck 7.
  15. Thank you Essiesmom. It helped seeing the picture because I was wondering if the larger part of the forward bow would be blocking and I can see it doesn’t. Is the ride a bit rockier with being so far forward? We are usualy mid ship of a bit aft. Thanks.
  16. Which cabins make up the sweet sixteen on deck 6 on Constellation? Being that far forward isn’t too rocky?
  17. Thanks what makes these 16 cabins so great?
  18. I’m thinking of booking a European cruise on Constellation October 2019. What are the best decks to book a regular veranda cabin? I think deck 10 has the restaurants so I wouldn’t want deck 9 I would think. I have never been on Constellation. Thanks!
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