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  1. Yes they DO have hen parties onboard, but personalised and slogan tees are definately NOT allowed. We were actually witness to the hen party in the embarkation hall being told to remove their sashes. As GastroGnome says, another reason not to sail with them.
  2. Believe me there are some lines that do indeed. On P & O cruises ALL personalised, slogan and funny tees are banned. A wedding party in embarkation hall was made to remove their "Bride""Bridesmaid" and "Mother of the bride" sashes or be denied embarkation. I would never wear a political tee, especially in the current uk/europe situation, but I wanted to make sure I would not be causing myself a problem. My daughter printed me a tee saying "I dont do mornings unless I am on a cruise" and I was informed by P & O that I would be asked to change if I wore it!!! Thanks everyone for your replies
  3. We are doing med on 12th October, hello to another cornish resident
  4. As we are in UK and travelling in Europe, and in view of the current situation, Political messages would be a definate NONO!!
  5. Hi, does anyone know if there is a ban on Celebrity regarding the wearing of slogan or personalised tee-shirts. I have a few, NEVER offensive but some funny, e.g. "life is short, eat cake", "cruising my way through life" "child of vikings" and such slogans. Dont want to cause offence. All replies welcome
  6. Thanks, do you happen to know what time they serve room service from?
  7. Thanks, might have to do that then, do you know what time they open?
  8. We have several early morning trips booked on our upcoming cruise on Reflection, so can anyone advise what time Luminae opens for breakfast each morning. Many thanks
  9. Also, do they have this on Britannia? Many thanks
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice, will definately give them a try.
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