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  1. Thank you all for your helpful replies.
  2. We are going on the Ypres excursion in Belgium which includes war cemetaries. Has anyone done this trip, and could anyone advise if the cemetaries have stone walkways,or if it is all grass. I ask because of footwear choice in possible bad weather. Many thanks
  3. We are 2 couples who have booked P&O full day excursion on seperate bookings. (They booked before we decided to also do the excursion) How can we ensure we travel together on same coach,so we can lunch together etc. Thanks
  4. Aint that the truth! Many thanks .all
  5. Thanks, perhaps I didnt phrase it very well,but thats what I meant
  6. Thanks very much for your help.
  7. How do I do this with OBC , do I arrange with guest services ? I would like it to go to butler and stateroom attendant
  8. Thanks Chezmarylou ,we have OBC but not free grats
  9. Can I use my OBC or part of it, for gratuities? Many thanks
  10. We always use Penguin. You will find them very helpful and professional. Enjoy your G & T and have one for me!!
  11. Believe me, I wish I knew..................................
  12. That is why we also carry our carryon luggage with us
  13. Many thanks Dai, have a great time. If you hear, on the ship grapevine, that all the rubbish I have been given is "being considered" in view of "no more gratuities" that comes in in May, perhaps you would be kind enough to advise, as we dont go till July. Bon Voyage! Fastnloose xx
  14. We booked this cruise on Saturday after reading all the bumph in the brochure and FAQs. It was only when I asked the booking agent after we had booked if room service was still available complimentary (it was last year)together with another couple of questions that she said she would check with P & O on Monday. After reading Docco's reply, and having waited hours for a response from the agent, I called P & O myself. They confirmed that room service is chargeable regardless of cabin grade, and also added that they no longer service the rooms twice daily. If we need extra towels for the evening we must request them from the morning steward!! I do feel shafted by P & O, but perhaps someone on board at the moment might be able to clarify things..? Many thanks for all who took the time to reply, and I will post the current situation when we are onboard in July
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