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  1. The International Cafe always had a few sugar free desserts available. I tried a couple and they were very good.
  2. I also looked at the daily schedules before we got on the ship and found several changes so make sure you look at the schedule every day. On our cruise we had to miss a port because of rough water so they quickly added activities to the schedule since it was going to be a sea day instead. I found the app helpful in that situation since it took them a while to reprint the Schedule and put it in the staterooms.
  3. There were no happy hours but if you have the medallion app you can look for the daily drink specials. There would be a few drinks on sale each day as well as some BOGO deals for planks and steamers restaurants.
  4. On our ten day cruise it was held at 5:00 on the second formal night. We had 5:30 reservation at a specialty restaurant so only had time for an appetizer and drink or two. Didn’t get to see the Captain or whatever else went on
  5. Just back from the Caribbean princess and there was no live music in any of the dining rooms. There was sometimes live music on the deck by the pool and grill area.
  6. You just walk off. They have a very nice port area with shops, crafts, food, music, etc. Then one side has ship excursions and the other independent tours and cabs.
  7. On our princess cruise my husband wore nice khaki shorts and collared shirt to the main dining room for dinner and was told it was not allowed. He had to go back to the cabin and change. It was not formal not which obviously would have been inappropriate. Then the next night we saw a man in athletic shorts and t-shirt in the same dining room and no one said anything!
  8. We will have a couple hours to kill before going to the airport at FLL and will have our luggage with us. Are there any brunch spots or places to hang out convenient too the port and airport? We will take an Uber.
  9. The trolley Rodger is only 45-60 minutes and gives you a quick drive around the city center and some residential areas. The negative was we were squished together with five adults on each row so not very comfortable. Otherwise it was fun
  10. Reviews of Cayman Cabana have been positive for the view and the food. We will be going there for lunch next week and will let you know our opinion. Like that you can make a reservation too.
  11. We are signed up for the HOHO bus through Princess in a few weeks. Did you end up going on this tour? We are thinking we would just ride the bus for the entire route without getting off hoping we can get an overview of the area. I'm not sure how long the ride would be or if that is a good plan. We've also had good and bad experiences on HOHO buses in different locations. Interested in any feedback on Cartagena HOHO.
  12. Wondering what the entertainment options are like on the POA. Knowing it’s a port intensive week, I didn’t know if there would still be big production shows, comedians, movies, etc daily.
  13. Will definitely try it either on thanksgiving or another day. Thank you.
  14. Thanks, Doug, for this suggestion. I've looked it up and it does sound good and would be convenient. They've gone up to $45 but not bad for a Thanksgiving dinner. Elaine
  15. Good suggestions. I'll look at those options online closer to November. Elaine
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