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  1. 4/25/22-5/5/22 Honolulu to Vancouver, 5/5/22-5/13/22 Vancouver to Seattle (Alaska itinerary)
  2. Ok, so what happens if I disembark in Seattle?
  3. I have read threads regarding early disembarkation. I just do not recall all of the facts. I know it is frowned on but not out of the question. Our cruise in 2022 ends in Vancouver (assuming Canada is accepting cruise ships at that time). Our cruise starts in Honolulu and our final port of call and last day on board is in Seattle. We would like to end our cruise there. We are US citizens. How do I make this happen without repurcussion? Thank you in advance. Julie
  4. Yup...1100 dollars less on Celebrity website for my Apex sailing in February. Headed to TA site immediately! Thanks!
  5. Good morning and Happy 4th of July fellow Cruise Critic peeps. The questions I am asking have been discussed on these boards before, I am sure, but I find the search mechanism not very helpful. If you would indulge me with answers, I would so appreciate it. 1. How many days before the sailing can one reserve MDR and specialty restaurants? (I am 7 months out and tried today but was not successful) 2. If I want to choose a wine package for the stateroom, can I choose the wines? How far in advance will this be allowed? 3. Does the Magic Carpet serve as a restaurant at anyti
  6. I did and I have called them twice. Same answer...they are backed up. I have another cruise in August and Im not sure I am even going to do final payment on that cuz it is taking too long to get this done
  7. I would just like to get the e-mail that tells me I have a FCC for my cancelled cruise. Now waiting 1 month and 3 days.
  8. Sounds like thet are handling things in a variety of ways
  9. I will chime in with my experience. And I apologize in advance if my information is duplicated as I only read the first page and the last two pages. We cancelled on March 14th for the Pacific Coastal on March 30th. The very next day is when Celebrity announced the cancellation of the cruise. Of course, I immediately e-mailed my TA, indicating that I wanted the refund vs the FCC. This decision was based solely on the future of our new normal, and not knowing if or when we will return to our old normal. He said that I would receive an e-mail from Celebrity with the FCC information on it, a
  10. Hello everyone...have not visited Coco Cay before but will do so on our 2021 cruise. The overwater cabanas...how does one inquire about those?
  11. We have a driver hired for 4 hours, and I was looking for an itinerary that would fill 4 hours and allow us to see the highlights of Astoria. So far, I am thinking the Column for the view, Cannon Beach (?), again for photo ops, some downtown stops at brew pubs or wine stores, a drive over the bridge...anything else I could fit into our time frame?
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