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  1. Melody, So off topic, but would you please share what you’re doing to break up the scar tissue? Just adding my voice to the others wishing you well. I’ve been following along with everyone these past months just, strange for me, haven’t had much to share.
  2. We were among the last passengers off the Infinity. We exited the ship at 10:45. After reading this posting, I really felt so sorry for the crew on embarkation day on this ship. I know that some of the crew had to get up at 3:00am in order to get their paperwork together to meet with immigration on the pier. Even though the Captain originally said that we would arrive around 5am, I think we were alongside about 3am. What difference does it make if immigration doesn't arrive to process the people? They wanted to process the crew first, then there was some in depth inspec
  3. A total SHOUT OUT to my grandson! I can't believe I've struggled with those darn tickets from Trenitalia for YEARS and I've thought of everything under the sun to help with the fact that I probably won't have wifi and I know I won't want to use cellular for the $10/day charge just to show them a bar code ticket but NOW <drumroll> I learned how to take a screen shot! And my life just became so much easier! I can't believe that I never, ever thought of doing that. Bye bye paper clutter, weighing down my bag and my life. So, thanks, Anita for mentioning this little g
  4. Yes. I have NONREFUNDABLE deposit bookings. I'm telling you the exact wording as it appears on my invoices. I think that this is false information being given that if you have a nonrefundable deposit that you automatically owe 25% of your cruise fare. That's not the case. Clearly and absolutely the invoice states that you will forfeit the following: $100 for certain, if you change your reservation. The remainder of your deposit is applied to a future cruise booking. AND, the cancellation policy of your reservation. Which clearly states the dates when the differe
  5. No. It clearly states on my invoices the date that the cancellation policy would be 25%. And that date is the day AFTER final payment is due. The date is clearly spelled out and it is not the day after my booking date. If I do not move my deposit to another ship or sailing date, then I will lose the entire deposit. If I move my deposit then I will lose $100 of it, per person.
  6. i just changed a few reservations to nonrefundable deposits. I scanned the invoices and they all say the same thing. The wording for the nonrefundable deposit reads exactly as the website and its explanation. If you make a change to the ship or to the date of sailing, you will be charged $100 for the change; in other words, the deposit is nonrefundable but you can transfer the money to another sailing. As far as the cancellation policy reads, on the day after final payment is due the cancellation penalty is 25%. And the amount increases from them, pretty much to the same level as any
  7. Welcome to the world, little man. Lots and lots of fun days ahead, Laurie. Congratulations to all.
  8. Reading everyone's posts is such a welcome relief as a break from my current travel planning! Margaret, I was in that Desigual store in Miami. So much fun! You didn't venture into the Kiko store? That's another cute, affordable fun store to spend a bit of time. Last season's nail polish colors for $1 and change! And, it's a good quality polish, as well. One of my guilty pleasures. I'm in the midst of another bout of planning, all because I had a moment where I was persuaded by a low, low (I do mean low) price for an international flight on Alitalia! This flight was an a
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