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  1. riclop

    Regal goes full Medallion Dec. 16

    Thanks for the info.
  2. riclop

    Long Review of Crown Princess Med Cruise 10/23/18

    Thanks for the review.
  3. riclop

    Gadget found attached to tv

    It's for the remote.
  4. riclop


    Wait for the Captain to make a decision.
  5. riclop

    Cabin question

    Good for you.
  6. riclop

    Alaska cruise

    It will be crowded on deck.
  7. riclop

    Cove Balcony, Pros and Cons

    Lido deck much better than a cove.
  8. riclop

    Are Carnival hair salons good?

    You will spend more and it all depends who you get.
  9. riclop

    Tendering at HMC - what to expect?

    With an excursion you will meet and they will escort you.
  10. riclop

    Boarding pass

    No electronic.
  11. riclop

    Lesson learned I hope

    She will not get her $$ back.
  12. riclop

    Decoratred for Christmas

    Thanks for posting that info.