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  1. We had a virtual balcony on the Navigator and there was definitely sound. On embarcation day, our cabin "faced" port side. We watched the loading of produce etc and heard the beeping as the trucks backed up! We loved our virtual balcony, it was such fun.
  2. I suppose it's no loss really, they never took any notice anyway 😅
  3. Every cruise we tick the "B box" and every time its ignored, we tick, we use pink highlighter, we underline, nothing works. For us, a trip to GS a few days into the cruise and a double check later on is the only answer. We also pay some in cash if we have any excess towards the end of the sailing.
  4. We've sailed one P&O cruise out of 40+. Not for us. You will find far more entertainment for the kids (and yourselves) on Royal but a 3 night cruise is not the best introduction as another poster mentioned. Nevertheless I'm sure you'll have a great, fun filled, time aboard an amazing ship.
  5. Alternatively, switch to MTD and go for dinner at 8.30 each night. Or you can make MTD reservations on your cruise planner before you board.
  6. Had one last year on the Navigator, loved it!
  7. We've just booked a 9 night Explorer ABC islands cruise for November 2020. UK price £986, US price including all taxes and port fees, £655 at the current exchange rate. Like others have said, you need to checkout all options. Sue
  8. Absolutely! It worked like a dream in the US. We thought it might get confused because we used it to get from our airport hotel to Heathrow in the morning and then a few hours later used it in Memphis.... It's obviously cleverer than we thought! Have a great trip. Sue
  9. We are just back from our first trip to New Orleans. We loved it! We stayed at the Hotel Mazarin on Bienville Street in the FQ. Cannot recommend this hotel highly enough, it was wonderful, everything we had always imagined a FQ hotel to be. Check out the reviews, just posted ours, 5* without doubt. We arrived on the American Queen Steamboat and got an Uber to the hotel. Cost $7. As an earlier poster suggested, download the Uber app, what a brilliant service we received in both Memphis pre cruise and NOLA post cruise.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. We actually disembarked last week and I'm now an expert! Down the gangplank, turn right, walk along with the river on your right and the mall on your left. If the shops aren't open yet, enter the mall through the glass doors opposite the large metal staircase. Walk straight through and exit at the Avis drop off point. We ordered an Uber from there and were checking in to the Hotel Mazarin 20 minutes after leaving the ship! Once again, thank you for your reply.
  11. We've just returned from our first AQ cruise, celebrating our 50th anniversary. It was superb, exceeded our every expectation. Every day was a delight. The boat, the staff, the food, the service, the entertainment, the brilliant hoho buses, all made this cruise a stand out for us. As for the calliope, it still makes me smile thinking about it! We've been enjoying ocean cruising since the early 80s, but this trip was a highlight from start to finish. You're going to have an amazing time I'm sure. Sue 😊
  12. Sorry for the delay in replying, we've been having such a great time in New Orleans! We fly home today, it's been an unforgettable trip.
  13. Update! We disembarked yesterday. Here's what we did. Turn right as you leave the boat, walk alongside the river, enter the mall at the doors opposite the iron staircase structure (the shops weren't open yet so you can't enter through them) , walk straight through and exit, you will be at the Avis return area. Takes all of 5 minutes, perfectly flat, no stairs, very easy. We ordered an Uber and were checking in to our hotel (Mazarin, delightful) within 20 minutes of leaving the American Queen. Hope this is helpful and thanks again to Calliope for responding to my question which gave us the confidence to walk off independently.
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