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  1. Our Royal Caribbean refund took 92 days, cancelled back in April, arrived last week.
  2. Thank you, we're trying, and we'll keep trying. It's very frustrating.
  3. We did, Royal won't discuss this with us, TA says we must be patient. Please don't anyone tell us we need a new TA, this was "one and done" as we usually book direct with the cruise line.
  4. Waiting for refundable deposits on a November b2b. Cancelled 9th April, 63 days, zilch so far.
  5. We're waiting on a deposit refund, certainly not quicker for us, 52 days so far....
  6. That's really great, we're still waiting since 9th April. Maybe it's what they call the luck of the Irish! 🤣
  7. I just read what you wrote to my husband. He agrees with you. He also said sometimes you have to know when to leave the room (or the cruise ship!). We've crossed everything off our bucket list except New Zealand, maybe it wasn't meant to be. We're grateful for what we've seen and done, the friends we've made, the laughter we've shared, he says we don't want to push our luck. To anyone celebrating Seder tonight, we certainly know the answer to "why is this night different?" this year!
  8. Well we've been cruising since the early 80s, we've been fortunate to cruise all over our beautiful world, so I think you'll agree, we've left our home many many times. But we won't be cruising again until there's a vaccine. To us it's simple common sense, but everyone must do what works for themselves.
  9. We had audio on our Navigator cruise. On embarcation day we watched the ship being loaded with produce etc and heard the beeping as the drivers were reversing. We really enjoyed our virtual balcony, it was fun. As someone else mentioned, you could switch off the audio as desired.
  10. Thank you again, I'm so grateful to you. I had to laugh at you using them for English movies. We're from the UK and most of our hearing friends use captions for American shows for the same reason! My DH was the same as yours, refused to admit to a hearing problem. Only when our kids told him bluntly "dad, you can't hear" did he do anything about it. He now wears 2 aids and was man enough to admit there's a huge improvement! 😂
  11. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Would you know if you can access the captions through the TV remote control as we do at home? I don't cruise to watch TV, but being deaf, sometimes a movie in the cabin is preferable to some of the onboard entertainment that I find difficult to follow 😊
  12. Can anyone tell me if there is the facility to add captions to movies on the cabin TV? Many thanks.
  13. Thank you for the wonderful photos. Cadiz is one of our favourite Spanish ports of call. It's also very walkable from the ship. We're loving you're review, thank you again.
  14. Thank you so much for posting your live review, it's brilliant! Would you know if any balconies escape the dreaded (to us anyway!) overhang? We love the sun ☀
  15. Thanks Graham, we think so. Its a full cash refund, we told them we had no interest in a FCC and we stayed on the line while the TA sent us an email confirming it all. Thank you for your good wishes. Sue
  16. Yes good luck Gill, stand your ground, people are definitely getting different offers which is really unfair. We've cancelled and are getting a refund, although the email sent to us all said only a FCC would be offered. They must have taken legal advice and been told they have to refund or they wouldn't do it. Why not be upfront and tell people that in the first place. They're not covering themselves in glory with this.
  17. We've received the Royal Caribbean email. Totally understand about the weather and safety being non negotiable, we've been cruising for 40 years. I think I'd rather have a full refund though, as has always been offered in the past, under similar circumstances. 1 port (and not one of the original ports) and 10 days cruising is not very appealing in November.
  18. That's so very kind of you, thank you! At the moment we're hearing our sailing is postponed till Friday due to storms , oh joy!! Oh well, thankfully for once we booked with a TA, usually book cruise /flight separately, so travel agent will have to deal with it. Really feel for all the people flying in from the States this weekend though. Sue
  19. That's a shame. I know we can't control the weather but it's still disappointing. Hope you're having a great time in spite of the changes. We were going to book this cruise as a b2b with the TA on 5th, but I'm celebrating a big (very big 😉) birthday on the TA so having a party this weekend with the family before we sail 🎂 Enjoy the rest of your trip 😊
  20. Cruising next week, if we can print out baggage tags, can we assume our bid wasn't successful?
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