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  1. We are Elite (status not self importance!) with Celebrity. Scanner wasn't working so copied form, filled it out and posted it off to the London address. Two days later had an email with our black card number. So far, so impressed!

  2. Some cruises from the UK show the "total price" which includes the gratuity...but it's only some. Transatlantics to/from the UK are priced without the gratuity added.

    Just back from the Eclipse TA (superb) and the gratuities were included on the bar menus. When we first boarded and saw the prices, I nearly became teetotal, until it was pointed out to me that on this sailing, prices were inclusive of gratuity


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  3. We are doing a TA in April. Our first as well. We will be traveling at the back end for about a month before heading home so I also don't want to lug around heavy formal wear. How is this solution? Black clingy top and long skirt (Chicos) with sparkly jewelry and sequined shawl. Will that offend my table mates?

    It might offend them because they don't look as good


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  4. We are elite on Celebrity and sailing Sunday on the Eclipse TA. In July we tried our first NCL cruise, on the Jade around the Greek islands. We travelled with our children and grandkids and imagined we would enjoy cruising with the family but not the cruise. The whole casual, laid back Freestyle concept didn't appeal. In fact we loved every minute and have another NCL cruise booked next April. We found the service on a par with Celebrity, we had no complaints about the food, after so many Celebrity cruises we enjoyed the different menus. The buffet was also excellent as were the speciality restaurants, and vastly cheaper than X. Entertainment we found NCL had the edge. Our fellow passengers were polite, good fun and friendly. It was school holidays so there were quite a few children but the kids club seemed to keep them well occupied. None of this was what we had expected. So now we are looking forward to our Celebrity cruise on Sunday and we're excited about sailing NCL again in the spring. Others may feel differently but this was our experience.

    Sue :)

  5. It's like the student who fails the exam by one mark - they are not happy, but the line had to be drawn somewhere.


    Agree it's a drama to use words like ridiculous- had the post title been what's the point or whatever the connection to the processing cost of the transaction would have been evident.


    Salad Muncher - the glasses have always been large ones to date

    I've always found the glasses to be large but not the pours😉



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  6. We are always reading that you can upgrade as long as the new cabin is at least $1 more expensive. Well this upgrade was $6 dollars more. The upgrade to the suite was free.....good for them! Congratulations and I hope they have an amazing cruise living the "suite" life.

    Sue :)


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  7. We've always received price drops from Celebrity UK, no problem. We usually book direct and watch the prices. One phone call and it's done. Last week, a month before final payment on 5th September, our Eclipse TA had a price drop and also balcony guarantees. Phoned and told sorry, can't /won't. Told we could cancel and lose deposit and rebook, don't think so. Much to-ing and fro-ing and request to speak to supervisor etc. Eventually told can't have advertised price as rep couldn't see it (hello? I'm looking at it on my iPad while we're having this conversation) but can have it for £40 more. Still a bargain and DH had lost the will to live by then so we went ahead.

    We have booked with a US TA before, very easy but like someone else mentioned, you have to watch the exchange rate, it's not always a good deal.

    If Celebrity are changing the rules like this, in future we'll just wait till after final payment to book.


  8. We returned from this cruise yesterday after an extra night in Venice. This was our first NCL cruise after 30+ cruises on various other lines. We absolutely loved it and my thoughts echoed my 5 year old

    granddaughter 's.... I never want to get off this ship for ever and ever grandma! Service, food, cleanliness, everythingwas just great. We travelled with our children and three grandkids,

    10/7/5, everyone had a ball

    Sue :)

  9. Sometimes the agencies are under an obligation to X to sell so many cabins on a cruise or have a penalty, so that's why they will have big drops if they are not shifting their allocations

    One time for me, it was the UK agency owned by RCL and X told me I was paying less than the agency was paying them for the trip (that time it was better value for me to cancel and rebook through the agency even allowing for the deposit)


    I'm sure this is spot on. At the moment our Eclipse transatlantic in November has inside cabins (cruise only) on the Celebrity website for approx £1350pp. An online TA is advertising the same cruise, balcony cabin, including flights and four nights in Orlando, hotels and transfers, for £1299pp! How crazy is that? We booked direct at a very good price when the cruise first went on sale. We have no desire to go to Orlando as we are meeting US friends when we disembark in Miami and we booked our flights using air miles ......nevertheless, it's very tempting.

    UKtog, your screen name always makes me smile, are you a devotee of Sir Terry or am I way off course:)


  10. Sure Sue. I emailed the Special Needs dept (special_needs@rccl.com) requesting CART and received replies from someone in the Access Staff named Sophia. The first email she stated "all reservations have been noted accordingly and the service will be provided". Fearing they are like many people who have normal hearing who then provide you with a sign language interpreter <rolls eyes>lol, I wrote her back. What I said was "Great! Thank you! This is not a sign language interpreter, correct? This will be a CART typist that provides captioning?" She responded 15 minutes later with "Good Day, Yes, that is correct".


    Sooooooo, we shall see! I should explain here that CART is Computer Assisted Realtime Captioning. There's a real typist who types verbatim (word for word) what is said using machines that court reporters use. It's like live news shows or big events that are not recorded.


    I do know that there is a cruise in November for the Hearing Loss Assoc. of America on another ship and that will be fully accessible. Maybe because this large group has requested this service, RCCL is more familiar with it and will start providing it if there are more than one passengers who need it.


    We need to advocate, advocate, advocate! We can be nice about it, and by speaking up we are creating awareness. Just keeping quiet and missing the shows will not help us in the future.


    I can't wait!!! I do hope others choose to go on this sailing so we can all hang out!


    Shari thanks for the info. We use the same system here in the UK but I was not familiar with the acronym . We also have voice recognition which is nowhere near as good. It throws up some hilarious results but not always funny when you are trying to listen to the news!

    Even if they could not help with the shows, to be able to watch a captioned film would be great. People often say we don't cruise to watch TV and I agree , but we tend to take longer cruises with quite a few sea days, transatlantics, transpacifics etc and it would be nice to be able to see a film occasionally. Cruising on the Century from Sydney to the U.S. friends mentioned to the cruise director that I was deaf. He was amazing and made a point of arranging a captioned film in the cinema every other day. The queues were all the way down the hall when these were showing.

    You're right, we need to advocate, politely, and I really do but, if you will excuse the pun....it often falls on deaf ears;)


  11. This has got me really excited! I am not familiar with CART but any format of captioning would be amazing. I've given up on going to the shows unless it's something visual - jugglers or magicians etc (neither of which I would choose to see as a hearing person to be honest). I agree there is lots to do on a cruise but when shows, films, trivia, comedy club etc are ruled out, it doesn't leave much in the way of evening entertainment. Shari may I ask who you emailed about this?

    Sue :)

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