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  1. "PhRs and cs not sky."


    This is double Dutch to me and I am Elite. Not something I've come across yet.


    That aside, we are sailing the TA on Infinity, so general comments have been useful. Shame about the slow Internet though!


    Good morning Jackie! PH = Penthouse Suite, Rs = Royal Suite, CS = Celebrity Suite, seems they all have access to Michaels Club but not the Sky Suites by the sound of it. Enjoy your TA, we love them, lots of relaxing sea days. Bit like our South Seas adventure we shared last year, without the huge flight and quite so many palm trees!!


  2. [quote name='Ginnyfyr']We're looking at booking an Alaskan cruise on the Century for this spring and are interested in the Sky Suites, which are on decks 10 & 12 - I think those are the Penthouse and Sports decks? I looked at the deck plans and I think the pool area is on deck 11 right above where the Sky suites are. Did I read that right? Would prefer to be on deck 10 over deck 12 but am concerned about noise from the pool area if we want to sleep a little later (chairs being moved around, etc). Any advice/room location suggestions from previous Sky suite occupants?[/quote]

    [SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS]We sailed in 1204, very quiet, excellent position, huge balcony, 2 loungers, 2 chairs, nice [SIZE=4]height table for outdoor dining. Room furnishings and [SIZE=4]décor[/SIZE] could do with an update but we were very happy[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]....[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]our butler[SIZE=4], [/SIZE]Charles[SIZE=4],[/SIZE] was a delight (never had a butler before....[SIZE=4]couldn't see the point of one before we sailed, wanted to [SIZE=4]take him home by the end of the cruise[/SIZE][/SIZE]:D)



  3. Hello,


    Can anyone tell me the latest disembarkation time from Hong Kong March 3rd cruise.


    Our flight home is at 11.30 in the evening and we want to book a trip but wondered what the latest disembarkation time is.






    Hi Susan, I answered your other thread where you were asking for suggestions in HK....sorry I didn't realise you were looking for ideas just for the day. You will probably be off the ship by 9am. Have you checked the Celebrity shore excursions for your cruise? They very often offer tours for passengers who have later flights and that does away with the luggage concerns. Alternatively you can check in your luggage at the station and then explore HK for the day before heading off to the airport....check out this site, lots of info





  4. We will be in Hong Kong in April:) We have been before so have seen most of the "must do's" and the ideas given are really good....Maybe check out Viator...they run some excellent tours and even if you don't use them, you will get ideas on what to see. For something a bit different, if you are there on a Wednesday evening, I would recommend going to Happy Valley to see the horse racing....fabulous evening, we are going again with roll call friends:) If you do decide to visit HK Disney, the special train that takes you there is really cute, mouse shaped windows and lots of fun things....the park is small and one day is more than ample. The tram up to the peak is fun and on a clear day, the views are fabulous, try and fit in Stanley Market.....touristy but let's face it, that's what we are! We had lunch at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, again, touristy but we loved it. We can't wait to go again....and as for the shopping, mmmm;)



  5. Why don't Celebrity answer their emails!..or fix their computers.!

    1/ I emailed them last week involving an important issue with our cruise in April...

    eg..where will the ship be DOCKING for DISEMBARKATION?

    as there are 3 different Cruise Terminals in Shanghai.

    another person on our roll call was sent an email from X giving a totally different terminal and address to that which is on our booking...and we have organised a transfer from the PORT to our hotel

    ....from the port that is 45 mins away...the other port address given by one person at CELEBRITY is 5 mins away..

    this is important with under 60 days to go..I want to know.

    WHICH IS THE CORRECT PORT??..I really want a definitive answer from Celebrity.

    there are many on the next leg of the cruise also organising transport...but to which port????????


    2/ a friend of mine on the same cruise has been sent two emails...

    one last week, saying she has just one week to pay for her cruise , or it will be CANCELLED,


    So, she rang CELEBRITY last week...and got .."don't worry Ma'am..it will be ok."


    then today..she got another email..

    you have 2 days to pay or your cruise will be CANCELLED.

    they have rang CELEBRITY many times now..

    So, will someone on CELEBRITY take notice and fix the bookings computer please!!


    and answer my email!


    What she said:D:D I'm the friend that keeps getting the emails threatening cancellation....come on Celebrity, get your act together!


    Sue (maybe sailing on Millennium in April or maybe not:rolleyes:)

  6. The thing that annoys me in the UK is once you are booked, that's it. You can't take advantage of any new promotion like in the US or if the price of the cruise falls you you can't do anything about it. My cruise in May is now offering free drinks in the US but because i booked here in the UK months ago, i will have to pay for drinks packages which are hundreds of pounds.


    not happy!!!!




    Hi Davina


    If the price drops for your grade of cabin, either phone Celebrity or your TA depending with whom you made the booking. As long as it is not "For new bookings only", your price will be reduced.:) We are still reeling from an £1100 price drop we received last week on our forthcoming Asia cruise!


    Sue (AKA Mrs Happy;))

  7. I am not going to debate the rights and wrongs of this particular situation, however


    1 I very much doubt there will be consistency of airfare pricing on the plane I take to and from my cruise


    2. Prices do go up and down - ever bought that dress or that tin of beans or whatever and found there is a special offer on it the next week - still like the dress and ate the beans


    2. Maybe I am hitting a stage of too much information available - so I booked at a price I was happy to pay....................

    and I cannot know everything ( like I also do not know what other perks or incentives my fellow cruiser got or the price they paid)


    so rightly or wrongly, I will just relax and enjoy my cruise. And as ever, when I come to book my next cruise I will do my research at that point in time which is absolutely the right thing to do


    Without doubt the voice of reason:) But I still can't stop myself stamping my foot and saying "Not fair";)



  8. The offer in the UK, starting today, appears to be ONLY on the Eclipse from Southampton....and only one choice of the 3 offers. I agree with Cruisestitch, of course it's legal, also it's their game so they can set the rules. That doesn't mean we have to like it or agree with it. We are on a 14 night Asia cruise in April, the US cruisers are all changing their bookings to take advantage of the 123 offer...We are lucky to be cruising again in October, again, fellow US passengers are having the 123 offer added to their booking. Yes, it does leave a nasty taste.



  9. Hi Sue,

    Thank you for information. Have you booked cruise/flight package through US agent? Sometimes, like today!, we arrange our own flights but they are just US returns. However, for our Pacific cruise it is more complicated so we went through Celebrity. Will a US agent sort this for us.


    Hi Jenna

    I have a feeling that they can't book air for us....I seem to remember looking into this once and somewhere in the small print it said US and Canada only:(


  10. We won't let a cruise comapny handle our flights or transfers. It is much better to be in control of when you travel to airports. Just give yourself an extra day before and after and have a longer vacation.




    Exactly! Sometimes we have done cruise/air when the price was right but on the whole, we book ourselves. Always include a day or two pre and post cruise so no white knuckles if the flight is delayed;) Someone will probably bring up the ash cloud fiasco - those who booked a package were well cared for and some independent travellers had a nightmare, it's a choice you make...we were lucky and were not on a cruise at that time:)



  11. I'm sorry but I Don't go on holiday to wear a surgical mask. We are on 15 march sailing and hope by then it will be under control. Do celebrity offer options to switch ships if this continues? I' 've saved for a year for this trip so will be so disappointed if this is still on-board.


    Try not to worry and spoil the anticipation for your long awaited cruise.Unfortunately the Noro virus is rife everywhere, but on a ship, in close quarters so to speak, more attention grabbing. The best advice (you will read it on CC often!) is wash your hands as often as is possible, try to avoid handrails etc, try hard not to touch your mouth with your hands and don't shake hands even if it feels rude! Others I am positive will chip in with more tips. You will have an amazing cruise I'm sure:)


    By the way, I love your screen name, I worked at the Royal London Hospital back in the day;)



  12. Another vote for the Old Lahaina Luau....we have been twice now and loved it both times. Also did whale watching in Maui, (our ship was overnight in Lahaina, so we booked when we got off the ship on day one, for next day. Same company as the ship tour uses but cheaper. As you get off the tender, the office (little wooden shed!) is to your right.) We were on the Century last March and she is just wonderful, the crew are amazing:)



  13. As others has stated the Celebrity web site is a hit or miss.


    I tried again to reserve Select dining time. Filled in to have the confirmation sent to my email.

    I did not have any high hopes for a reply, BUT, as soon as i hit send I received an email confirmation:eek::D


    Guess I will still have my TA check up on if it reservations really stuck:)


    That's great! Well done:) We decided to try a different approach as we had exhausted all avenues. A dear friend in the US phoned Celebrity Miami and lo and behold, they made all our reservations and emailed the confirmation within minutes. Not sure why Celebrity UK said they couldn't do this for us, surely they are using the same website? They are always so helpful so I found this strange. Still, all's well that ends well:)



  14. Have you received email confirmation of your reservations? That is the sticking point with me. I go through all the procedures and it all appears to be accepted but then no email confirmation and my reservation summary states I haven't made any select dining ressies!! To add to the fun, every few days I get an email from celebrity inviting me to pre-book dining, spa, shore excursions so I can have more time to enjoy myself once on board...wish marketing would speak to IT!!



  15. Good luck with customer service, after numerous attempts on line we phoned Uk customer service and were told they can't help , there is a glitch in the system, try again later . So we try later and still no joy. This time we rang Captain's Club but they just told us the same thing.



  16. Once again Celebrity totally ignored my checked box at boarding to leave my shipboard account being charged to my VISA in US fund so my credt card could handle the exchange.


    Here's what's on my VISA statement:




    Why is it that they NEVER get this right?:mad:


    This kept happening to us too...even when we highlighted the box with fuchsia felt tip marker!! Now we go to guest relations half way through the cruise and double check.....if we are still not convinced, a day or two before the end of the cruise we pay in cash - what a palaver!:rolleyes:



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