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  1. DKane

    Grand Lucayan in Freeport

    When we were last there, we paid $15 pp to access the beach and pools. I guess it's been a while since they are now offering all-inclusive day packages. This was a very, very nice property.
  2. DKane

    British Colonial Hilton

    We've gone there several times and had a very enjoyable, low-key, restful day. You do get a towel, and a chair or lounger. We've used both the pool and beach. The food and drinks very very good and the folks who work there are friendly and helpful. You don't need to rush there first thing because there are never too many people there early. Now if you don't mind taking a cab/van, head on over to the Melia which is a very nice property with an ocean view. More crowded and as I remember, the drinks there were very expensive and had a horrible taste, ugh! But other than that, we enjoyed our stay there and enjoyed the free Starbucks drinks from the coupons they gave us. A towel is included here also along with chairs.
  3. DKane

    Where did the cruise clocks go?

    I cannot find it either. Am still waiting to get a response to the e-mail I sent yesterday.
  4. DKane

    NCL Insurance - Two Thumbs Up!!

    We had a good experience with the NCL insurance as well. As long as you have the paperwork to back it up, it's easy peasy.
  5. DKane

    Across the Hudson NJ to NY

    We use alerts@paalerts.com. We signed up for GW Bridge alerts since that's what we use when driving into Manhattan.
  6. We stayed on deck 13, mid ship, great location.
  7. DKane

    Heads up for non smokers thinking about Dawn

    I'm a former smoker but I think there should be ships for smokers only!
  8. DKane

    Considering upgrade on Gem. Would you?

    We bid on a forward facing Penthouse Suite on the Gem this past July and we won the bid. We bid in the very poor range and we never thought we would win the bid. Best decision we ever made. The size of the balcony was phenomenal. Fabulous vacation!!
  9. DKane

    Do butlers do ironing?

    Our butler served one breakfast in our room and checked in on use a few times each day. He brought snacks in the afternoon and asked if we needed anything at all. He refilled the nespresso pods each day and added water to the machine. My husband tipped him about $140.00 for the week. Honestly, I thought he should have given that much to the room steward who worked so much harder.
  10. DKane

    Heads up for non smokers thinking about Dawn

    THANK YOU!!!!! Valuable info.
  11. I can speak for Great Stirrup Cay where we booked a clamshell at the excursion desk onboard, cost about thirty five dollars (covers two loungers). Booking the clamshell is like an excursion perk giving you an early tender. We were on the first tender to the island and we're able to be in the first row of clamshell so there were none in front of us blocking our view of the water. Also, choose a clamshell with vents 'cause they can be pretty darn warm under them. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  12. DKane

    Snorkel Beach park

    I was there last summer and don't recall paying to go on this beach. Have they changed their policy? The only thing we paid for were chair/umbrella rentals. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  13. DKane

    My room dilemma, what to do?

    I don't know if I misunderstand what you're saying but if your son is only 20 and they have him listed as 28, then he may have a problem boarding if his info on his.passport or birth certificate doesn't gel with what is in the system. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  14. If you do it yourself before you sail, you can choose the time you want. We did ours as soon as we coukd. Concierge is useful if you want a last minute reservation or if you want to change any of the ones you made yourself. Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app
  15. DKane

    Snorkel Beach park

    Just follow the green footprints in the dockyard Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app