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  1. I get my "free" CAS cruises from my home-based casino, not from playing onboard the ships. The offers I receive from Norwegian are for inside cabins but my home casino offers are for balconies.
  2. DKane

    Combating the Chair Hogs

    I'd like to add a #4, if you see chairs that have been unoccupied for quite a while, just tell a deck hand and they will remove whatever was put on the chair(s) to hold them. They will do this, you just have to ask. I see it all the time. Some mornings, I take a walk around deck and see towels holding many chairs. After coming from breakfast, the same chairs are still unoccupied but still held.
  3. Oh, that's why. Thanks. Since these boards turned over to a new format, the countdown clock is no more.
  4. How did you make your countdown clock? I tried but couldn't do it.
  5. DKane

    Two cents owed after final payment

    This happened to me as well. The woman I spoke to said if it was up to her, she wouldn't dicker over .02. So she passed me on to her supervisor who said I must pay the .02, which I did. Funny thing is, neither one of them knew what the .02 was for. I was thinking at the time, today .02, next week $200.00. I was a little irate because I couldn't get an answer. So two days after that I received an e-mail detailing all of my payments and it showed that the .02 was for the administrative fee since i had a CAS offer. Get your act together Norwegian:(
  6. I'll be sailing in March and hope that I'll see some Hot Shot Progressives:)
  7. DKane

    Gem cruise December 2018

    It's funny you mention the food in Cagney's on embarkation day. When we dined there on embarkation day, my fish (can't remember which type), was very raw. After a long wait to get it, I figured I didn't wan't to wait around any longer if I sent it back so I just ate whatever else was on my plate. But the rest of the cruise, we had no complaints about Cagneys.
  8. DKane


    On Norwegian?
  9. DKane


    Which excursions are you referring to. In my years of cruising, I have never heard of an excursion like this "feeding and wrangling sharks."
  10. DKane

    Smoking Policy with Humor

    Yep, EDLOS, you are correct:)
  11. DKane


    Speaking of sharks, when we were at Great Stirrup Cay last year, we met a lifeguard who was changing shifts with another one. Their duty was to spot sharks while they were sitting on top of the rocks.
  12. We stay at the Hilton Garden Inn every for all of our cruises out of New York. The service has always been impeccable.
  13. DKane

    Grand Lucayan in Freeport

    When we were last there, we paid $15 pp to access the beach and pools. I guess it's been a while since they are now offering all-inclusive day packages. This was a very, very nice property.
  14. DKane

    British Colonial Hilton

    We've gone there several times and had a very enjoyable, low-key, restful day. You do get a towel, and a chair or lounger. We've used both the pool and beach. The food and drinks very very good and the folks who work there are friendly and helpful. You don't need to rush there first thing because there are never too many people there early. Now if you don't mind taking a cab/van, head on over to the Melia which is a very nice property with an ocean view. More crowded and as I remember, the drinks there were very expensive and had a horrible taste, ugh! But other than that, we enjoyed our stay there and enjoyed the free Starbucks drinks from the coupons they gave us. A towel is included here also along with chairs.
  15. DKane

    Where did the cruise clocks go?

    I cannot find it either. Am still waiting to get a response to the e-mail I sent yesterday.