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  1. I'm booked on Sapphire princess leaving May 1st from Sydney. It's a 10 day Queensland cruise. I can't see an equivalent to change to for 2022. Will more cruises be added to the website? Or am I missing something?
  2. We are booked from Sydney on May 1st. I would love a miracle cure and for this to happen but realistically I know there is 0 chance. I don't think I would even be able to get to Australia for a land based holiday. I am now assuming my Australia holiday will be in 2022. I hope by then we can all travel again and enjoy the pleasure of being at sea.
  3. I think we pretty much know that Australia is not going to be open for cruises for the next 6 months. The national carrier has said it won't look at starting international flights until mid 2021. There are many Australian citizens still struggling to get home with the current restrictions on numbers allowed to enter. Is it ethical to take bookings and deposits? Well I guess it is a question of personal opinion. I think we all have a different level or risk/optimism. I have two cruises booked next year one from Florida in January and one from Sydney in May. I would be surprised if either operates so will do my best to avoid the final payments and shift the deposits around. I would rather write off the deposit than wait months for the cruise line to pay my full refund back.
  4. What happened to the Azamara team that took over when Bonnie left?
  5. It depends on your executive club status with BA and the fare level of the ticket purchased/held. BA will charge for some passengers/fare levels even in business class.
  6. It's a very cynical ploy to gather in as much customer money as possible when they know Azamara will not cruise in Europe this season. It might be financially astute but it will upset many loyal cruisers. I guess they are betting that we will have short memories when the world starts to recover from Covid. The board misses Bonnie as she would have at least put our views forward.
  7. My insurance allows us to claim for the cruise as long as you are in within 30 days of travel and the FCO advice remains and you booked before the advice. Again not helpful as you already had to pay the balance. I have now cancelled my cruise and have opted for a FCC of the deposit. Not sure if we will ever use it but I can live with the loss of GBP250 if it comes to it. Now if it was your case at GBP875 I would be very hacked off. I would leave it until the very last you can just in case they cancel the cruise before the final balance is due. I know there are some very helpful people on this board who might have some other suggestion for you. Best of luck.
  8. My cruise is on October 3rd. I called my TA as I have not paid the final balance due early next week. I booked onboard last year. I looked into changing to a totally different cruise which was priced for me (not lift and shift eligible) or cancelling. We only paid GBP250 deposit and I was told if we cancelled completely we could have that as a FCC. I would lift and shift as I have USD1000 OBC but the choices are very uninspiring for me. I will decide what to do today. There is not a chance that I will pay over GBP4000 to Azamara to wait a month for it to be cancelled and then wait till Christmas for the refund. I would go back to Your TA and ask about cancelling and keeping the deposit as FCC or lift and shift or another Azamara cruise that takes your fancy. GBP875 is a lot of money to lose and it is very unfair to be put in this situation when we all know they are likely not to operate in Europe this year. Best of luck, I have to say my TA which is a large cruise specialist has been very good and pro active. I would definitely book with them again.
  9. If it helps on my Azamara invoice for October 3rd 2020 7 night cruise I have 'taxes, fees and port expenses' of GBP91 per person. From reading your post I would say that the FCC is perhaps not the best value in the long run.
  10. I'm hoping the next suspension comes before the final balance is due. I can then get my deposit back as my lift and shift options are very uninspiring. We are booked on the October 3rd cruise from Athens.
  11. I'm in denial!! At least I can start planning 2021. Something I enjoy a lot.
  12. I wonder when the next CDC cruise advisory or RCL update will be. I am meant to be cruising October 3rd and would like to be put out of my misery soon!
  13. When I book with my UK agent the payment is taken directly by Azamara/Celebrity and this appears as such on my statement. I think it might depend on the cruise fare type and if the agent is packaging a cruise with other travel elements.
  14. It sounds very comprehensive and clinical but not sure it would make for a relaxing holiday. I can imagine being told not to waste our Dr's time with a heath questionnaire. It would mean paying a private Dr a fee to complete a questionnaire which I am not sure isn't just a box ticking exercise in case of future litigation.
  15. To be honest if going on a cruise becomes one giant list of rules and procedures then it sorta takes the joy out of it. The hotel trip in the link just sounds like a project at work which is exactly what people want to get away from on holiday. Let's hope for a better treatment to make the virus less dangerous for us all.
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