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  1. We sat next to a couple at dinner one night. The lady had convinced her partner to come on the cruise on the understanding he could use the suite as a home office for some of the day. The slow wifi was a very sore bone of contention between them. I think they just assumed that it would be the same as some of the 'zoom' services they had on other lines. I would buy the unlimited package with the understanding that it can be patchy and might only allow for email or slow browsing. Maybe the new Azamara will be investing in the wifi onboard?
  2. We just booked the same. Went for the plus fare and have decided to keep an open mind and see it as an adventure. I know we will have some face mask wearing and ship only excursions but just want something to look forward to.
  3. I wish you could just log onto your Azamara profile and see them there. IT is something the new owners really need to look at!
  4. Can some of the experts on here guide me please? Have the FCC use by dates been extended? Last year I took an FCC for a deposit for a cruise that I didn't want to pay the final balance on. I thought I had to use it and sail by December 2021. I read the following below on the Azamara website. So does that mean they have been extended? Cheers in advance and apologies if this has already been discussed. How long do I have to redeem my Future Cruise Credit? All Cruise with Confidence Future Cruise Credits must be applied by April 30, 2022 toward the cruise fare due on an Azamara
  5. I think time will tell how this will all play out. My main concern is that the staff are protected and looked after. As someone who worked for a company that was taken over in a similar situation I have some experience of the advantages and disadvantages. Let's hope that we sail on Azamara again and this terrible virus is under control.
  6. My agent in the UK is very large but have been very good during the pandemic. All my payments for any cruise I have booked with them have been charged directly by the cruise company. I would use them again and will try and book my next Azamara with them. I guess it's only when it goes horribly wrong that you find out how good they are.
  7. I think most of us are understanding and want Azamara to prosper in the future. However forcing people to pay final balances for cruises that we knew would not operate and then making them wait months for refunds was not sensible. They should extend all the FCC to 2023 and lift and shift should have more flexibility to reflect the one off itineraries that Azamara are known for.
  8. When I was looking at lift and shift I could enter a booking number on the website and on the right hand side it listed the cruises I could swap to. I wonder if that will work for a B2B?
  9. I take my hat off to you for your honesty. I just would refuse to waste time on this. If Azamara can't work their own back office and refund system then it isn't your fault.
  10. Think of all those lovely big final payments they raked in when they knew that there was no chance of the cruises operating. Now passengers will have to wait weeks or months for their money back. We have been giving them an interest free loan.
  11. I'm glad that my Australia cruise on May 1st has been cancelled as it now gives me some options as I did not fall under cruise with confidence policy which ended in April 21. Princess should have cancelled the Oz season a long time ago when it was blindingly obvious it could not happen. Qantas are talking about not coming back to the UK until end of 21 so that tells you how bad things are. I think I will go for the refund as I don't want any cruise line to be holding my money indefinitely.
  12. Florence is a very small airport and most people fly to Pisa and drive or get the train. I'm guessing with luggage it will be driving which takes around one hour depending on traffic. If you want an alternative Bologna is very interesting with some of the best food I have ever tasted.
  13. I just feel that when a customer needs some leniency terms and conditions are quoted back at you. When the cruise line breaks the same terms and conditions such as refund processing time then the term unprecedented and act of god are thrown at you.
  14. How can Princess be selling Australia cruises for December? Are they expecting a miracle cure next month? I understand they want revenue but it's a very short sighted approach. I just feel they have moved over the 'optimistic' line into the unethical zone. They need to be realistic and take their customers along with them.
  15. I know they have to justify their job etc but it's a bit of a cheek to send out emails like this when they are still selling cruises for November cannot possibly go ahead.
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