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  1. I really think Azamara have lost the plot with pricing. I can see Oceania, Crystal and Ponant who are less expensive for Black sea cruises. I know it's a very popular cruise but would you risk booking this far out at these prices?
  2. I found the app easy to use for online check in. The only thing it refused to do was scan our passports. I am assuming that it only scans US passports??
  3. The app took about a week to correct but now it says I can use it to check in. I might give it a whirl and see how it compares to using the website.
  4. I got an email reminding me to check in for our October Pursuit cruise. I tried to use the App but everyday it lists the check in date as the next. On the 25th it said check in opens on the 26th and on the 26th the 27th and on and on. Does it ever work? or am I wasting my time. I do wonder why bother having an app if you can't develop it or maintain it. Any light shed would be welcome John
  5. It just means that the UK is at a disadvantage with the pricing policy. I have given up booking on board and now book around 3-6 months before departure. I just want a balcony cabin and don't really care where onboard it is. I like Azamara on board but their back office and pricing management needs looking at.
  6. This might be one for Bonnie! Apologies if it has already been discussed. When I try and go to book the Pursuit for October 12th this year I come up with some issues. The cabins I am offered for cat 05 outside aren't appearing on the map on the right hand side. I am wondering if the map is generic and doesn't reflect the layout of the different ships. Also, when I try and book air the airport destination shows as Monte Carlo when logically it should read Nice and allow a transfer to be added. I've tried it on chrome as well and get the same problem. It just says no flights available which is true but of course the airport is incorrect. Regards John
  7. We left pursuit on April 13th and the invoice was emailed to us before the last breakfast on board! It hit my credit card the same day on the 13th.(no mercy!) I am guessing Bonnie will give you the best email to ask for a copy. I think the cruise took about 10 days to show in my history. Regards John
  8. Thanks Bonnie, I am trying to stop cruise browsing as it's dangerous when you are in a holiday mood!
  9. Morning All, This might be one for Bonnie but I just got a very nice birthday email from Azamara. It was still advertising the old 0844 number which costs 7p a minute to call. I know from a previous thread that all new mailings would only have the new free number on. I am guessing that this one fell through the gaps but UK passengers should not be being charged to make calls as far as I am aware. Regards John
  10. john1970


    They just sent the email out which links to a list of itineraries with no ability to look at the full details or prices. I would have thought it would be better to update the website then send the email out but this is a typical Azamara process!
  11. I've tried again and it's Schweppes made in Holland!
  12. I will ask at the bar tonight.
  13. I will ask at the bar tonight.
  14. I'm on Pursuit at the moment and was given Schweppes.
  15. Hi Bonnie, Thanks for checking for me. I appreciate what you do for us and know it can't be easy! I just got a welcome back email for my next cruise encouraging me to book choice air! As usual they assume everyone is American. I guess I could call reservations to check my flights but I do think it isn't part of a luxury brand to charge us 7p a minute to call and add revenue! I always love my Azamara cruises but the pre cruise admin/experience seems to be a work in progress. I downloaded the app so will see how that goes onboard. Regards John
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