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  1. How do you find a policy that covers you if your parents become ill? We are in the same situation but I'm having trouble finding a policy for our Europe trip/celebrity cruise that will cover that
  2. We always reserve retreat cabanas as we often travel with other family members. It gives us a dedicated place to meet and gather. The service is top notch and reminds me of the old days of cruising when there was always someone around to bring you a drink! I always feel pampered and as this area is usually above the pool deck and only cabana guests are allowed, it’s never crowded and not quiet. I found the lido cabanas to be a bit hot but we generally sail to the Caribbean. During peak times like holidays they sell out quickly especially the corner ones which are larger and get a better cross breeze. However, we rented a corner cabana for a 10 day Panama Canal trip last fall and only 2 other cabanas were rented for the week although a number of people rented them for sea days. The morning we went through the canal they hosted an event on the cabana deck for mariner members where she me of the officers joined us. I believe they served light refreshments and mimosas? And those Panama buns that many people enjoy. The on,y downside is that there is only a small elevator to access the deck if you can’t climb the stairs and it was only working about Half of the time on that cruise which prevented my mother from using it. They did give us a partial refund but it was still disappointing.. still, I love the retreat cabanas. We have a corner plus three others reserved for our upcoming or our New Years cruise.
  3. We will be traveling with my parents and other relatives on a New Years cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam this year, and my parents will be celebrating their 60th anniversary. They’d like to renew their vows at sea. Is this possible and Who do I contact to arrange this for them? Thanks
  4. I was curious about this too. My husband and I will both have the premium drink package. What if we want to take a bottle or two of water with us when in port? Or sometimes we like to have a drink on our balcony? Is it possible to get more than one to take with us or do we have to stop at a different bar along the way? I understand them not wanting people to share. I'm just trying to figure out how we can get the most out of it.
  5. We are docking in Falmouth for a New Year's Cruise and I am very interested in booking a private tour to Dunn's River Falls. How do I contact Cool Dave?
  6. Everyone is correct. The Celebrity representative I spoke to when I booked told me there was a convertible sofa and an upper birth. I just called them (again) and this time they said it's a convertible sofa bed with trundle. They split into two beds. Since my "kids" are young adults and are petite, I imagine that will be fine. thanks to everyone who pointed out the difficulties of having 4 adults in one cabin. however, by booking us into one cabin with the 50% off guests 3 and 4 it was several thousand cheaper than booking us in a balcony and them in a nearby inside which makes this more affordable for us. I realize this will be tight but unlike the many Caribbean cruises we have taken where we spend a lot of time lounging on the ship, I imagine we will be exploring the ports most of the time . It's not ideal, but we will make it work and my husband can always shower in the spa!
  7. We are sailing on the Apex next summer leaving from Barcelona. There are four of us booked in a sunset veranda (two adults, two grown daughters). I believe we were told we would have a convertible sofa bed and an upper berth Anyone have photos/experience sleeping on these? My kids aren't tall, but I'm wondering about comfort. Also, thoughts on 4 of us in a cabin? We normally have two cabins but with the 50% off guests 3 and 4, it was much cheaper for us to share
  8. you are correct. i already have $300 obc from celebrity and most other TA are only offering an additional $200 - 300. i'm really surprised. i've contacted 6 or 7 so far.
  9. I booked the Apex on July 4 leaving out of Barcelona directly with Celebrity. there are 4 adults in a sunset veranda. We got 4 perks for first two people and rate was 50% off guests 3 and 4, and we got $300 obc. Thanks
  10. I have contacted several different online TAs and no one has come close to offering a 10% discount. no one has come back with a better price, which is fine, but I already have $300 OBC and the most I'm getting is an offer of an additional $250 - $300. For reference, we paid $8K for our stateroom. I really had hoped to do better. I'm not really interested in credit for a big box store - OBC is more important to me for this sailing. Any suggestions?
  11. Any suggestions for how to choose among them or are they all about the same?
  12. I just booked a cruise on the Celebrity Apex for next summer and have been shopping around to find a good TA. I've tried numerous individual TAs but no one offers any additional perks like OBC so I'm currently looking for on online TA. I know members aren't allowed to suggest specific agencies, but could anyone share their experiences if they've used an online cruises only travel agency? I'd prefer to be able to talk to a TA, not just someone at a call center, and I tried my big box store but they weren't offering that much compared to some other offers I've seen. Thoughts?
  13. By "big box TA" are you talking about members only warehouse clubs or something else?
  14. I see you have been a smart cruiser for some time. How has your experience been with an online TA and what kind of perks can one expect? I paid about 8k for 4 next summer on the Apex in Europe and was offered an additional $500 obc. is that good or should I shop around?
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