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    About the negative service reviews...

    My friends and I returned from our cruise on the Seaside (8/4 - 8/11) and had excellent service all around. We loved everything about the cruise and thought the ship was absolutely beautiful and very clean. We booked again for next year!

    MSC Seaside connecting cabins bed location

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate it!
  3. Thank you in advance for any responses. I truly appreciate them. Secured 2 connecting balcony cabins on deck 14 on Seaside and was curious as to bed location for the rooms (14131 and 14135). Will one room have beds closer to closet and one closer to balcony? If so, how can I confirm which cabin will have which layout? Again, thank you in advance.

    Divina 8/19-26 - Amazing time!

    Yes, jeans and dress shirts were worn by many. As soon as dinner was done, we changes right back into shorts.

    Divina 8/19-26 - Amazing time!

    Good Morning- Formal nights were well attended and the dress attire was all over the place. I saw some women in gowns while I also saw many in nice dresses. Men wore suits, some without ties while others wore dress pants and nice shirts. I rarely saw jeans in the dining room. Most nights for dinner I wore dress slacks and a polo. Formal nights I wore a suit without a tie (I wear a suite every day in my office so on vacation, I ditch the ties). I was pleasantly surprised with the attire most wore. More were adhering to the suggested attire than I have observed on other cruise lines. It's your vacation, where what you are comfortable in. You will be just fine. Hope this helps.

    Divina 8/19-26 - Amazing time!

    Good Evening- I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. The ship felt "sexy". I know that sounds crazy, but it just did. The marble, fabrics, leathers and colors were really nice. The I loved the diversity of passengers - we were told it was 30% US and 70% international on our sailing. The ship was spotless and the crew very eager to please and they seemed to take a genuine interest in our satisfaction. I found the food quite good and plentiful and the entertainment in the theater and lounges to be some of the best I have seen on board any cruise. The cabin decor felt upscale and the the bedding was comfortable. I likes that the announcements were kept to a minimal and it was nice to layout by the pools and not be bombarded with servers asking if I wanted a beverage constantly. I liked that there were a good variety of things to do and that each lounge had live entertainment every evening. I never felt rushed. The Spa was beautiful and the gym facility well equipted. It just felt right to my best friend and I.

    Divina Spa packages-thermal spa

    No, they are not coed.

    Divina 8/19-26 - Amazing time!

    Good Evening- The deposit was $100 per cabin for Balcony. Insides were $50.00 deposit per cabin. Hope this helps. Don

    Divina 8/19-26 - Amazing time!

    Good Evening- We waited about 20 minutes to meet with the future cruise rep. She was very nice and the only offers she had were the package with internet, cabin credit and the lunch/dinner beverage package. We secured our cabin with that and when I got home, I called and removed the package from the cruise fare. My rate dropped by about 700.00 in total. We booked for the same time frame as the cruise we were on so the rates were high. She took my credit card info and charged the initial deposit while we were with her. The next morning my booking paperwork was at my door. She did say that they would match any lower price that could be found on their site up until sailing. Hope this helps!
  10. MILEMRKR63

    Divina 8/19-26 - Amazing time!

    We ate at both Eately and Galaxy. I 100% agree about Galaxy. The food in Galaxy was excellent and the views from the restaurant were excellent. We found Eately good, but not great and the decor not to our liking. The plastic chairs, the overall brightness, TV's running information about the ship and overall vibe were not our style. We booked for Seaside while on board and they gave instant onboard credit for doing so. If you booked an inside cabin for future sailing, you had to leave a 50.00 deposit on a credit card and they gave a 50.00 cabin credit for current cruise. We booked a balcony, left the 100.00 deposit ion a credit card and received a 100.00 cabin credit.
  11. MILEMRKR63

    Divina 8/19-26 - Amazing time!

    Good Evening! Just retuned from the 8/19 sailing on Divina and had an amazing time. I cannot say enough positive things about this cruise and MSC. I was quite nervous about trying something new but boy o boy was I pleased! If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and I will be glad to assist.
  12. Hi. I am reading conflicting reports regarding this 1a cabin on the Glory. Some posts say it has one upper and one lower, some say two lowers. The folks at Carnival are unsure themselves. Anyone have experience with this cabin? Thank you kindly in advance.
  13. Good Morning and thank you in advance for your information. Friends of mine have been assigned a balcony cabin that has a tub instead of a shower. Does this result in a smaller cabin sleeping area? How is the bathroom area itself size wise? They were assigned 8113 if this helps. How about their view? Within the specialty dining options, which eatery would you say is an absolute do not miss? We plan on trying them all but if there is one that is considered the best or most preferred, based on experience, we would absolutely eat their several times. we enjoy great food and great service. I realize its a matter of preference but we are absolutely open to suggestions. Thank you in advance for any replies. The info provided by everyone on these boards is amazing and appreciated.
  14. MILEMRKR63

    Divina balcony but do not need the experience

    Thank you for your replies. They have been very helpful. I just booked the aft balcony on deck 10 I preferred and was advised the promo they offered included unlimited drinks during lunch and dinner, cabin credit and free wifi. I will forgo the drink packages and just order the coupons instead. Thank you again!
  15. Good Afternoon. I appreciate any info provided by you in advance. I will be sailing the Divina in August 2017 (first MSC cruise). My challenge is that I see the balcony stateroom I want, but I do not need the experience that comes along with it as we will be purchasing a beverage package. Is there any way to get that Fantastica balcony at the Bella pricing without the amenities? The difference in pricing is approx. 300.00 between Bella and Fantastica. Thank you in advance.