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  1. thanks bob...I didn't think so. Are these drinks available for free under the deluxe drink plan?
  2. I am considering eating at Sabors for the first time. I was looking at the sample menu online and I had a question. Under "tables of crafting", they show margarita and tequila flights. Are those included in the $25.00 price? Thanks in advance...
  3. slyster

    Helmet Dive

    I figured I would try to bump this up, try one more time.
  4. I would say no. Interestingly enough, dogs are a very big part of my life. I can't imagine not having my furbabies. At the same time, I would not take them on a cruise ship. Trust me, I have planned vacations just with them in mind (camping, cabins, etc), but a cruise ship is not the right environment for dog. That's just me though.
  5. I'm glad I grabbed it when I did. The next day it went to $45 and by the weekend (few days later), it was up to $47. Every dollar counts LOL!
  6. slyster

    Helmet Dive

    We are considering doing a helmet dive excursion. I saw a video from around 9 years ago of an actual helmet dive walk and it looks very interesting. here's what I'm wondering. My wife and I are close to 50 years old. I'm more active than she is. She does have a little back pain, but it doesn't stop her from every day activities. Would this excursion be too strenuous? From the video it looks like you walk on a platform and can hold on to the railing on the walk. I guess the reason why I'm asking is when I looked at the cruise line's description it says it is a strenuous activity (though it doesn't appear that way on the video) Guests with cardiac conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, pre-existing neck, back, knee or shoulder injuries, other heart or respiratory conditions or any other medical condition must take particular caution when selecting a tour with snorkeling/swimming elements, since such water activities could be subject to adverse sea conditions such as high winds, waves and sea current. Interesting enough the description on the De Palm website only says: If you have one of the following conditions, a doctor's letter is required for participation: pregnancy, recent surgery, high blood pressure, epilepsy, seizures and asthma. We don't have any of those issues LOL Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  7. Most cruises, we give above and beyond the standard gratuities because we receive excellent/superior service. I love a CS who interacts/says hello and comes in and takes care of the room twice a day during the window of times we are gone (breakfast or dinner); someone who asks how your day is going, comes running to help you open your door when your hands are full. You can sometimes see who likes their jobs and who doesn't and if someone with a smile doesn't like their job and they fool me, they should get more for the extra effort LOL!
  8. glad for this thread. I just paid $44 on Freedom for an August cruise
  9. So glad to see a San Juan key review! Thanks for posting this!
  10. I'm looking for this information too. SJ is one of the ports where they make you wait outside in the heat. Really not fond of that so hoping that purchasing a Key gets you in the doors.
  11. we went to guest services and got them right when we boarded (around 11am).
  12. Ahhhh after reading it again, yes that’s right. I was thinking $250 each ($500) not a total of $200.
  13. Unfortunately no. However, if she changes to another sailing and date, it's not that terrible in that she loses $100 per person instead of the entire deposit. It's better than losing the whole deposit.
  14. correct. you do not get penalized for changing categories or rooms on the same sail date/ship. I have changed my cabin 3 times and categories twice and I only paid the current price of that cabin.
  15. We had our first experience two years ago on Anthem. I thought it was pretty cool. I loved that I could go through all the different kind of drinks and try one out. It gives you names of drinks and ingredients. I would not usually ask a bartender to tell me a list of drinks and what is in them. I was able to take my time and choose something I had never tried before. We had the drink package so it made it worth "trying it out". I would definitely go there again. At the same time, once we got our drink, we left. No reason to hang out unless it was to watch other drinks being made.
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