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  1. Thank you Drock20J, I never thought to actually pretend like I am booking a cruise with 2 kids to see if the parents are paying more, but you are correct. I found a sailing it is offered on and plugged in the numbers and the price of the cruise for 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) was ALMOST double the price for just 2 adults. And also thank you Missus_Aitch, EXACTLY! If people didn't take this stuff so personally then they wouldn't have anything to complain about on these boards. But river cruising is way too expensive for me. Glad you enjoy it. We must have just hit a bad week the last time we cruised. Not like I'm not going to give it another shot. I have 2 more RCCL cruises booked. Happy sailing everyone!
  2. Oh, I see it now. LOL. Thanks everyone (except the negative people)
  3. rimmit & Coaster, you must be part of the problem taking wild kids on these cruises since my simple question seemed to hit a nerve and you felt the need to attack me. I am not "selfish", "self serving", "cranky" or "despise children", but rather despise the parents or guardians who do not discipline their children. jptoz, I know who RCCL caters to. I have sailed with them 35 times, and I had no issue until this promotion began a couple years ago, except for the Thanksgiving cruise with 1,200 children onboard and now I don't cruise during holiday weeks. We now book our cruises immediately after a holiday week when we know the children should be back in school after a break, but since this promo began, this rule of thumb is not holding true to the theory of less children. But thank you to all other responders who answered the original question appropriately. spookwife, I understand Disney is an excellent line but, unfortunately, they are out of my budget along with Virgin. But it is interesting to know that their staff can keep the kids in line, unlike RCCL. Cel-cruise, you hit the nail on the head with your comment "make fun being stupid". I happen to have just gotten off one of RCCL's oldest ship, Majesty out of New Orleans, which doesn't have much to offer kids compared to the newer ships, but apparently the low price + promo brought out all the crazies. For the poster who said they've never experienced a crazy kid cruise, consider yourself lucky. Part of the problem is that there is no adult only solarium on Majesty, which I didn't realize before I booked it, and I won't be sailing it again no matter how cheap it is. Since I live in Louisiana, our choices are limited to pretty much Carnival and RCCL, so although I love Princess' newer ships, and would like to sail Celebrity, and/or longer than 7 nights, this would entail a road trip or flight to Florida. Again, I appreciate those who stayed on point to my question and will refrain from posting on Cruise Critic in the future since there are some people who cannot help but always post negative replies. I only asked about the duration of the promo because it always amazes me how much knowledge the Cruise Critic Community possesses and I thought someone was bound to know if this was a campaign that had an expiration date after hooking new cruisers. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!! But before I leave, can someone please tell me how I get my postings to show up in Bold like everyone else??? Just in case I have a future question that is sure not to be controversial.......
  4. Mainly the cruise director staff will dress up, probably mostly because passengers don't know ahead of time that these theme nights will occur. The most widely dressed theme night will be for caribbean attire, because almost everyone owns and brings a caribbean shirt.
  5. Have friends on Adventure of the Seas who were in Grand Cayman yesterday, on the ship, and they said they felt it.
  6. Thank you. I have only been on Oasis and Allure once each and it's been a number of years ago, so couldn't really remember the set up.
  7. This promo is actually showing up the whole year, and my budget does not support the cost of Virgin Cruise Line. I actually enjoy Royal Caribbean ships minus the hundreds of kids that have NO adult supervision. We have tried cruising the week after kids go back to school from holidays but apparently everyone is home schooled these days because it doesn't matter when we go. We were never pulled out of school when we were young. I was just making comment that it would be nice to have one or two weeks a year for the adults. This promo has lasted way too long already. RCCL complains about some of their ships not making any money yet parents would pay for the kids to sail no matter what, so seems pointless from a business perspective. And the weeks when it is not offered is holiday weeks when they don't need to offer it.
  8. Wanting to book an ocean view balcony close to the water, but don't want to be on the side of the ship that allows smoking on the outside promenade deck. Can anyone tell me what side, port or starboard is the smoking side of Allure?
  9. Does anyone know when this promotion will be discontinued by RCCL? And why is there no Adults Only cruise weeks for those of us who don't find the little ones so cute as they run wild all over the ships???
  10. What does the $99 include on the Elvis cruise?
  11. My husband and I were on this cruise as well. He asked the Cruise Director, who was on our shuttle into town on the 2nd Key West day, why we didn't park downtown and we were told it is because they make the ship leave by 4:00 pm, but the navy base would allow us to stay longer into the evening. Regarding the kids, they were everywhere, as RCCL has a kids sail free promotion on almost every one of their ships. We were told 300-400 of them running/jumping on the staircases, and as you say taking up all the hot tubs, taking over the atrium and bar dance floors, sitting at the bar stools in Boleros, and screaming as you walk by their rooms. It was quite annoying. Regarding the cigarette smoke, that is subject to how many smokers are booked on the ship. This week was terrible for us. We could not enjoy a lounge chair on the non-smoking side anywhere around the pool because the smell was everywhere. As some others noted, Diamond and D+ had no nightly cocktail evening in Viking Crown lounge and only received 3 free drinks on their seapass card. We did not receive an email regarding this, nor a note in our cabin from the concierge explaining this, so there were a couple hundred very upset passengers who probably wouldn't have booked this cruise if they had known. I understand that the sailing was cheap and didn't let it bother me much after the initial shock. The Captain did explain that had we gone to Nassau, we would have encountered rain blowing sideways, waves crashing over the pier, riptides, and he feared that had we gotten into port, the 40-50 mph gale force winds would have kept us there past our scheduled time to depart, and we wouldn't have gotten back to New Orleans on schedule. Also of note, on our 2nd Key West stop, we were told onboard that it was the coldest day there in the last 5 years, around 60 degrees for the high. Great business for the shops as people were having to buy sweatshirts to stay warm. Other than the facts mentioned, it could have been a lovely week on an older ship, but these issues made for a week of irritation.
  12. Would you happen to have paid attention to which side of the ship, not necessarily around the pool area, but on one of the lower outside promenade decks, that was the smoking side? I want to book an ocean view balcony close to the water level and don't want to have to smell the smoke traveling up. Last time we called RCCL Customer Service they gave us the wrong information for Liberty of the Seas, so don't trust their answers. Thanks!
  13. Footzz, you can't always trust what they tell you, but it is typically the first dinner night, and one time last cruise they had it at lunch on one of the side buffets when you enter WJ, and then typically at least one other night. At night it will be in the very back where the hamburgers and hot dogs are usually at lunch. But they have different meats to choose from and you put all vegetables on your plate and then they grill it all up for you with your choice of seasoning and rice or noodles. Don't know where you're from, but we in the south love some spice in our foods.
  14. Thanks so much "footzz". We last cruised Royal in January and I see the menu has changed. There are definitely some nights that will be substituted for Chops and/or Windjammer, especially when they are serving Mongolian Grill. We always have to check with the Windjammer Chef when we board to see what nights they will offer that, but your menus were very helpful, as long as they stick to this schedule. The first winter cruise is always so exciting. I'll be ready. You guys have fun!
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