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  1. Agree, love that soap! It was just available on the Edge a few weeks ago. My husband asked me if I could find that type for him at home lol.
  2. We were on Azamara last year and really enjoyed many things. We were able to see some beautiful ports in Croatia like Split and Hvar which bigger lines don't usually get to. We had to tender to them but it was very easy. We loved the ship, the comfy cushioned lounge chairs at the pools, like Celebrity had back in the day, and the special evening event where everyone goes off the ship to a set destination. We thought the food was okay, not a lot of choices. We would be looking for a late night snack only to find a little table set up with cheese slices and cookies. No pizza at midnight lol. We would dance in the lounge every night to the dj's same songs with the same 20 people who would join us. The entertainment that they brought on board was boring and may have appealed to a much older crowd. For example, a long retired female opera singer who sang in the lounge. It was the summer so there were some younger people on board and all felt the same. I do remember being on a small luxury boat in Tahiti where they brought on local Polynesian dancers and that was very nice. I guess it depends what you are looking for but I find Celebrity to be a nice in between and now with the Edge class, it really is something special. The only negative that I could see is the amount of kids I have seen since they are now marketing towards a younger class. We did not enjoy our time in the pool as much as we were constantly being splashed. First world problems lol.
  3. I've sailed on some of the luxury lines before: Regent, Azamara, Radisson before Regent bought it and Silverseas. I much prefer Celebrity over them on many itineraries. I find that the nightlife is so boring so unless I am doing a Baltic cruise where I'm too exhausted in the evenings I prefer Celebrity. I was just on the Edge in the Med and found few lines at the elevators or over crowding. The beauty of their suite class is that you can create your own small ship luxury feel if you would like but have the opportunity to have all of the great venues that the ship offers. Now if you are looking at an itinerary that brings you to ports where the large ships can't get to, then that is a different story.
  4. Yes you can carry your bags off after 6 am. Seems like plenty of time for the train station.
  5. Also, last year we docked in Barcelona off Celebrity and caught a taxi to the train station. Same thing we were in the first group off. The station is not far from the port.
  6. We just got off the Edge in Barcelona. We had a 9:40 flight on American. You can carry your bags off at 6 but we chose to go with the first grouping and pick up our luggage. We arranged for this at guest services during the week. We were called at 6:50, had our bags at 7:00 and in a tax at 7:05. There is no customs to go through and plenty of taxis waiting. We were at the airport with 2 hours to spare.
  7. It’s a form of EDM that they are playing. We just got off the Edge and it’s definitely being played especially in the martini bar. So funny, in May 2014 my daughter and I did a British Isles cruise on the Infinity. Since it was off season it was a much older crowd. I noticed the music the first night in the martini bar and the first time I had seen a DJ there on a Celebrity ship. I asked him why the music choice as my then 20 year old daughter and I looked around at ages of the much older people sitting in the bar. He told us that they had been told to play it by the Miami office. That seemed to be the start of the “modern cruising” campaign and I have noticed it on every Celebrity sailing since.
  8. I just did the Edge, Rome to Barcelona and we had 2 nights of the dinner offered with two seatings. They will most likely offer it when the boat is sailing away from port on the earlier side. We did a late seating when it left Livorno and I think the other night was a sea day. Check immediately when you get on the boat because both nights sold out on ours. In Barcelona, we left the ship with the first non-walk off at 6:50
  9. Just off the Edge and we noticed them advertising the free drinks in the daily each day. We had the drink package so I didn't notice what drinks were offered but it definitely was every night.
  10. We just got off the Edge. I’m assuming you have select dining? We did so I booked a few specialty restaurants ahead of time, dinner on the edge ( it’s offered 2 nights during the cruise as an outside sail away experience $95 pp but you can only book once on the ship). I did not reserve the other nights ahead of time, you don’t have to. We were only a twosome so we never waited. We tried each of the four “main” dining rooms. You might want to book them now and then you could always change them on the boat. On our cruise last week the shows were at 7:30 and 9:30 so we went to the early show and then ate by 8:30 or so.
  11. I think that most of the EDM clubs open at midnight. The restaurant we ate dinner at told us about Club Lio which is a famous cabaret supper club. They called to get us on the list because there was an event going on there, and it would be nuts. It was standing room only but we had so much fun and were sad to have to leave. I think the acts go on until 6 am lol
  12. How late did the ship stay in Ibiza? We went on Celebrity last year and had a great day. We went to a the beach during the day and then back out at night to dinner and a crazy club that we will never forget! The ship left at midnight and we were wishing it was an overnight. Not many ships go there.
  13. Excellent review! We were on the same sailing. I wondered why my flat iron kept blinking, I guess it was the low current you mention! Funny, I did the same thing during the night trying to turn the bathroom light on lol. I then realized that there was a night light that remained on in the bathroom and was adequate enough lol. Wish we were still on the ship! 😢
  14. Had I known I would have brought my long phone cord to do exactly what you did. I wound up using those shelves for purses and wraps, flip flops, wraps, etc. I usually over pack lol.
  15. We only ate lunch one day at the buffet which was our sea day. I remember seeing shrimp and I’m sure you will find what are looking for. If you liked the food on the Harmony, I did not, you are going to love the Edge food! Great quality!
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