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  1. Sure looks like they are using the Corona Virus to hide this notification. Geez. Happened a while back and they just post about it now? Sounds pretty low risk if it's just a matter of a few employee email accounts being compromised. I don't imagine that they are emailing around usernames/passwords. @CruiserBruce - security is a huge topic covering everything from physical security, firewalls, remote access practices, employee training on social engineering issues, etc. No one is going to reply with a detailed plan on what got missed by HAL. HAL probably responded with many pages of documentati
  2. Yikes. Looks like it might be that way for a bit 😞 http://firesmoke.ca/forecasts/current/
  3. I've used it multiple times on Carnival with no problem. Too bad it doesn't exist for HA.
  4. This is my first time on HA. I had a question and I tried emailing and got nothing. Phone call was perfect. Short wait time, great response. Seems like they just aren't ready to use methods of communication that the rest of the world uses. That said, the phone response was top notch so I'll give them a pass and see how the on board experience is before deciding if I'll be back. That's what really matters.
  5. Can you book a 12 day or something that qualifies and just pay for the next cruise on the same ship? Basically works out to be a longer cruise. Might find some good options if you look at it that way.
  6. What's crazy about that list is that someone tried to bring something aboard that made them have to add it to the list. Hmmm. Better bring my circular saw just in case I need to do some wood working on that sea day.
  7. It's really too bad that some companies still haven't embraced more modern convenient forms of communication like email, online chat, etc. HAL seems to be really behind with this. I did have to call about merging my Mariner info and they were great but an online chat would have been more convenient.
  8. Oh man, as someone who's into stupid expensive flights for every cruise, seeing complaints about a 4 hour drive to Ft Lauderdale is funny. You locals have it great!
  9. Wow - I had tried a number of companies but not Alamo. I just booked with Alamo from Montreal to Boston with no drop fee! Hopefully it actually works out. I'm a little worried about there being a mistake and it not happening in the end but they did send me a confirmation. Thanks for the tip 😉 Level 6 - we're going in late July so I'd be amazed if there is trouble then.
  10. I tried sending this as a PM but the system won't let me so apologies for hijacking the thread. How are you doing the one way rental? Through whom? I need to do this from Montreal to Boston for our cruise in July.
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