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  1. This is in Princess's discussion of how the option to cancel works. Princess is clearly discussing the passenger's cancellation.
  2. I find this policy poor business on the part of Celebrity. I'm surprised that so many are willing to accept it. For the record, Princess is not doing this to their customers. This is from their website... What if there is an FCC on the current booking that is being canceled. Will it be credited? Yes, it will be credited back. In this instance, the old FCC will be a separate credit from the cancellation fee FCC. In the event the original FCC is expired, it will be reissued with a Dec 31 2021 expiration date.
  3. We were on the Magic a couple weeks ago. We saw Simon everywhere. He stopped to greet our son outside the build a bear workshop. He was often at one location for a bit, would leave to go to another, and then show back up. His clothes would change as he went from event to event. He was quite funny, and we enjoyed him, except for his lovely jubbly gimmick that got old fast.
  4. I totally agree about the buffet. It was a disaster the entire week after your cruise as well. The buffet line was long and slow. I don’t think it helped that the toppings for oatmeal were in the middle of the buffet and you had to ask someone at the end of the line for oatmeal. I think people were confused and held up the line trying to figure out where he oatmeal was. I refused to eat breakfast there, and when that’s where our group went, I just went to BlueIguana and had them make some delicious breakfast tacos on corn tortillas. We like the pizza more than you do. I love that
  5. Clearly a kid who hadn’t been schooled in how to be polite. I don’t think he was being malicious. I just think he’d made it to 13 or 14 without anyone teaching him not to do that. My my wife did the pickup that night with our friends, so I wasn’t there. From what I understand, she was standing in the vestibule where you talk to the counselors during pickup. It is open from there to the entire half of camp ocean. She was not quiet about it. Had she been anywhere near sober, I’m sure she wouldn’t have said it or said it so loudly. She was the only one of her group of friends traveli
  6. Cruella de ville was on this cruise too! I don’t think she intentionally dressed up as her though. It was just her formal attire.
  7. Have a good time. Unfortunately, since our son started school, our ability to go off-season is more limited. We have yanked him out of school the last week of January when our schools typically have two half days and two days off. I figure no real learning is going on that week anyhow.
  8. It is open for lunch (at no charge) on all the sea days. I don’t remember whether it is open in port, but I think it might be closed.
  9. I don’t consider myself uptight either. We’re pretty laid back and enjoy having a good time. It just struck me as different.
  10. We went to Aruba and then Curaçao as well.
  11. Enjoy! My wife goes to Bermuda every year for work. I keep trying to convince her to let me come with her one of these years. I hear it is beautiful and VERY expensive there. Congrats on your anniversary. We will be at 12 years in about 10 days.
  12. My pleasure. I always enjoy reading the reviews, so I like to share my experiences. We sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale, which I think we've sailed out of 6 or so times (more than any other port). Unsupervised teens are always a bit odd. I had one who was in the elevator with a group of people when I got on. I got on on 5, and floors 9 and 10 were selected. I pushed 11, because I was going to Camp Ocean to pick up my son (this was about 11 pm). Everyone got off but him on 9 or 10. I thought it was odd, because he hadn't selected 11 (top deck on that elevator) when I got on. As soon as eve
  13. Looking forward to hearing about Camp Ocean. My son had an issue there the week after your cruise. He was a Stingray though, but they seemed to be combined a fair amount.
  14. Ah. Our flight was scheduled for 3:10 pm, so we were planning to have dinner in Ft. Lauderdale. We ended up leaving about 6:00 pm, I think.
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