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  1. Or post 12, which describes an experience with the same promotion and same booking website in which the $100 was added to the stated upgrade fee. Also, what you (and post 18) say is not what Princess said when I spoke to them before the cruise and not what happened when I booked a prior cruise on the same offer. Nor is it consistent with the email booking confirmation that shows an entitlement to OBC. It is also not the story Princess is giving now. They are saying I should have been charged $200 more and received the OBC. They are not saying that because we upgraded, we were not charged a deposit and therefore are not entitled to OBC.
  2. The cruise was still a deal. For three in a balcony, we paid about 1/3 of the current price on the Princess website at the time we booked.
  3. Why? Should I just drop $200 wherever I go because $200 doesn't matter? I can provide my address if it matters so little to you that you'd like to just throw it away.
  4. You keep saying the terms are set by Station Casinos, but I don't think that is right. I think Princess sets the terms based on the player's history with Station Casinos and how Station rates them.
  5. Another poster's comment discusses exactly how the Princess website booking engine works for these bookings. They add $100 to the advertised upgrade fee for the first two passengers. It's not the same as what you have experienced. We sailed on the same offer before and received the OBC. That was a cruise that we upgraded from an interior to a balcony and added a third, just the same as we did on this cruise.
  6. It was a visual inspection of those in the Concerto dining room on the first formal night and those in the Symphony dining room on the second formal night. It was my rough estimate based on the areas of the dining room we were seated in and the areas we walked through. I did not realize scientific precision was necesssary for such a rough estimate.
  7. The dress code specially permits jeans in casual nights, so long as they do not have holes and are not fraying.
  8. We are on board right now. I would estimate a majority of men were in coats and ties or better for formal night. However, a sizeable minority were not. Many men did not have a coat or a tie. Many women were in pants and a dressy top. Of course, that is a Caribbean itinerary.
  9. The concerto dining room on six hosted lunch on our embarkation day this week.
  10. I can't validate because as the poster after you indicated, when you book it, it is just included in one line item. The upgrade charged and other information are displayed on a Princess website. They are not on the flyer or email. It just shows $X as the date for a balcony cabin and then a lower line shows the OBC.
  11. The exact fees to upgrade and for additional passengers vary depending upon the cruise and date selected, but yes, that is exactly my recollection. The $100 is included in the price of the upgrade fee if you upgrade. The confirmation only shows the amount per person, so I have no way of comparing it to the advertised upgrade fee. It does show on board credit below the amounts for each of the first two passengers.
  12. The flyer purports to be from Station, but the phone number and website are both owned by Princess, the booking is made with Princess, and the email confirmation (which includes all of the upgrades and additions we made at the time of booking on the Princess website and shows an on board credit) is a booking confirmation from Princess.
  13. It is not. The booking is with Princess. When you call the number on the certificate, it is answered by Princess. I booked the cruise on a Princess website. When I called to confirm the OBC, I called Princess. All Station did was give Princess a list of names.
  14. We're on our last day on board Royal Princess, and despite what has generally been a good cruise, I have a sour taste in my mouth that may well prevent me from sailing with Princess again. My wife received an offer for a "free" cruise in an interior cabin from Station Casinos in Las Vegas. The terms requires a "$100 per person deposit will be charged . . . at time of booking." According to the mailer, "once on board, the $100 per person deposit will be automatically distributed as an onboard credit." I called Princess last Tuesday and confirmed that the $100 per person OBC would show up once we were on board because it did not appear in the cruise personalizer. After three days of waiting, I went to guest services and inquired as the OBC had not appeared on our account. The woman I spoke with was completely indifferent, said she could not see anything on the account, and there was nothing she could do. I followed up and asked if she could contact the headquarters as I had the flyer showing the terms and a confirmation email showing an OBC. She sent an email and said she would call us when they received a response. After not receiving a call, I again inquired at guest services. They told me that headquarters had indicated they did not see a credit on our account and that we should contact the casino manager. The woman then called the casino manager who suggested we call Station Casinos. She offered to provide a free phone call. We followed up again today and called the number on the flyer, which, by the way, is answered "Princess Cruises." The woman I spoke with on the phone indicated that she could see the credit on the account and that she needed to talk to her supervisor. After more than 15 minutes on hold, she told me that we never paid the $200 deposit. That their system charged us the cost to upgrade from an interior to a balcony cabin, to add a third passenger, and for vacation protection, but did not charge us the deposit. This makes little sense to me as a deposit is not an additional charge but is a prepayment toward the cost of the cruise. We paid for our cruise in full at booking, so it seems to me we must have paid any required deposit. She insisted that our cruise would have been $200 more than we paid had we paid the deposit. Of course, I have no way to dispute what their system should have charged us. I only can show what it did charge us. I can show the confirmation email that shows on board credit. Between my wife and I, we have spent significant time and money in the casino on board. The $200 makes little actual difference, but I am left feeling scammed. It feels like a bait and switch that I am powerless to dispute. I am left with only the internet to vent my frustration and my threat not to return.
  15. They are both on the list of people we plan to see. We may also try to see Piff, although I'm not a huge fan.
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