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  1. Love seeing your pics! Thanks for posting. I like thinking about what I am going to be eating in a few weeks on the Regal!
  2. metairiegal

    What happens if...cold flue

    We used the Lido sinks every time we entered. We noticed most people walked right them.
  3. metairiegal

    Lobster revamp

    We had the "new" lobster last July on the Caribbean Princess. It was horrible. The sauce ruined it. Never again for me. I wonder if you can ask for it plain with butter on the side?
  4. metairiegal

    Upsell Offer

  5. metairiegal

    Upsell Offer

    We got a similar offer. It is for our 14-night Caribbean Circle cruise on the Caribbean Princess. We went from an obstructed view to a window suite (which is considered a full suite).
  6. metairiegal

    Princess changing traditional dining times

    Here is the on-going thread on the subject: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2595181-change-in-traditional-dining-times/
  7. metairiegal

    upsell suite equals two cruise credits?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is how I thought it would be.
  8. metairiegal

    St. John on Your Own Tour - Princess excursion

    Thanks for the replies!
  9. metairiegal

    upsell suite equals two cruise credits?

    Is this part for sure? No increase in the FCC onboard credit when you take an upsell? (Before I get yelled at, I am pretty sure it is correct, but it is something I was wondering about. This is our first time taking an upsell and I just wanted to double check with ya'll.)
  10. metairiegal

    Caribbean Princess - full suite questions

    Thanks! I was actually thinking about having the sea bass. Or, the lobster. Dh will definitely go for the ribeye.
  11. metairiegal

    Reservations for Crown Grill First Night

    We'll be in a suite..... What is the Crown Grill dress code on embarkation night? Dh will want to know if ties/jackets required for men?
  12. I didn't realize you could book Steamers/Planks for the embarkation suite perk. Good to know.
  13. metairiegal

    Caribbean Princess - full suite questions

    Are we able to make the embarkation dining reservation now? Or, do we have to wait until we are on-board to book it?
  14. metairiegal

    Platinum/Elite Lounge

    I should be used to it - those are my peeps. We actually live in beautiful downtown Boca Raton!
  15. metairiegal

    Platinum/Elite Lounge

    And, I guess that means getting ready for formal night at 3:00 in the afternoon! No time for my afternoon scones! (Just kidding!)