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  1. Maybe I missed it? No one has mentioned complimentary laundry and dry cleaning service for elite passengers. The Horizon Court on the Caribbean Princess usually alternates a ramen station with a stir fry station. The broth is so good it's addictive! Choose your own ingredients, and the chef cooks it to order. Jalopenos are so hot there! Makes my mouth water!
  2. We've cruised Panama both during Thanksgiving week (late November) and Christmas week (late December). Both were outstanding cruises despite all the rain & muggy weather. Really no temperature difference between the 2 months. Remember it's a tropical rain forest, so it rains a lot no matter when you visit. If you can, try to book one of the cruises that goes all the way through the Canal (Atlantic-to-Pacific or Pacific-to-Atlantic). It's much more interesting than just entering one side of the Canal & then turning around to go back out the same side.
  3. I used your site many many times. Thanks for all of the work that you put into it.
  4. He did a wonderful job answering all their questions. Pleasantly surprised he didn't try to duck any of the tougher questions. Arnold has a simple, straight-forward approach to managing media & appears to be very effective. Smooth operator!
  5. Ready to go as soon as Princess starts cruising again from Fort Lauderdale. Seeing half the fleet anchored over in the Bahamas just waiting to return to port is really sad.
  6. 10-night Panama Canal cruise from/to Fort Lauderdale on the Island Princess December 10-20, 2019. Really enjoyed this lovely ship except for the promenade deck being cut off in the rear to add extra staterooms. Second cruise in the Panama Canal. Both were exceptional!
  7. Sorry to hear. I know if was a tough call to make.
  8. Saw this on our local South Florida tv channel: https://www.wptv.com/news/state/caribbean-princess-given-no-sail-order-off-florida-coast-due-to-coronavirus-testing
  9. Thanks for a wonderful review. It was fun tagging along on your adventure!
  10. Just wanted to mention that they usually have scones and cream during the "early afternoon offerings" time in the buffet. All you want!
  11. Fantastic review and beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting!
  12. Thank you for the fleet report. Chocolate cake looks dee-lish!!!
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