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  1. I always leave magazines behind in the library.
  2. * Play "The Love Boat" song during sailaways (like they used to). * Schedule an ABBA night for the DJ at least once every cruise.
  3. Why doesn't Princess change the questions from week to week!? With lots of BTB cruisers, they don't even need a binder with the answers - they can just remember the answers from the previous week! Dh and I enjoyed trivia in the past, but now we don't even bother with it.
  4. I always enjoy your Princess reviews, so I am looking forward to hearing about Celebrity.
  5. I am also wondering when the Getaway sales ends....
  6. Why does it log me out EVERY time I go from page to page?!
  7. Thanks, OP! I just downloaded the Medallion Class app. Can we delete all the other Medallion apps (Ocean Compass, Ocean Ready, Ocean Now)?
  8. Is this only for elites in a balcony cabin? I can't see it in an inside on ocean view!
  9. Also wondering, can you hear scraping of the chairs being moved around on the promenade deck above?
  10. Thanks for the picture of the windows, that really helps. Any other info - besides on the windows - would be greatly appreciated about OC P605 or on cabins in that Plaza area. Noisy? Movement? Location?
  11. OP here. Yes, thank you, that is what I thought. If anyone has any experience in OC P605, I would appreciate any other info. Noisy? Movement? Location?
  12. This cabin, P605, is on the plaza deck and I believe has a standard window. Any info (good or bad) on this cabin would be appreciated!
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