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  1. The only downside to cruising out of Port Everglades.... ........is returning to Port Everglades. Norris
  2. Noreen, good to see you continuing the review. Great photos from Sushi on 5! Everything looks delicious. Norris
  3. Crown Princess, Aruba, January 2018 Crown Princess, Curacao, January 2018 Pullmantur's Monarch, Curacao, January 2018 Monarch and Crown Princess
  4. Majesty of the Seas, docked in Havana, January 2019 Cruise ship Berlin, leaves her anchorage in Santiago de Cuba, January 2019 Allure or Oasis of the Seas, Port Everglades, January 2018 Queen Elizabeth, Port Everglades, January 2018 Norris
  5. Noreen, I have never eaten at the Porch but your photos and that menu had me drooling! It is a nice alternative to the super-busy buffet on sail-away day and one I now wish we had taken when we sailed from Southampton on the Silhouette last September . Thanks for the inspiration! Norris
  6. Roy, thanks for a great read! What a great adventure you planned! I will now catch up with you on the Cunard Board. Norris
  7. Does anyone know why they put the nets in the pools at night? Maris, it's probably to stop people using the pool outside of Pool Hours. Ditto the hot tubs. Norris
  8. Maris, now that you can post a dozen or so pics in a post, when someone hits Quote and then gives a short reply which may have nothing to do with the pics, readers have to scroll down all the pics they have already seen to see the new comment and it annoys many, especially those reading on phones so what I did was hit Quote and then get rid of anything irrelevant-ie the other pics and comments you made. On my MacBook this involved highlighting each unwanted photo by clicking on the left border-the photo turns blue-I clicked the right mouse (there is no mouse, it's a two finger tap
  9. Maris, that's Independence of the Seas in both of your shots. A mighty vessel. Norris, ship nerd
  10. Maris, food photos are hard to get right and I take some real clunkers among the decent ones. I've used my cell some times but it's an iPhone 5 (I like the small size as I can still bend over when I have it attached to my belt) but the camera on there is obviously old and can't compare to the current models). I've used a little Canon pocket camera (SD880) which is no-fuss but I mainly persist with my DSLR and a 16x35mm lens as the food is so close to me. I use F8 (when I remember) to get the food in focus all the way across the 10 inch plate (LOL) I set the lighting to "Tungsten" as the l
  11. Noreen, thank you for your kind words! No disappointment this end. I'm still loving the road trip and all the meals and hotels along the way. My road trip from Chicago downtown to Marco Island back in 1998 wasn't in a BMW 5 series alas but in a UHaul box truck with a 70mph limiter. There was a cargo of about 150 orchids from my friend's home in Lake Forest, Ill and he was moving them to his new home on Marco. It took 27 hours with one overnight hotel stop in Georgia and only 2 sit down meals. It was late June so Georgia and Atlanta in particular were boiling hot. We shared the
  12. Maris, I am hoping that you took food pics at Passions on the Beach as eating ashore near the sea is one of my passions. Hang the expense if you are having a good meal in a memorable setting -something you can't do any day of the week! Fingers crossed! Norris
  13. Thanks for a great read and for including the Good the Bad and the Ugly! Also for the generous use of photographs to help the narrative. I liked how you and your bandmates supported the ship bands by your presence and enthusiasm. I'm a Brit, living in the USA now for 34 years and I came here via being a drummer on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. I salute you and your band for still having the music flow through your veins and for keeping you young, which is evident in your writing and how you roll with the punches. Kudos! Have you uploaded any or all of your 4K videos t
  14. Hi Noreen, I'm settling in for a nice long fun read. I really love your idea of the road trip versus flying so thanks for all the pics and details. I've only done one really long drive in the USA-Chicago to Marco Island and it was great to see what's on the ground and drive through some beautiful towns, pull up to a hotel for the night and eat local. Kudos for the road trip travelogue! Cheers! Norris
  15. Maris, thanks for all those hotel pics- I love that kind of detail that can prove helpful going forward for others needing a short stay near the port. Yes a toaster would have been a cheap and welcome addition to the kitchen. The 6 photo limit no longer exists when posting. You can at least double that if your story needs it. Norris
  16. Yes, Maris, I clicked on a photo and it took me to your Flickr page and the camera, lens, aperture, focal length shutter and ISO info is all there as is the EXIF link for the ultra-inquisitive. All good! I looked at the webcam for FLL beach at the Marriott Courtyard yesterday and at that time the Police (2 on horseback and more on beach vehicles) were dispersing a crowd but it may have been for misbehavior. Norris
  17. Maris, I'm glad I caught this in its early stages! I'm settling in for a nice long read and to enjoy your stellar photos. Have at it! Norris
  18. Alas, I had to call Azamara yesterday to cancel this much-anticipated cruise. The lady on the phone didn't ask me if it was because of the Coronavirus uncertainty which I was expecting. No questions asked. The reason for canceling was that after 7 years of applying annually we succeeded in getting tickets to this year's Bayreuth Wagner Festival which was cause for celebration. Our tickets are for last week in August which was too close to our October 3 sailing date in Rome . I did book another Azamara cruise-October 28 2021 from Rome to Barcelona with overnights in Livorno (f
  19. All is forgiven, Annie. I have passed on your kind regards to Carol who is on the mend. I am looking at Princess cruises in the Caribbean for next January which will be 2 years from our last sailing on the Crown. Cheers! Norris
  20. Annie, a great fun read (which is what I have come to expect from you) but I have to take you to task on a couple of First World issues; No food porn. Going on a cruise without 2 fully charged Canon batteries and a battery charger.(DOH! slaps forehead) Otherwise FAB! Norris
  21. When I write my normal cruise reviews I am a slave to chronology but when writing about 44 cruises that goes out the window. Just random memories as each week was the same itinerary. There was a totally new 1200 passengers getting on in Miami each Saturday. Some crew got off never to be seen again and there would be familiar faces and reunions to compensate as our contracts crossed paths. There were days when I stayed on board in port-Cayman in particular as it was just a lay on the beach day and if was too hot I liked the quiet and cool of the ship and a nice lunch in an empty MDR
  22. On formal nights one of the Polish bands would stroll the dining room as we ate These fine gentleman often roped me into attending a "vodka night" in their cabin on a Tuesday night after we left Ocho Rios. I was off and their day was done by 11. Their RCCL pay was worth 10 times its value by the time it got wired back to their families in Poland. Fun people. I found myself with all kinds of nationalities as friends, but that was true to a lesser extent living in London for a total of 13 years. The drummer Thadeus bringing up the rear with a tambourine fell from his top
  23. The iconic bar on the funnel (much later removed) Crew were not allowed in the Viking Crown lounge but I went there a few times anyway and enjoyed how cosy it was and how unique. The ship's Night Security officer was called Leif and he spoke good English and befriended me early on and that helped. Here he is with Mark our bass player from Manchester. In November 1985 we left the ship and were offered another contract to return in March 86 which we accepted. There was only one original band member from Manchester and us 3 London dwellers. Once home, my
  24. I had about two hour's rehearsal with my new band on that first Saturday as I already knew a lot of the rock songs they would play and had a good idea of the easy listening, cocktail volume instrumental tunes that I would need at 5 pm. Yes, we were the band that played indoors during sailaway. The My Fair Lady lounge had huge windows and I could sit and play and look out on McCarthur Causeway where for some reason young women would flash their breasts from passing speedboats. We played one 45 minute set in this room and then didn't have to play until 11 pm-this time in our main ven
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