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  1. Sandra, the helicopter ride was from Newtownards and when we arrived the pilot asked if we wanted to go (a) to the Mourne Mountains or (b) up to the Giant's Causeway (the usual requests). I told him neither as I wanted to fly down the beautiful Ards Peninsula on the route my high school bus took to get me home (along Strangford Lough) down to Portaferry and then over to Portavogie and up the coast to Bangor. No problem! It was 240 pounds for the 3 of us and we flew at 1,000 feet which was low enough to take photos. I knew every step of the route from ground level but never from the air. The mo
  2. Sandra, I am very familiar with Bangor, a pretty seaside resort town. I spent a lot of time there in my teens and early 20's and last time I was over treated myself and my sister and teenage daughter to a helicopter flight down the Ards peninsula, over to Portavogie and then up to Bangor before returning to Newtownards. That's something I will do again when I return, hopefully in 2021. Bangor, County Down (Getty Images) Chicago, say in May, would be a great tourist destination. In summer it is mobbed with tourists and gets very hot. It's a city of flowers, parks, o
  3. Thanks for reading it and for the nice compliment! I won't be on Azamara In January I'll be on Princess. Azamara is October 3 to 10 from Rome to Venice via Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. Sky Princess January 18 to 25 W.Caribbean. I lived in quiet Mundania Road in Dulwich. The only thing I had stolen that had real value to me was a group of photos of my mother when she was young (she died when she was 51 but these were when she was half that age). The photos were in a wallet with some cash. Apart from that it was a nice place to live. Cheers! Norris, ho
  4. Thanks for the Cozumel recommendation,MJ. We will be booking the Sanctuary for the week once onboard, as we usually do in the Caribbean. I won't be surprised if they have cut corners in the deck furniture there. I think I may have seen the same photos as you. As long as it remains quiet....We'll see for ourselves in January. Norris
  5. No worries Crystal, I will visit the coffee shop next October and report back with photos! Castel Sant Angelo figures in one of our favorite operas called Tosca but it looked very busy and we knew there were stairs to negotiate inside to get those great views you did so decided to stay at ground level and walk along the Tiber. It's Rome-every street is interesting and inviting! Norris, congratulating you and Nate on your marriage!
  6. MJ, we have only booked excursions in Roatan and Belize so far and they are land-based ones and kind of stopping to smell the roses as opposed to adventure ones on catamarans. I do love the beach by the ship within the cruise port gates-the one with the chairlift. No Mayan ruins as they aren't our thing. I've been to Tulum many years ago. Georgetown, Grand Cayman was a port I often stayed on the ship to enjoy the quiet when I visited there every Monday 33 years ago now or if I did go ashore it was with crew mates to 7 Mile Beach (sublime) for a swim and a few beers. We did the stingray sandbar
  7. Afto, none at all, despite soaking at the waterfall in Lysefjord and then being flung into a quagmire twice at the Botanic Gardens. Cleaned up and worked immediately with no ill effects. Canon=tough! Thanks for asking. Norris
  8. Crystal, just making it over here now that I am done on the X board. Did you get a chance to sit and people watch here over a great cup of Roman coffee? Norris, thanking you for the Sant Angelo pics as we just looked at it from the bridge
  9. MJ, thanks for reading all the way through! Sky Princess will be the newest ship we have ever sailed on and we liked the Regal Princess plus we like Caribbean weather versus Chicago in January! It's snowing in Chicago as I type. We have been to all of the ports before so there will be a lot of ship discovery photos as she has some enhancements over the Regal. Yes the hotel in London was very well-placed for us and just our style (quiet) We'll be back at the Marriott harbor beach in Ft Lauderdale....in 67 days! Back at you with the Holiday Season greetings and wishes!
  10. Hi, Penny and thanks for following our adventure! I for sure will post a link on the AZ board when I post the Azamara Pursuit review on the X Board as the Az board is not a very active board regardless of what anyone on there says-the numbers speak for themselves. The Princess one will only appear on the Princess board on January 26th so look out for it there. NZ alas can only happen once we are retired and can take off the time needed to do it justice after very long flights. Cheers! Norris
  11. We are always willing to pay the extra for Economy Plus for the extra legroom and have even flown to Munich and Rome in those seats. Normal economy is torture in comparison. Business class as I have just shown and which we have used several times for 8 hour flights is the way to go but at a stiff premium. Business getting there (in the dark usually so your body will want to sleep if you car coming from the USA) and Economy Plus back to the USA in daylight when you want to stay awake, is our preferred method and it worked a charm this trip. The configuration depends on the plane-I c
  12. Sandra, thanks a million for gracing yet another of my reviews. I think this was number 16? since August 2011. Thanks for all the compliments and I'll try to surpass your expectations with each review. They are all written off the cuff and usually in a hurry but that's just my life at the moment. I'll be less busy in January. London I will never put on the back burner again. When I lived there I had a busy day job with a lot of driving around the beautiful southern counties (mainly but I went as far North as Norfolk and Cambridgeshire) and then at the weekend playing in a ban
  13. Afto, thanks for reading along and for letting me know you enjoyed our Norway trip. I hope your husband is at least considering it now. Thanks for your kind wishes! Norris
  14. Rosemary, I'm sorry to hear that medical issues are preventing you from traveling. We can count ourselves very lucky to be able to indulge our passion. Thanks for the kind compliments and I hope you can join us in spirit on our next cruise. I'll tell you all about it in January! Best wishes, Norris
  15. Robert, thanks for the compliments and following once again. It's always good having you aboard! We were at the movies today-part of a worldwide opera crowd enjoying live coverage of Madama Butterfly by Puccini from New York. I noticed you weren't there. Cheers! See you in January. Norris
  16. Heather , thanks for coming out of the shadows! Your screen name is familiar from other board postings and it's nice for me to see who is reading. Thanks for appreciating "all my efforts" which were many and costly but have set me up well for future reviews. Santa is bringing me a 24 inch Dell monitor so I can see my photos better when I put them through Lightroom. I am working on a 13 inch right now. I have more terabytes of iCloud and Flickr storage than I can shake a stick at (odd expression) and have 4 Terabytes of off-computer storage to draw on too. Cuba was special for
  17. Thanks for reading and enjoying! The Silhouette is a great introduction to Celebrity and was ours in 2016. Our first cruise together was on Coral Princess, August 2011, without me knowing much about her or Princess and was to Alaska, Southbound from Whittier. We had 5 days of drizzle but it didn't stop us whale watching from a small boat, landing on a glacier in a helicopter and flying over Misty Fjords in a small plane. The rain in Norway similarly didn't stop our enjoyment of Norway and only harmed the ship experience at sea, so it could have been worse. I was glad there was no lo
  18. Thank you for reading this. I'll go back and read it myself after a break. I did actually look at Petrus while in Chicago and next time we are there with more time to spend will book a table using your 6 weeks lead-time. We have only eaten in more casual Ramsay restaurants ,one of them the pub in this review. Cheers! Norris
  19. John thanks once again for gracing my reviews with your presence and support. I don't think you have ever missed one. I was so glad to have those days in London, as was Carol. We avoided trying to cram too much in and I think the boat cruise soon after we arrived set the tempo and the riverside lunch at the Trafalgar helped slow us down too and reminded me how much I like those pubs with their relaxed ambiance and their comfort foods.On that first afternoon we had already decided we had to come back and savor it some more. And we will. Onward to the Sky Princess! Norris
  20. Yoshi, thank you for the comment. We drove 320 miles or so in drizzle which didn't seem like a good start but it (like a cruise in wet weather) was better than a day at work and the further North we drove the more vibrant the color. The day driving to Charlevoix was perfection and I took a lot of pics there, especially of the Earl Young houses which exist only in this small picturesque town which we love. The tourists had all gone, bar two. I took some nice pics in our favorite fudge shop as we stocked up. Murdicks is the name should you ever visit. They have stores in a few towns up tha
  21. Scenes from our Michigan Road Trip As we have done for many years going back to 2005, we took 3 days to drive from Chicago up to the Mission Peninsula, which begins in Traverse City, Michigan. I took a lot of photos and did a lot of driving (960 miles and most of those in rain and then snow on the return to Chicago) Here are a few shots to give you the flavor of the trip SS City of Milwaukee, a retired rail car ferry in Manistee One of our favorite fine dining restaurants-the Boathouse in Bowers Harbor, Mission Peninsula Tonight we celebrated our 2
  22. Tessa, you owe yourself a make-up visit to London after all these years! We shouldn't have stayed away so long but our fleeting visit has convinced us to go back again. I hope to see you on the Princess Board when we sail the Sky. We sail on January 18 and the review will start the day we get home which is the 26th. Until then, thank you for reading this and for the kind compliments! Norris
  23. Thank you for reading it and for the compliment! See you in January! Norris
  24. And in the end...the love you take...is equal to the love you make.... The Beatles knew how to sign off better than anyone, but then they did everything better than everyone. Thanks to everyone who has been reading this and especially to those who commented and gave me a reason to come back to the computer every day (bar 2 when I was in Michigan). It's "last orders at the bar" and time to put the lights out (but not the cat) on another review. The cruise had its' weather challenges but we saw and adored what we saw of Norway and will return. Celebrity and this stunning ship to
  25. This sign, hastily and poorly shot on the way into the airport made me smile the sign is of course tongue in cheek and not to be taken literally there's a trek from the spot the Uber driver is able to unload. To terminal 2 we trudge after waiting for an elevator. Ahead of us are maybe refugees who are bringing all their belongings including a stove and a sofa to start a new life somewhere that is not London. Then to check in at Terminal 2, the Queen's Terminal only to find that the passport reading machine is on the Fritz and we have to go to a counter agent and wait beh
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