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  1. I shot most of the scenes that night but those three should give you the gist-acrobatics, singing and theatrical visuals. We had picked the 7 p.m show so we could round off our week with a Lawn Club Grill dinner. A visit to deck 5 promenade was in order first. This was the coast of France there weren't many outdoor diners due to the wind. Only the hardy we didn't use the salad bar, despite it's variety it's us and the team
  2. Off to the Opera tonight but time to add another video....and who doesn't love dolphins??!
  3. Jane, nice to have you onboard! I don't think you would be missing anything by buying the train tickets online. The train is visible from the ship and a 3 to 4 minute easy stroll. If we are ever back there that's what we will do. Thanks for reading! Norris
  4. Ron, I'm happy to see you still reading along and thanks for the kind compliments! I'm glad you noticed the Je ne sais Quoi! Norris
  5. Here's one of the video excerpts I shot which will give you a flavor of the show. There's a 30 second wait for the curtain to rise at the start. The Adele song is one of my favorites of hers.
  6. don't try this in your cabin. On second thoughts...go right ahead! as Game of Thrones fans we like anything with dragons our CD comes out at the end of the show to tell us what's happening around the ship Celebrity encourages audiences to take photos (no flash) and video of the show. When I wasn't taking stills I was running the camcorder...
  7. On this cruise we have skipped the nightly theater shows bar the first. We passed on the ones featuring the Celebrity singers and dancers in retrospect but without much thinking beforehand as when coming back from a day ashore dinner and an early night had some appeal and sleeping on a ship has a lot of appeal! Good deep sleeps. Tonight with the luggage being placed into the hallway ready for disembarkation it was now or never for the shows and so we went to an early one at 7 pm and followed it with dinner at the Lawn Club Grill, weather be damned. An early night was factored into the math. Had it been the Caribbean with a warm dry night we would likely have stayed up later to star gaze or walk the decks and enjoy the weather. But this is the cold North Sea... One thing we don't see on Princess and certainly not on Azamara with it's low ceilings are aerial acts and that picture says it all but with some surprises. interesting headwear but useless in the Norwegian rains Carol bought one afterwards in the gift shop but the first time she twirled in the cabin she knocked the art off the walls the man is singing to them then the aerialists the man is joined by a woman with a similar taste in Inca hats dancers a pretty theatrical effect up, up and away... a Mexican queen sings huzzah! more...
  8. Reflection? Great ship too! I hope you savor the Lawn Club Grill. Barcelona stole my heart 4 years ago and I long to go back. Portugese cusine was my go-to treat when living in New Jersey and is where I came to love Sambuca and espresso. Bon Voyage!! Norris .
  9. That was a stellar lunch and Murano remains my go-to Fine Dining choice at sea. Afterwards we went our separate ways-me to roaming and Carol to the deck 5 forward smoking deck where she had the place to herself and was sheltered from the wind. Even though it was drizzling she was dry as the space is covered. It was a grey, desultory day. The seas weren't big but the sky showed no sign of ever producing sunlight that ship was soon gone like a motorcycle at a traffic light I was lucky in that I had London to look forward to in the morning and the weather there was top-hole as they say when raising their brolly and adjusting their bowler hats. If I was just getting onto a bus transfer to Heathrow in Southampton I would be feeling cheated by the dismal weather today. I live outdoors on a ship, mainly because of my smoking but also because I love to see the sea at all times and I'm a ship nerd if ever there was one as my dad was a ship's Captain and I spent time sailing with him in the British Isles from I was age 5 to 13. So I delight in davits and capstans and scuppers. Call me weird, call me a taxi, call me Ishmael. I sailed on steamships with men shoveling pyramids of coal (not the "clean" coal LOL) with their shirts off and sweat running from under their neckerchiefs and diesel motor vessels to ports in Wales, England (hello Liverpool, Preston and Blyth) and on fishing trawlers to Scotland (Portpatrick) so being on a ship of any size is a thrill for me and harkens me back to the days before containers were invented and cranes and derricks with cargo nets ruled. When a crane lifted a train wagon full of coal dug by Lancashire miners into the air and let gravity shower it into the hold of a ship where blackened-faced Scousers shoveled it into the corners.... Halcyon days! I am older and softer now and a puff of cold wind can send me scurrying back indoors I had never tried a Martini until this day but the curiosity got the better of me and there was the Martini Bar.... This was a Bombay Sapphire London special with a sprig of mint @ $15.50 Now I see what the fuss is about. A delicious and refreshing drink! There was no bartender show and what a dextrous show that is on Celebrity! The multi-pours with a crowd pumped up. When on holiday anything that is beyond the norm, say an everyday experience in a hotel bar on land, is double the fun on a ship where the staff is literally bending over backwards to entertain you. You're not at home in a Barcalounger flipping TV channels, you are out there sharing experiences with strangers and we thank cruise ships for experiences like that and this ship's crew is working hard everyday on our behalf. Work and the daily routine is forgotten for a week and that's worth paying good money for. there's a band doing a sound check on deck 3. "One two-testtttt!" "Testing One Two!" but I only stay for a minute or two as they are using the Beatles' From Me to You to test. 56 years later the song holds its' magic. I bought the 45 single and wore it out. I'm back in the cabin to warm up Cold and grey out there but cosy in here. There's a bed and that can only mean a NAP! zzzzzzz......
  10. Trip, agreed that Le Petit Chef is very clever and very witty and the food is worthy. A meal that is an event but of course if you are in a hurry or like to languish between courses it wouldn't be a good idea. They discounted it drastically ($55 down to $35) and half (if that) the tables were taken for the 8.15 slot. It should maybe alternate nights with QSine as we know it from previous times. QSine offers such great variety dishes and presentations which raise a smile. I miss it. The weather on shore was benign for the most part and we only got wet on the boat to Lysefjord and I had no head protection and can't work the camera while holding an umbrella. The camera got soaked but kept shooting as it's weather-sealed. Since I came home I had two falls within seconds of each other on a muddy slope and the camera flew into the air and landed with a thud in mud just as I did. I cleaned the mud off as best I could with some Kleenex and wipes and kept on shooting even though my clothes were caked in black mud. I don't mind the rain in Alaska or Norway as it's usually soft drizzle and makes the landscape look better but rain on the ship where I spend 80% of my waking time outdoors is a buzz-kill. I like to sit at the Sunset Bar and look over the grass at the sea while sipping my beer and chatting to strangers but that was rare on this trip due to rain and a cold wind on the North Sea. Next cruise in January is Western Caribbean on the new Sky Princess, our first time on a new ship which is currently on her maiden voyage and I expect to get some good outdoors time with my beer and cigarettes. Aft cabin as always and a third of the price of our original S1 suite on the Silhouette. Thanks for following along Trip! I looked ahead to my London pics this morning and am excited to show them to you! Norris
  11. Thanks Judy, I would have hated for you to miss the London pics on our last day. Norris
  12. Sly thanks so much for the compliments and I am glad you are thinking of the Fjords for a special anniversary. We will go back again to sail further North and see more of that beautiful country. I can't think of anything negative about it-nice people, wholesome food and without the rain it wouldn't be so green and there wouldn't be waterfalls that boggle the mind. It's special. Norris
  13. Judy, I am so sorry to lose you before you see the next batch of London photos. Carol was telling me of slow downloads on her iPad a couple of days ago and I had very slow download of pictures on my old iPhone 5 (was ok at home with wi-fi instead of cell service). So I lowered the resolution to half of what it was set at and for the past 2 days am back to the pixel count of all of my reviews to date (1024 x 683). I see the pics on a 13 inch MacBook with never a problem and I wish you could too. You will likely not read this but thanks for sticking with me thus far! Norris
  14. Lunch in Murano I had to eat here. Carol could have said "No" but I would have gone solo. If it were on land I'd go for some tasty and tasteful cooking, relaxed and warm ambiance and very attentive professional service. I wouldn't get this meal for $30 on land though (dinner is $50) I just wish I had thought of booking dinner earlier in the cruise but have learned my lesson. Wines by the glass and mine is usually a glass of Malbec but this time I had to have a Shiraz Victuals bread that looks good enough to eat-so we did a nice Indian gentleman in a black suit served us and brought me my drink of choice It's 12.30 in the afternoon and I am enjoying that first sip of velvety wine and some crusty bread, heavy on the butter The food portions will not be large but it's lunch after all and the food is all about good cooking and appealing presentation. At no point did the solo pianist tinkling in the background erupt into a disco number and the waiters march through waving napkins. I ordered one of my favorite things- roasted beets with goat cheese spheres these had me waving my napkin! Carol enjoyed her crab salad with avocado we both had warm water lobster, small but succulent we are happy diners! the room We both had Ivory caramel tart with flambe banana her notes say lip-smackingly good! A wonderful treat in the middle of a dreary day on the North Sea. Bye, Murano-until the next time!
  15. While I go down to get dressed for lunch in Murano here is a short video
  16. I met up with Carol at the MDR for breakfast but the line was long there so we went to the buffet this young lady was there smiling each time we entered. Ready with the Purell it was busy inside so we took our food out on the terrace where it was somewhat sheltered from the wind my "full English" Carol's notes say she had lox and bagel, herring and fruit with yogurt. Lots of choices! After breakfast we parted ways. Carol to her quiet spot on deck 5 and I wandered... drawn to the lawn I didn't see anyone use the alcoves all week ($199 a day at sea, $99 in port) you can see in those last two pics that it was misty in the background and soon the background came to the fore... towels (no takers) and blankets (very popular) chairs have been moved under cover and I console myself with a beer Next up, lunch in Murano
  17. It was time to go back outside and see how the weather was-not raining is good it was cool, even in the sheltered spots the wind carries the smoke away as soon as it leaves the funnel up to the Solstice deck above the basketball court ready for sunbathers joggers and walkers early swimmers
  18. another beautiful room a wine machine. No sommelier needed! Grand Cuvee dining room entrance art piece
  19. continuing my stroll we've only ever used this room once and that was to muster for an excursion but there are movies shown here and lectures take place the shopping boulevard will no doubt feature tables of $10 watches and tee shirts later casino bar
  20. back inside on deck 5 to warm up again on this listless morning there's a theater lecture coming up I wander if you like shopping... Kate is gone but can't be forgotten I love the graphics in this store but their watches are too busy and I think you have to show a pilot's license to buy one? Carol is picking up 2 photos today. Earlier in the week they offered her a $250 Photo Package for all the photos that would be taken of us. We always buy the dockside ones as we leave the ship when sailing Princess as a couple of the photographers are always dressed up as pirates or Yukon prospectors or frightening brown bears but there was no effort made in our ports so we just walked by the girl with a camera and a life ring. So we saved some money to spend on our next Princess cruise which is 10 weeks away. just another good looking bar Peter Max I love being up early before the decks get populated the disco cool decor but I can say that about any room on this ship
  21. I showed you the menu for Blu but as we weren't in a Suite or in Aqua Class we couldn't use it as our included breakfast choice. We enjoyed it on our first 2 X cruises. Here's the interior... pics from January 2016 Ensemble Lounge bar Cafe al Bacio for a coffee a machine that gives life true meaning after my coffee and smoke I head forward Carol's quiet spot is very quiet this early. And cool
  22. There's a good accessible restroom up by Sunset bar. I love the etched sink-very elegant cloth towels also a nice touch I need to get warm so go down to deck 5 and have a peek into some of the rooms down there at the stern like QSine the setting for Le Petit Chef which we enjoyed Tuscan Grille nice ambience in this room breakfast menu for Blu
  23. Up early, around 6 a.m having gotten an hour back from the time change last night. Coffee from Oceanview and out on deck and it's not warm. The buffet breakfast tables outside haven't been set up yet. It has been raining in the night. up at Sunset Bar for sunrise
  24. Well I can't see you not loving her! I hope it doesn't spoil things when I post more pics of her right now. I'm sure you will find favorite rooms and have experiences I missed out on as I don't read the daily news sheet or plan my day to any extent beyond excursions and meals. Savor to the MAX! Norris
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