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  1. FWIW, we always select the formal night for when we do chefs table just for the fact that we do like to dress up. In my mind it increases the change of others dressing the same way kinda and making it feel (to us) more elegant, after all mindset makes stuff taste better :). It to me also decreases the chance of us being overdressed comparatively and possibly making it ackward. Either way I dont really care how you look, if you act like a adult human being with good manners theres no judgment from here how your dressed. On the other hand if your a narcissistic child your gonna be judged accordingly.
  2. There is a strong possibility that Nachi is allready booked... they fill fast and usually far out..
  3. I've been wondering this as well, is it a easy walk, or more beneficial to just take their shuttle in the am...
  4. I've done it several times and my usual response to this question is yes, however the tablemates make or brake this... food is subjective but usually great, look at it as paying for the experience not for expensive wine etc. But who your sitting with will create either a quick meal with no real conversation, or your gonna literally close down the dining room with a group of people that you'll remember and talk with for years to come. It never seems to be a middle ground.
  5. Liberty review with all menus
  6. Or.....just state you dont have anything like almost everyone else....then its $0.00
  7. I'll add also that they do a phenomenal job working around allergies. There is only one waiter on the ship who's only job is chefs table. He/she will call before the dinner day and ask about allergies etc. I cant do shellfish and always am served something different than the others for those dishes containing shellfish and it's just as delicious and intricate.
  8. Yes, amazing food and great wine well worth it to us. With that said, your tablemates will make or break the experience totally. Have had it turn into a 5hr conversation/party with my new friends, and have had everyone eat with minimal conversation and leave right at the end.. Overall worth it though.
  9. Did you happen to see if they had Blanton's in the onboard shops?
  10. Go desktop site, the mobile doesnt have it for some reason
  11. I was able to pick the date and time on the cruise planner site for my 10/27 Liberry cruise a week or so ago when I bought it.
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