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  1. More pics from the Bridge
  2. Day 6 (Friday 11/20/15) Cozumel Started with Starbucks and then Breakfast at the Coastal Kitchen once again. Then I went back to my cabin to get my camera and head to the Bridge Tour. After the Bridge tour I went to the dance class at Boleros which I did both the morning and afternoon sessions. Lunch and Dinner were both at the Coastal Kitchen. Bridge Tour
  3. The Balcony of Aqua Suite 9330 shot from the Aqua Theater.
  4. Day 5 (Thursday 11/19/15) Sea Day After having breakfast and Starbucks I was off to the party on the Helipad and also shot a quick low quality video during the horn blasts. Just prior to dinner I stopped by the Spa and did "The Ultimate Men's Facial with Shave". After dinner I went to Studio B for Ice Games and then saw Finis Henderson in the Amber Theater. Thanks Anna for the pic while on the Helipad
  5. outtoseacruise

    Diamond Plus Internet discount

    2 Devices on Allure last week with the D+ Discount were $97.50. I kept my phone on all the time so both of my IP Phones were connected and would bounce back and forth between my laptop and iPad.
  6. While walking around Falmouth the former cop in me picked up on what was starting to go down and I captured a few pics as it started.
  7. Day 4 (Wednesday 11/18/15) Falmouth, Jamaica Started off the day with my Quad Shot at Starbucks and then had breakfast at the Coastal Kitchen. After breakfast I decided to head off the ship and walk around Falmouth looking shooting some pics. I got back onboard around 3 and worked for about an hour in my cabin and making business calls on my IP Phone. Dinner was once again at the Coastal Kitchen and then I stopped by Vintages for some wine and then the Crown & Anchor Party.
  8. Nikon D90 (it is 8 model years old bit it is awesom) DSLR The lens I use for action and low light is my 105 mm which gives me the best results. In the past I have played around with just about every lens I have from my 35mm to my 18-200 mm and also my 80-400 mm. I have been on the fence about getting a D750 but I am probably going to hold off until the 2016 models come out???? Only thing that could force my hand is an incredible price this holiday season. It really doesn't matter if you go Nikon or Canon. They are both great cameras. Just stick with what you get since the lenses are not interchangeable. Hope that helps a little? Back to the tread I will try to catch it up later this week. I pulled in my yard at 10:30 this morning from the ship and my daughters wanted to have lunch today when I got home and then I took them to a friends birthday party.
  9. I don't use a Flash or a Focus Light. I am in the back of the theater usually the row in front of the Tech Control Booth or in the stand up row behind the last row. Because of my camera and lens it hits it perfect and it is just tweaked slightly in Adobe Lightroom. FWIW this is from the Amber Theater at the start of the show (sorry about the poor quality I don't have my photo laptop unpacked yet):
  10. I always sit in the reserved seating for Gold Cards or sometimes stand behind the last row. There very rarely is anyone behind me where I usually sit or stand.