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  1. This is how I set up my cabin desk so I can work from the ship. These were 2 of my pics from Oasis and Harmony last year. I do bring one of my desk IP Phones with me and also run the apps on my cell phones. When we are in port I will run off one of my Google Fi Hotspots if there is good 4G there?
  2. Unlimited Dining was great on my 3 day Mariner. I ended up with 3 dinners and 1 lunch. I felt it was well worth it.
  3. I spent most of the time at Sugarcane's drinking Mojito's and really didn't pay attention what time the other bars closed. I would assume if nobody was at the other bars they would close up as soon as traffic by them stopped. I believe the Casino was opening at 9 PM the nights we were in Bermuda. I wasn't gambling this trip but think that is when they opened while there.
  4. It was hot if your from the Northeast and normal for me since I am in FL.
  5. On 7/14/19 sailing I was onboard and in the Garden Cafe at 10:50. The rooms weren't ready until 1:30.
  6. I was one of those that refused to pay for specialty dining until the Getaway in 2015. Once I did it I started purchasing specialty dining on all cruises.
  7. I just got off the Escape today and prior to boarding purchased the 7 Meal Dining Package. When you compare it to a nice restaurant at home $178 + Gratuity isn't much for a week of dinners. It was well worth it and I would do it again.
  8. Here are the Freestyle Daily's from last weeks sailing on Escape. Escape Day 1 Daily 07142019.pdf Escape Day 2 Daily 07152019.pdf Escape Day 3 Daily 07162019.pdf Escape Day 4 Daily 07172019.pdf Escape Day 5 Daily 07182019.pdf Escape Day 6 Daily 07192019.pdf Escape Day 7 Daily 07202019.pdf Escape Disembarkation 07212019.pdf
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