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  1. Just finished THANK YOU!!! such a brilliant review that put the Horizon at the top of my list for next ship to try!
  2. They had similar problems when I was on the vista last year. They had to weld a new piece in when we returned to port.
  3. Ok was able to get thru and opt in and was greeted with YOUR BALANCE 27,250PTS
  4. I keep getting this message: Something went wrong. Please refresh your browser and try again.
  5. I had 18k point's, cashed them out last night (got 3 $500 cards and 3 $100 cards.)
  6. Thanks for your review and I am so sorry you guys missed MM as your CD (we loved him on out B2B last year and he handles business.)
  7. Most of our platinum gifts have came off of B2B so we end up with 4 of each Headphone cooler case tervis cup I would say the yellow tervis cup is the worse because it broke up the set of 3 blue cups we had. If only I could find a use for it outside of the house... like at work or something...
  8. Loved Meeting You and Patti on the Hawaiian leg. Look forward to experiencing the Inspiration with you and reliving the splendor!
  9. Not in room for platinum, we had to request robes.
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