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  1. Is there a special site link where you can check for fare drop? TIA
  2. I found this to be an interesting insight into their 'books'.
  3. luggage tag in dec on horizon, same on glory last week.
  4. From what Lee said on FB he will only be on the Glory for a month. I'm guessing Cookie is either taking a vacation or something came up he needs to address.
  5. Had Lee last year on our Journey cruise to Hawaii, Great CD I look forward to seeing him (and you Serk) On the panama cruise in 4 days!
  6. How do you get or qualify for DOU card?
  7. Just got off of the horizon a week ago we got the luggage tags!
  8. I can see my stateroom for feb's panama canal cruise. I hope this won't cause a delay I know that's selfish, cause obviously someones cruise will be affected due to repairs.
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