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  1. Hoping for a speedy reply! What Carnival email address did you use? Thanks!
  2. Were you able to use the codes right away? I don’t have Allstate, but I downloaded the app yesterday and drove to and from work today. I need 10 trips for just 200 points. Do you need 1000 for the $100 cards? It seems it will take me a year to get enough points to buy gift cards. I really miss the AARP program. 😞 Please tell me if I’m missing something. Thx!
  3. Looks like OP is already booked. Just wondering if he should wait until final payment date to make final payment. Pros? Cons?
  4. Good question! I've always wondered if there was any advantage or disadvantage to paying off early.
  5. Thank you... Clearly wasn't trying to "steal"! New to this and just didn't know what the rules were. Realized there was $100/cabin, but didn't know how it worked if there were 2 cabins. Thank you kindly!
  6. My husband and I have a joint account and have 100 shares of Carnival. On our upcoming cruise, we are sailing together, but are listed in separate cabins (I'm with one kid, and he with the other). Is it possible we could get OBC for each cabin? Just wondering.. Thanks!
  7. Yes - It was offered on my 5 night Bermuda cruise 2-3 weeks ago.
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