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  1. Since you asked, I've never bothered with them in nearly 40 years of cruising. I am of the opinion that the people who need lanyards wore mitten clips as children. YMMV.
  2. As of 2016, "cruises to nowhere" have been unavailable from US ports.
  3. I've seen the Belize mainland. I prefer Harvest Caye.
  4. Yes, whoever makes the reservation should request 6. They'll sort it all out at the table.
  5. If I saw this happening in the buffet line, I would leave immediately, never to return. But not before pointing it out to staff. Pass.
  6. Why would they lower the price on cabins that were unavailable? Why would they even need to?
  7. Why would they drop the price if the category is sold out ? 🙄
  8. I've never had an issue booking dining reservations on the ship. Do not stress it. shof515's recommendation above is solid if you are wanting a reservation at a peak time. If your preference is to dine early, you should have no problems.
  9. Why does it matter to you what anyone else is wearing? Dress up, or not, it's your choice. Nobody else will give it a second thought.
  10. Orlando (Port Canaveral) is nowhere comparable to eastern Asia. This is unwarranted and unnecessary panic.
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