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  1. What NCL *says* and what the reality is, are two different things entirely. The bottom line is, it is not enforced.
  2. Supply and demand. Simple Freshman Economics 101.
  3. It's not as if it's enforced anywhere aboard ship. Nor should it be. FREESTYLE!
  4. Had one on GA in December, so not worth it, we will book the standard balcony going forward.
  5. Still, they are in the minority. Very very few on our last two cruised (7-night on Getaway, 10-night on Jade).
  6. Grand Pacific is the more formal of the two, *technically* does not allow shorts. But in practice, it is not enforced. The service in the Grand Pacific was significantly slower than in Alizar in our experience.
  7. Not a fan of the Grand Pacific at all. We ate at Alazar most evenings, except for a night at Cagney's.
  8. From the Freestyle DAILY:
  9. Unlike O'Sheehan's, the food service at the Sun Sports Bar is not 24/7.
  10. And I would have overpaid by $115. Pass.
  11. That is interesting, as I am not seeing *any* itinerary for the Getaway on Oct 14. Perhaps it is already sold out, or a partial-ship charter? Or yet another NCL website snafu. Oct 7 and Oct 21, she is doing the Western Carib itinerary.
  12. Correct, for the Dawn. However, other ships are still scheduled for these two ports.
  13. ColeThornton is absolutely correct. You got played.
  14. The earliest sailings calling on either of these ports is Fall 2018. The first one is Oct 27.
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