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  1. YES! Last cruise, my roomie had pre-ordered a couple of bottles of rum and some sodas to be delivered from the Fun Shops to our cabin upon arrival. There was a $30 delivery charge we didn't have a clue about, or would not have bought it. Won't ever do that again.
  2. There could be some chair movement above, but I personally would take the Lido balcony. I LOVE being on Lido. And that little hallway has very little traffic. Usually have a door at the Lido end that most people don't realize actually goes to cabins.
  3. Are those slatted wooden looking doors on the Breeze cabins real wood or metal with a wood finish? Also, do they actually move? As in, can those slats be moved? I know there is a solid door, just can't remember about those slats, and a friend is asking about them! She also wants to know if her door decoration magnets will stick to them. I know. Maybe if they are metal. Of course not if wood! My friend is actually my boss. Please help me get an answer for her!
  4. Not on this one but we are booked on the Mardi Gras on Sept. 30th for the 15 day repositioning cruise down to Port Canaveral. We've never sailed out of New York before. Can someone tell me which pier Carnival sails from? We'll be flying in the day before and need to start the search for hotel, hopefully somewhat nearby. I have no idea where to start since I've never even been to NY! I would love to hear any suggestions on hotel, and things to do the afternoon we arrive. I'm so looking forward to being on the Mardi Gras!
  5. Finally going out. About 24 hours late, due to fog. A friend's sister and BIL are on there. Chilling. What else can you do! They said CCL cut the Progreso stop. Still, I would take it not being at work!
  6. I don't think of jeans as elegant, so I dress "fancy" with either black long skirt or black slacks with a fancy, sparkly blouse/top and sparkly jewelry too! I normally don't get to dress fancy in my regular life, so it's a fun time for me to dress up. I especially enjoy doing a lot of people-watching on elegant night to admire all the pretty dresses and handsome men in suits! It seems to put everyone in a better mood also! Just my thoughts.
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