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  1. RC wont be doing anything in Norway any longer so that will have to be done with someone else! Horse for course`s I guess, when it comes to cruising there is something for everyone, hence its popularity. I don`t think RC think much of the UK market, probably down to all the moaners who feel its there right to have the ship they want, on the route they want on the date they want all at a knockdown price! Despite what the old school think, Anthem will most likely do well, and certainly attract new cruiser`s, particularly families - which is exactly what they want! We are trying Anthem out of NYC in the new year and looking forward to seeing what she is like! Personally do not think i will cruise out of the UK again, more than happy to jump on a flight and enjoy the offerings of RC & Celebrity around the Caribbean.
  2. That is not RC`s fault. Indy is alive and kicking, if you wish to sail on here year after year, I am sure RC will be delighted to welcome you, but itl be in the Caribbean! Failing that I am sure the likes of P&O will welcome you aboard one of their ships from Southampton. That`s the great thing about cruising, the choices are endless, they have opened up the world for us!
  3. RC do not want the "traditional/old school UK cruiser" they want to attract the new generation of cruiser's, younger couples and families, hence bringing Anthem back - if it fails to do well I'd expect RC to leave the UK all together. If you want to cruise on Indy (or one of their many great ships) jump on a plane and go enjoy the delights of the Caribbean. Just back from Indy's first cruise of the season, Northern Europe (our 2nd cruise this year), whilst the ship was nice, it's nothing special, and feels now a bit outdated (just like all the oldies onboard). Having done 9 Carribean cruises to date, I feel they are much better value than UK cruises, plus the weather is way better - the trip over to the US really is not a big deal.
  4. Had upgrade offer for our sailing next month here in the UK, prices were steep but given prices for UK / Europe cruises are always high I wasnt surprised! 2nd RRCL cruise of 3 this year, hope upgrade will be accepted on this one
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