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  1. We did a transatlantic in 2010 with only 17 children on board (2 were officers kids). There was only one staff person, but she was absolutely amazing. The teen section was open till 11 each night. The two younger age groups were combined- so there was a 3-9 year group and a 12-18 year group. The staff person took the younger kids on adventures around the ship-- one we saw them all dressed as pirates parading through the lido demanding snack booty (led by the staff person). The staff person had a good bit of leeway to tailor the experience to the actual kids on the ship for example rearranging the age groups to let the 12 year hang with the teens w/ parent permission and allowing an 18 year to hang with the teens (the 12 year old and 18 year old were both ours, we also had a 6 year old in the younger group). We were absolutely wowed by the experience. However, around 2013 the HAL experience changed radically. Kids just stuck in HAL room watching movies. Zero flexibility. Insisted that we "sign" out our 11 year old in person rather than have her meet us (which meant we could not go to a show or dinner without leaving in the middle). Very few activities. More like over cautious nannies than a fun club. Thankfully, our children have aged out of HAL. I used to rave to people about our kids experience in HAL, but now I warn them to not expect much more that limited hour baby sitting.
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