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  1. Oh, me too. I was on the Breeze when Erica was supposed to hit and the ship crowed was pretty small. Well, the itinerary remained the same and it was on the the better cruises I’ve been on! Same with the Glory during Irma. We were out an extended time because we couldn’t get into Miami. Several left from Cozumel and flew home. Once we knew everything at home (swfl) was safe and secure we were able to relax And enjoy the delay.
  2. We were supposed to be on the Horizon this Saturday for 8 nights. 10 year anniversary and going Platinum. We waited it out until it was cancelled and booked the same ship on 10/31. I hope it sails, but, I’ll understand if not. A lot can happen in nearly 6 months.
  3. Wupes, not sure how that happened lol
  4. I wonder how they’ll be conducted moving forward on some ships. I love the ones held in the theater, bars, dining room etc. the ones outside shoulder to shoulder... maybe not as much.
  5. We ordered new one for my daughter and a replacement for myself in late February / Early March and got it in about 10 days. Filed in Florida so unsure where the fulfillment center is.
  6. I usually book cruises in my own and didn’t even think about the PVP I had used in the past, I just shot her an email and within a minute or so she called me back. Reports their system is down, but, will take care of it and ring be back.
  7. I have to call back a little later or tomorrow. For some reason they can’t get the credit to detach from the original cruise and attach to the new one.
  8. Call went right through, and have a great CSR on the phone, but, seems like they’re having some tech issues - system overwhelmed. To anybody else calling, be kind, be nice, be patient. They’re stuck in all of this with us.
  9. Ok perfect. I just put one on hold for 10/31, I’ll have a go a little later.
  10. Wondering the same. Waiting or ours from 5/16 and have a new one picked out for 10/31.
  11. Good to know. I finally got my 5/16 cancellation through this morning. I was getting an error message when I tried earlier in the week. Our canceled cruise was $2500ish all in and the replacement is around $2300, was trying to get it as close as we could but peak season vs non peak.. When should I expect to try the FCC?
  12. Coleslaw. A big bowl of coleslaw. I have that every cruise at lunch and it’s a food I look forward to the most.
  13. They've thought I was crazy when I cruised after Irma. We were on the Glory during and got several extra days out of it. Several got off in Cozumel so the ship was honestly pretty awesome... but, living in SWFL, the anxiety kept us from really relaxing. Once we found out everything was OK it got better. They did an awesome job with it though and we've been on plenty of cruises since... so, I don't talk about it at work anymore.
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