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  1. Same situation as AK Dreaming but my cruise is in August. I'm waiting to see what happens.
  2. You don't mention the date of your cruise last year. A friend and I had the same situation last year and our cruise was in June. As a coincidence we booked the same cruise on the Joy but for October of this year. We had a year from the date of the cruise to book the new cruise and I took advantage of the cyber Monday deals to book it. I noticed that the numbers were not right and it was because they didn't find and apply the credit from my friend. It didn't come automatically and they had to look for it. I hope you have your documentation with the guests and the fares paid to prove it. If your booking was for the summer or later you have enough time to receive the resolution (credit) and apply it to book your cruise. Good luck and Happy Anniversary.
  3. I plan to go on the Encore on March 22nd. I did not buy insurance for this one but I think it's pretty safe because it's a Caribbean cruise. I am a little worried about my 2 Mediterranean cruises in the summer because both of them include Italy. I already paid the cruise and airfare for the June one. I have insurance for the cruise but not for the airfare so I'm planning to go. I have until the beginning of April for the final payment for the August one. I am tuned in to the news and read the boards to decide if I make my final payment for this one and the fall ones. I'll probably do but I will buy the CFAR for the cruise and not buy the airfare until the end with insurance too. I plan to take wipes, hand sanitizer , extra medicine and over the counter medicines. and my ipad loaded with books to read for all my cruises. I am not claustrophobic but I'm crossing my fingers that I am not quarentined because I booked a studio on the Epic.
  4. Hamilton didn't have a show in Chicago on Sunday, January 26th. The final show was on Sunday, June 5th. I only saw it in Chicago last November but I thought that Miguel Cervantes did a great job as Hamilton. Some of my colleagues saw it at different times. One of them more than once including the penultimate show. They thought the same.
  5. Thanks Pstree12. I bought it from the Travel agency that I used for the cruise. I imagine that you lost the airfare money. That's why I'm not cancelling it. If they cancel, they have to give me some money to cover at least part of the airfare. This is supposed to be my retirement celebration cruise! I'm buying the airfare with the cruiseline for my August cruise.
  6. I have 2 Mediterranean cruises booked. One with RCI in June out of Venice and the other with NCL in early August out of Barcelona with 2 ports in Italy. I already paid the cruise and airfare for the Rhapsody of the Seas in June. I paid for insurance but not the For any reason insurance for this one. I am wondering if something happens if that would cover my airfare since I didn't buy the insurance or airfare with RCI. I still have a month to decide if I am going to do my final payment for the NCL one but I would definitely buy the Any Reason Insurance if I decide to take this cruise .
  7. My vote is both too. It depends on the situation. My next cruise next month, the Encore, is for the ship because I have been to all those islands multiple times. The following in the summer is for the destination because Greece is part of my bucket list.This one is with RCI because they had a better price.
  8. Yes, there is a La Cucina restaurant on the Joy. We had dinner there last Christmas and it was delicious. I had the 3 day Dining Plan plus the 2 restaurants for being Platinum. I don't know if it was because of the holidays or because of the ship but we could reserve only the Q and the Teppanyaki pre cruise but it was difficult to reserve the 3 remaining restaurants on board. The restaurants were sold out. We decided to show up and ask if they had a table available. For Cagneys, we ate at the Waterfront which is not our choice but that was the only way we got it and it is our favorite restaurant. We are going on the Joy again for a 15 days Panama Canal cruise in the fall. This time we have a 5 day Dining Package plus 2 Platinum =7 restaurants and we plan to eat at the 2 restaurants that we didn't cover in December. We are going to reserve restautants as soon as we can.
  9. I had a $50 credit so it was only $5 per person. There were some things that are different like both Fat Guys dance but on the Breakaway not only he dances but he also uses hula hoops and he is very good. You cannot take pictures in the theater. But people took pictures in the Spiegel Tent. The music was very good and some people danced (Spiegel Tent). That part is better at the Breakaway but the Jewel Diva is excellent so she had her own show later during the week.
  10. Yes, it was free on the Jewel last year because it is one of the main shows in the theater for a couple of nights. I paid to see it on the Breakaway because it was a dinner show and my room mate had not seen it. I liked in both ships but the Jewel Diva (the main female singer) is the best singer I have ever seen in a cruise ship show.
  11. I saw Velvet on the Jewel and on the Breakaway last year. It is the same show but on the Breakaway it is a little different and you have to pay for it. There is a musical story with acts in between and on the Breakaway, since it is on a smaller venue, it is more sexy. There was a father with a young daughter ( about 9) beside my table and they left before the end of the show. It should be Ok for the 14 year old and it depends on how mature your kid is for the 12 year old. The music is fantastic and the acts in between are good.
  12. I was on these two ships last summer. I had 1 or 2 days in between. I liked both cruises but if you want the party boat, book the Sky.
  13. I have been on the Epic twice in a balcony cabin. The first time the bathroom situation was a little weird but I enjoyed the cruise. The second time I didn't care about that and I had an excellent cruise.
  14. I was at the same Christmas cruise as you wilmingtech. Some answers to the questions on this thread. The Joy has 2 Starbucks; one by the Atrium and one in the Observation Lounge but the Garden Cafe has a Starbucks coffee station (machine) where you can get coffee for a fee. You have to use your card for it. The casino has a smoking section surrounded by glass. I don't smoke but I thought that the machines there were better that in the other areas. The late night comedy show lines were not bad. I went twice and I found a seat. They do not compare with the Breakaway lines that were so long the 2 times that I was there last year.
  15. I have been to both ports and Barcelona also has a lot of history, art and culture. Barcelona is more convenient and Rome (Civitavecchia) is far away and more expensive .
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