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  1. I have never been on the POA (It’s on my bucket list) but I have been on several Christmas cruises and a couple of New Years ones on different cruise lines. All the ships have been very festive with decorations, gingerbread houses, holiday programs, etc. On NCL ships, I have noticed that on the mega ships that I have taken during Christmas (the EPIC and the Joy) many activities were in the Atrium which many times is too crowded. On the Dream and Pearl, the activities were more distributed in different areas of the ship, I didn’t have any problems making reservations for Specialty Dining
  2. I booked 2 cruises yesterday and my TA asked me if I wanted to apply the 10% on the most expensive one. So I think that the TAs and NCL can see them.
  3. I have sailed the Epic twice and I like it so much that I have 2 more future sailings on her. One In 2021 and one in 2022. As Linda the Book Lover said: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. I had my November Epic TA cancelled so yesterday, I booked 2 more cruises for next year in October and December. I wanted to take advantage of the Free at Sea offers and I used the FCC that I had applied on the Epic and Cruise Next Certificates.
  5. Yes but I have stayed in 8 hotels during the Pandemic and only 2 of them had the Business Center working, The other ones had a COVID 19 sign. 85 days now😀
  6. Not yet because I don’t have a printer that works with my new computer and I’ll probably have to go to the library to do it. But I made reservations for the restaurants and that was working last week.
  7. 1. Epic TA Nov. 2020 2. Conquest b2b end of Dec. 2020 3. Rhapsody of the Seas May 2021 because it was a celebration cruise that I am going to celebrate a year later🤞🏾and the b2b Encore Jan 2021if something happens but I’m also 🤞🏾.
  8. II am ready to go too. I have the Conquest at the end of December b2b. I am positive about these ones. I also have another cruise at the end of November but realist about these one due to the ports of call,
  9. Thanks for the update because I was going to book an Australia/ New Zealand cruise for the end of 2021. I hope everything goes well there and the rest of the world.
  10. I have won many prizes playing trivia, raffles etc. on different cruise lines. With RCI besides trivia, I have only won on The Navigator of the Seas from Italy: the Spa Raffle and the Internet raffle years ago. My nephew won a bingo too. I have won in the casino with Carnival and NCL and also won other prizes on these lines and Princess but I have won the most with NCL. I was on the Majesty and I think it was the penultimate voyage for that ship. They had many raffles and I entered all the ones that I found.I was traveling with my cousin and a friend and they entered those raffles too. I won a
  11. I agree with Elaine’s idea about doing a land vacation if you want to do your own excursions. I disagree with this part. If the cruise lines keep enforcing the rules, people will know that if they book a cruise they need to follow them or suffer the consequences. Yes, probably some people will be angry and say that they won’t book a cruise with Carnival or another line and some might try to break the rules but it is their option. If they book a cruise , they have to follow the rules or choose a different option like do a land vacation, stay home or stay in the s
  12. I was in an 8 day road trip in July and I stayed in 5 different hotels. The way they handled the COVID 19 situation was very different. 2 of the hotels handled it better than the rest. Surprise, the cheapest hotel handled it better and it was close to the idea of one of the posters here (Sorry but I don’t want to reread the 4 pages to get the name). Since that hotel was not offering breakfast due to COVID 19, the front desk person offered me a bedroom upgrade and told me what bedrooms had not been occupied for at least 3 days. The previous poster had an idea about having 6 days to cruise and o
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