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  1. I agree- I tipped one a litte more than normal $10 for 3 bags and he put them right on the conveyor belt outside the terminal so I saw they got right on. In terms of drinks, if someone goes to get me a drink I'll tip them, if it's at the bar then no. I'm already tipping in actuality perhaps $3 a drink to begin with if the pacakge is free and the gratuity is $120 (assuming 40 drinks for the week)
  2. On the Escape- I upgraded my 250 minutes to the premium for around $100 or so more - note they will try to upsell you on a version with streaming- to be honest I had already downed 4 dark and stormys the 1st hour so went along with it. On the Escape it opened at 2 so I went there first thing- note if you go again on cruise your login changes. Can you just cancel the social media package now beforehand? - then do the upgrade on the ship.
  3. I second that- Doug's reviews are great and he puts a lot of effort into them as well-
  4. Drink package was great- I averaged 38-42 on the last 2 cruises from what I remember. As you said in another thread- if you don't like a drink you just get something else or 2 more of the same thing you are drinking if it is good. However, training is usually a good idea before going on a cruise (i.e. a drink or two a week)
  5. Great pictures and your collection of replica cruise ships is great!
  6. I prefer to just book online- I don't like getting harrassing calls and emails from them- its really obnoxious.
  7. How much does each coffee cost- $6.95 ?
  8. Are they still offering unlimited passes for the week or did they end?
  9. I was simply trying to assist the original poster. Enjoy your evening.
  10. Hello, went last year- Bar Harbor was my favorite port- I did on NCL an excursion that was perhaps a 3 hour boat ride all along the area it was fantastic- Halifax I went to the Maritime Museum and walked along the water front. St John I went to the New Brunswick Museum which I liked, but would have liked to have done an excursion on the water- maybe I'll go back
  11. I took a nice walk on the waterfront and went to the Maritime Museum- lots of vendors along the way for food, ice cream etc... I liked Halifax a lot more than St. John
  12. Hello I went last year and you are fine using U.S. dollars- the only thing is they give you change in Canadian currency; just be sure to put a travel alert on your cards beforehand to let your issuer know you are using it there.
  13. Well said and I agree with you- I was planning on an NCL cruise that stopped in DR at Puerto Plata and even though there haven't been as many problems there I doubt I am going.
  14. True, but it doesn't mean something could happen to a cruise passenger who is not on an excursion. It is something to consider before booking.
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