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  1. I would usually see a show/play before my cruises or a concert. My tickets for the music man are now for June, 2022. Some of my favorites were The Band's Visit, It's Only a Play, a few others will come to mind. The last thing I saw was Dear Evan Hansen (won $150 in the lottery and decided to see a show vs getting more lottery!). after going to see the Eagles at MSG>. I was supposed to see Tina in May before my cruise on the NCL Encore. -My favorite NYC hotel (Times Square Hilton) closed as well. Have those of you with tickets kept them (if not cancelled)- besides th
  2. I was supposed to go on the Encore to Bermuda in May- i looked just now and it seems the ship is headed to other departure ports in the future. I would likely do Bermuda on the Bliss in '23 then. the Joy goes to Bermuda in '22 but doesn't have studios. I am potentially going to do canada/new england on the escape in '23 if I don't do the Bliss. Had I gone on the Encore, I would have paid for Vibe as Spice H20 was replaced with that laser tag. I would have done the race track- but won't people be sharing the same helmets and head coverings? I am wondering how that will work.
  3. interesting because I at times upgraded my studio to a balcony a week before- and had an aft which had the sun hitting it and someone 1 door or 2 down smoking. I preferred a mid balcony instead but it was still nice having the space. In answer to other quesitons- the Epic had a bartender in the lounge in 2011. I didn't drink on that cruise. On my last Escape I would go the mojito bar at 4 and grab a few or four and bring them to the gathering at 5.
  4. Is the Encore lounge (was supposed to go in May) similar to the Bliss lounge?
  5. I wouldn't expect them to return either- based on them cutting lox from the breakfast buffet. I am sure they will be recovering financially for awhile and will need to unfortunately eliminate some things.
  6. I purchased one once and never again because I didn't like having to call them to do the booking. I'll need to call them to put by world points back on my card- I think its another example of something they could have automated. I missed platinum plus on my sailing this year as well- I'm a little bitter anyway. I also wouldn't give them any more money right now period even for a deposit as what if something happens anyway-
  7. O Sheenan's isn't just about the food its the ambience. I ate at the bar on the Epic (didnt drink that cruise) and often people from the ship would stop by and eat or have some drinks.
  8. One of the best parts of the cruise was starting there 11:30 on day 1 with a corned beef sandwich, two dark and stormy's and my Kindle.
  9. I do not think they do, but sometimes had a prime rib night.
  10. I've always tried to parlay the night before into a show or concert and movie. I like going there throughout the year. The one time I cruised from Miami i went 2 days in advance it was great. I liked that because I felt more away than normal. I would think they need time for both people to get the vaccine and for the spread to diminish. Not even sure if my indoor arena concerts will start next November/December or wait until 2022. I'm glad NCL put up the 2022/2023 listings though this far in advance that was a good move.
  11. Yes, it is essentially a trade of debt for equity. The high within the last 5 years was around $60. I thought about getting just a few shares to hold for 12-15 years and throw in my small amount of support to a company that has provided me enjoyment over the years.
  12. Well said and I agree-in general the pricing of cruises has gone up that it should be enjoyable. I don't want to go on a ship to be kept away from people. One of the fun things is being out on a Tuesday or Wednesday night at sea vs normally sleeping etc. getting up for work early. While my Encore in May NCL base price was maybe $1300 by the time I added extras, staying in NYC one night, etc. it was more than double the cost. I've accepted the fact it might be 2023 for me
  13. I do better on a cruise when I am around people. Sometimes I might do my own thing during the day but from dinner on prefer eating and socializing with people. I am going to mention to my friends I am going next time instead of having a tunnel vision like I often do. However, at this point I am not planning a return until 2023
  14. I also read that people might not have a choice as to what vaccine they receive. However, even though I might book a studio or book solo I am going to let my friends who i haven't been able to see let know I will be planning something maybe. I looked at a 6/18/23 Bliss from NYC to Bermuda and Studios start at $1,697 much higher than in the past and a 9/17/23 Escape from NYC to Canada starting at $1,397- *However they were giving all promos vs just 1. However, I am sure prices will rise over time. It would be smart for them to do $1 deposits again as I booked 3 I never took
  15. @zdcatc12, thank you for participating in the study- you are true hero in my book,
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