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  1. I am now considering March 2023 8 night from NYC vs the Seattle/Alaska. Have never been on a 8 nighter and it will be a good way of getting my feet wet again and I like GSC .
  2. My friend Dave from Dayton does the same thing- he actually has his lawyer wire the money to the purser (tips him as well) and has his butler send the fax.
  3. I am going to note this and do on my next cruise! 🙂
  4. I am supposed to return to NYC for some concerts in 4 weeks hopefully but will wear masks on the train going there and the events- if they happen. My return cruise will probably be my normal NYC to Bermuda vs. flying to Seattle and doing Alaska. However, they closed our bus station so I'll likely just do Amtrak or NJ Transiit and take a longer uber.
  5. I think for me personally it will be worth the stress by mid-2023. (had other things planned in 2022 beforehand). However- even before this I had gotten sick on my last 2 cruises in 2018, one from UBP+lack of sleep one from temperature changes and perhaps eating at a table with some solos who had colds.
  6. Is this just for Europe? I am OCD and carry mine with me when getting off the boat in Bermuda or Caribbean- however I did get the passport card so used that the last few cruises and left the passport in the safe. Wonderful, something else to be worried about in addition to testing and not being able to get on the boat. GSC here I come!!
  7. I had brandy and Pepsi on the Escape at Tobacco Road. The bartender said "stop ruining my Pepsi!" Then I went back to Woodford Reserve as it was in some gambling movie I liked.
  8. I loved deck 10 because it had the 2 deck buffer I believe between everything- stayed in the center. I am sorry OP I can't answer your question about the ones you mentioned, but did nicely on deck 10;
  9. I saw it on the Breakaway in 2014 on my actual birthday. I don't remember anything about the food or the show itself. I thought it was interactive at first. Since I didn't think it was enough wine for someone's birthday, I simply grabbed all the glasses I could and downed them (they weren't going ask them back.) Then I showed them my ID and said because it was my birthday Mike said I could have some extra. If you have the UBP I don't know if I would go, but this was pre UBP days
  10. That's exactly my fear for even 2 years from now- I would be doing PHL to Seattle. I actually haven't flown in 10 years since my Epic cruise to Miami- I've been cruising only from NYC as I enjoyed the Breakaway and Escape. BTW- fond memories of spending time with my grandparents in Montco in the 70's-80's.
  11. Now I am considering just going to NYC for my first cruise back
  12. Yes, I wonder- and I am not going for 2 years- what if I fly all the way out there, spend 2 or 3 nights in Seattle and then can't board. Will NCL help me switch my flight back?
  13. Will they still be doing temperature checks as well? Will people test before dropping their bags at the porters? In NYC it was drop the bags with the porters, then enter the terminal. So would this be the same order? If they do not accept someone on the ship, they will need to track down their luggage and return it to them. Also, what happens with the persons return flight if they have one? Assume their original ticket would be for 8-9 days later- also would they need to get tested to board a flight? (I assume not but was just asking)
  14. I had a good one from 2011-2013 but then around 2014 or whenever I wanted to upgrade to a balcony and they didn't know how to do it so tried to talk me out of it so I just called back. I prefer to use the website only, and only call when I am upgrading a week before.
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