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  1. I would agree with you- I think we are going to see the same pattern in other states where people just can't stay in. I feel as though it is come down to a choice between physical and mental health as well as the economy. I went to drop my car off for routine matinenacne (6 months I had to go sometime) and was appalled at the people not wearing masks.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that- and think that will occur in other places as well. Some governors seem under pressure even though they know it won't be a good idea.
  3. Can they put the points back on your credit card?
  4. THey changed it- despite all the games NCL plays and all the nickel and diming I'm really upset today I missed my Encore cruise and am looking at 2022 cruises. That being said- what will they do for things such as the pool area, vibe and race track? How would they limit people there?
  5. Same with me- I usually take a bus to NYC and stay over the day before. It could be a few years for me.
  6. They would still need a large amount of staff; so in turn prices would be higher. I would hope buffets come back some day. Taking your burger outside is one of the best parts of a cruise; sitting inside in a MDR for 2 hours during lunch isnt for everyone.
  7. I'd rather be safe and wait a bit- the cruise combination of week/ship/port I was supposed to be on isn't offered the next 2 years anyway.
  8. If you used worldpoints from the NCL mastercard for any discount or amenity, will they get returned to your account or would you need to call?
  9. I was supposed to go this Sunday- I was looking forward to it even though there was no Howl At The Moon or Spice H20. I was looking forward to the go carts- but would I really want to wear a mask and helmet that was just recently worn by someone? For those of you that went on this and the Escape, how did they compare? I'd still like to make it onto the Encore- sunday will be a dissapointment for me.
  10. If I am able to go again- NCL or nothing. I enjoyed my time on their ships, they always let me play piano with various groups. I did get sick on my last two cruises and I am going to take repsonsibility for that- UBP + lack of sleep + UBP + changes in weather. Although I don't agree with how they handled certain things the last few years- this current situation wasn't their fault.
  11. amen to that- Kevin Sheenan seemed to love cruising . bad karma was when del rio said "Our customers spend money on board like there is no tomorrow"- My DSC had risen twice since my booking but they were nice enough to say I could prepay at the 2nd price vs. paying the 3rd. Oh well its all Karma. Although i respect the fact he has a business run, there is something to be said about treating your current customers okay.
  12. Although I have been very frustrated with them in the past- I realized we are all in this together. None of this is their fault I telll myself. Today i was looking at 2022 cruises for a milestone birthday. Although to be honest I'd be more comfortable not until then. I was supposed to sail in 2 weeks so I am getting a little sad every day about the cancellation.
  13. They are very nice. My cancellation form isn't available yet, but they offered me a future credit via email which was what I paid them minus the insurance. I guess they would like to keep that and maybe the world points why they are at it.
  14. Why cant they just cancel a May 17th cruise! They know it wont happen!!!!
  15. I'm booked for the same day- its annoying that they can't just let it go . I really don't think I'll go on NCL again after all this and I did like them
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