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  1. You should be!. Please tell them that there are people that appreciate their selfless actions. We came home Feb. 19 after traveling since the first week of December and haven't touched our only granddaughter(turning 8 this week!) since then. She is an only child and she is afraid to make her Oma and Opa sick. I hate that she is living with this burden, but I would hate, even worse, that she would spend her lifetime thinking her actions had caused one or both of her grandparents to lose their life or be very, very sick and on a ventilator for weeks. We've never been luck
  2. Wow! That brought tears to my eyes. He has been taught well and he's learned well, also. Thank your grandsons and your DSIL and DD for me. The only way senors with health conditions will be able to live a semi-normal life in the pandemic days, will be because of people like them. I appreciate their efforts for my health.
  3. The economy has always recovered. The dead, never have.
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