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  1. hit the wrong number in my 1st post. Crown was typing that night
  2. We have already had 3 cancellations and waiting on refunds. Now we have 2 scheduled for July and September. Just wait game on those 2 now. We have no plans on rebooking anytime soon. We won’t lose any money unless the last 2 don’t cancel.
  3. I have decided to give up on rebooking till cruises actually start sailing. I’m sick and tired of the obc bait to rebook. We have had 7 cruises canceled. $4500 is tied up right now. We will book a cruise after carnival actually starts to sail without restrictions, if that ever happens
  4. I looked at my offers today and there was a new offer. Half moon cay offer. Will this be the new start to getting back to cruising. Short cruises to half moon cay
  5. We booked a balcony cabin on the horizon for sept using the ru2 code. Without the code it was $1595.48. Using ru2 price went up to $1805. I think its a great offer for another $210. We spend well over $300 -400 buying per drink,sodas and coffee on each cruise
  6. Cant check mine. Have an 8 day for Oct 9th. 8 days are not showing up anymore
  7. Yeah I’m thinking the same way. Just gonna let carnival have my $1600 loan till cruising resumes. 3rd cruise cancelled for me. Tired being in limbo waiting to book air, hotel whatever. Just nice having something booked to look forward too. Really hope cruising resumes before the lines go bankrupt.
  8. If my breeze October 18th is cancelled. I wonder how safe rebooking for July breeze will be. Also $600obc
  9. I hope carnival make the announcement soon. I’m ready to make alternate plans. Thinking of still flying to fll and renting a car and driving to key west. I have a nice corvette convertible ready to rent if they cancel. Wife has always wanted to drive to key west.
  10. Yeah cleaning all data and cookies didn’t work. Still showing October cruises not able to book.
  11. I just did mock bookings for several oct cruise on carnival. The site wouldn’t let me book anything for oct. wonder when they will announce cancellations for October cruises,
  12. How do I see what John heald has to say so I can keep up with this cruise?
  13. We are scheduled to sail on the breeze in October. All 3 ports that we are visiting has travel restrictions for us travelers. I have no doubt that the cruise will be canceled. How can carnival continue to sell this cruise knowing that there is no ports to dock at with the current itinerary
  14. It looks like the breeze 10/18/20 is still a go. Really thought carnival would cancel this cruise. Is the breeze the only ship sailing in 2020
  15. No facts that the cruise lines won’t sail. But if the are willingly selling cruises that THEY know will not sell is shady
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