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  1. No, sorry I have not received any further information about this cabin. My friend ended up not booking that cruise anyway so for them it became a moot point! Good luck! I hope you find out something favorable!
  2. Here's a better photo I found of the cabin I am referring to. See how the bed is stuck between those bump outs on the wall? The night stands are sitting in front of the bump outs and the mattresses are between the bump outs. So, to my eyes, it appears that the mattresses cannot be slid apart to make room for the nightstand in between. That is my concern! I would be booking the cabin for someone who wants twin beds only, so don't want to assume that it can be done and have them find out once onboard that it cannot! :eek: Sometimes there will be a written "disclaimer" stating that the bed is only available in the queen configuration but I did not find any mention with this cabin that the beds cannot be separated. I just can't see how they would do it though, based on the photo.
  3. Can these beds be separated to make 2 twins? All the photos I have seen have the "queen" configuration and it appears that the mattresses are "wedged" between some sort of bump-outs on both sides. Hence it would appear that they cannot be separated to form 2 twin beds. However, there is no mention of this restriction anywhere. Has anyone been in either of these cabins on any Freedom-class ship and had twin beds? (Freedom, Liberty, Independence) Thank you!
  4. Bonnie Voyager

    Pride of America

    We were in a fantastic aft balcony but still found the best view of the lava flow and the Napoli Coast was from the promenade deck [emoji3] We ran back to our aft balcony afterwards to get a longer view though! Win/win! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Bonnie Voyager

    Pride of America

    It was on the starboard side a couple of weeks ago. And the lava flow was big and bright that night! The best place to watch was on the starboard side on the outdoor promenade deck (deck 6). There was a broadcasted narration out there about the volcano and a few of the bar staff members were going around selling a cute drink in light-up cups to enhance the occasion. It was fun and I was glad that we watched from there versus from our own balcony.
  6. Bonnie Voyager

    On Equinox now... What do you want to know?

    OMG!!!! I hope this is true! I LOVE Richard Spacey! I too have sailed with him multiple times on Royal Caribbean. I would be thrilled if he was the CD on Equinox when we sail in August! I usually don't think twice about who is the Cruise Director...but Richard Spacey is a "show" worth seeing! Ha ha! I'm sure he has toned down his silliness for Celebrity though! Oh please let him be there in August! :hearteyes:
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    Off topic from fashion.......

    Yes, it's true, "getting old totally sucks"...but it sure beats NOT getting old! ;) Ha ha! :D
  8. Bonnie Voyager

    Off topic from fashion.......

    Oh dear! So sorry to hear this Lois! The surprises just keep on coming it seems! Hang in there though! Just keep addressing the issues as you find them! The good news is that you ARE diligent in staying on top of these health concerns and not ignoring them. You are catching things early so you can manage them! Stay strong and keep on cruising girlfriend! :)
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    Off topic from fashion.......

    I think it is the 13th.
  10. Bonnie Voyager

    Off topic from fashion.......

    No Lois, I have not looked into doing a WINDSTAR cruise as of yet. But, I have seen their ships in various ports and I think they are visually quite beautiful to look at! I can only imagine that it would be a very special experience for sure! I will look forward to finding out what you think! :)
  11. Bonnie Voyager

    Off topic from fashion.......

    "Happy New Year" to you too Lois! That is fantastic news that your meds are working and you will be cruising soon! Have a great time on Reflection! Next up for me is a couple weeks in Hawaii with my husband, celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary (in April). We are including a 7-day Hawaii cruise (Pride of America) in the middle of our land vacation! Then, in August, I'll be sailing on Equinox with my other favorite travel companion, my mother-in-law! 2017 is shaping up to be a good year! Here's wishing you continued good health and smooth seas! :D
  12. Wow! Thanks Hoopster! I'm pretty sure I had nothing (or less than nothing) to do with the change of events here, but I greatly appreciate your vote of confidence...you just made me feel like a ROCK STAR! :D Woo hoo! Congrats Patrioticgirl!
  13. Back when this happened to me, they had not "upgraded" their website to include these options at the time. So bottom line...no, there was nothing that told them NOT to move me. So, perhaps you will be spared this agony. But do let me say one more time...to anyone who has this unfortunate situation occur...don't let it ruin your cruise! I thought my world was ending at the time and now I can't even remember which ship it happened on! ;) And while I may not have had the cruise experience I thought I was going to have, the experience I did have ended up being awesome. :D Otherwise I would remember which ship it was where I lost my primo aft cabin! ;)
  14. I thought that was you! For fun, I just went back and re-read our Serenade Roll Call Thread from that 2008 cruise! Great memories of a great cruise! :D
  15. I also understand...I too had booked a deck 7 aft/corner cabin with 2 passengers (18 months in advance) because it was listed as being an available choice for me! Less than a week prior to sailing I also noticed that they had moved me. Same scenario too! They said I was "upgraded"...to a standard category D side balcony. And they admitted they had already filled my primo aft cabin presumably with 3 passengers, and there was no recourse for me. Ship was full, and I got what I got! Like you, I went through all 5 stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately...acceptance. Yes, I did eventually just accept things as they were, took the lemon they had handed me and made lemonade...and ended up having a superb cruise. Once onboard, I can't say that I ever even thought about my former cabin. (Okay, maybe a little) But, bottom line, go ahead a grieve your loss of that primo cabin, you need to do that...but in the end don't let this situation turn your cruise into a lemon! ;) Move forward and have a great cruise! :)