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  1. Its posts like this that worry me. I cancelled on 25th March and as at 12th May no sign of a refund., so an extra 3 weeks wait and still no money They cruise was all paid for in January so there is a large balance owing. No real communication from Celebrity other than its being processed. Does anyone know if Celebrity have any kind of system for refunds?
  2. The longer this goes on the more likely that some, if not a lot of holiday companies will go bust. So I personally would like my money back, not wait for almost seven weeks with little or no communication from Celebrity. and no sign of a refund. The other point to bear in mind is that certainly in the UK (not sure if it is the same in the US) is that we can apply for a chargeback through our credit card company. However in order to do so you have to provide evidence that you have actively tried to get your money back from the company concerned. This would include copies of emails,
  3. Well it would help if they had some decent communication. I cancelled via a link in their email but didn't have a confirmation email, so had to try and contact them to check that they had received it. The initial email said a refund in 30 days. I waited 30 days but no refund so tried to contact again. They then said 40 days for refund, but yes you've guessed no refund after 40 days. No further communication no answering of phones. Yet some people have received a refund in 2 - 3 weeks according to these boards including some people who cancelled after me. Can you re
  4. Patience might be a virtue but it doesn't pay the bills when you have been made redundant. Seven weeks and waiting
  5. So it appears that preference is given to cruisers from the USA despite the fact that British cruisers have to pay more for their cruises. I have tried to phone (a premium rate number) 15 times, hanging on for hours no reply. No reply to emails or twitter. So you had your refund 20 days ago and I am still waiting. It appears we have very different experiences
  6. Sorry but I think you have this wrong. They SAY you can have a 100% refund but are not actually paying out. Phone calls and emails go unanswered and no money returned. I think they are in bigger trouble than they like to admit.
  7. How the hell did you manage that? I have phoned, emailed and been on twitter and still no sign of my money for a cruise they cancelled.
  8. Thank you for everyone who replied. Finally managed to contact Celebrity and a refund is pending, however apparently they cannot give me an exact date. They didn't seem to know what the cancellation charge was for, but hopefully as other posters have said this is something that is automatically produced when a cancellation is applied to your account.
  9. Yes this is exactly what I am saying but cannot get any sense from Celebrity. I am beginning to think they are in financial difficulties
  10. I have been sent an invoice which shows the total cost of the cruise (which has all been paid). There is then a line saying 90% cancellation charge and a deduction of 90% of the payment. So showing a refund of 10%
  11. We had a cruise booked for May 2020 which was cancelled by Celebrity on March 25th. Along with everyone else we were given the opportunity to have a 125% FCC or a full refund in 30 days and we went for the refund. After 30 days no refund ,so I queried this and was told it would be 45 days, which is understandable given the current crisis. However the 45 days have passed and we have now been told it will be another 10 days. The thing that is concerning me most is that we have received an email showing we have to pay a 90% cancellation charge when Celebrity cancelled
  12. Go for it! You only live once and there are worse places to be stuck than the western caribbean
  13. Thanks to everyone who replied I have phoned and emailed Celebrity, still no joy, no reply to email and cant get through on the phone. No I'm not relaxed about this as I can not only see someone else's cruise, I can also see all of their personal details, so I assume that they can also see mine. Not sure of the data protection rules in USA, but here in the UK they could be fined.
  14. Just logged into my Celebrity account to pay my balance and the planner is showing two cruises! One is the cruise booked for my husband and I, the other is for a different cruise booked in two different names. I have been desperately looking for an email/UK contact number for Celebrity but the ones on my confirmation (sent two weeks ago) aren't valid . Anyone got any ideas? Is this a normal thing with Celebrity seems like a data breach to me. If you have a cruise to the Caribbean in September and your surname begins with G it appears we have your cruise information.
  15. Sorry but am I the only one who is surprised at people from the USA worrying about pickpockets in Europe? According to the news we get, you are more likely to get shot in the USA than have your purse stolen in Europe. See how new media can create mass hysteria?
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