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  1. Only $200 per person difference? Lets hope Celebrity decides the all inclusive model will not work on their large ship/passengers fleet. Honestly a drink package and WiFi has no real appeal for me when comparing a substantial increase in the cruise fare. It's not like it's free, now it's priced into your fare. If it wasn't for my cruise credits I would be booking with an alternative cruise line. Guess time will tell if this model is adopted by them long term.
  2. True. They cancelled my first week of November cruise already.
  3. I will just throw this one out there. Can the cruise lines not test passengers prior to embarkation on their ships. This then solves all the problems with social distancing, masks, half full ships etc.. Of coarse the question is? How the heck are they going to do that on embarkation day? Simple.....move up the embarkation day by 24hrs. You don't start your cruise holiday at the pier, you start it at a pre-selected hotel(s) the day before your cruise. I'm going to assume that there are private labs out there that could process these tests within 24hrs? Therefore, when everyone does joi
  4. Finally my dispute I filed with my credit card company in mid April was credited back today from a March 18th cruise cancelled by HAL. I'm sure it is a nightmare at HAL trying to figure out cash refunds, FCC and then these credit card disputes. Note to HAL...jerking around your customers has consequences. Not only has your failure to communicate with your customers caused what I assume is a big accounting headache, you have also lost my loyalty and trust.
  5. Happen to me during SARS. Refused boarding in Hawaii because of 99 Degree temperature. It's a long complicated story but the bottom line I was refunded for the cruise, they paid hotels charges and transportation and flown home. Now this was 2003. Also prior to the shutdown we had many conditions on a cruise to depart out of Dubai in early March. (that never went) Basically, Celebrity said those that did not pass the medical checks would be denied boarding and refunded.
  6. March 14th was the shut down date. So if true and it appears it is, HAL has been lying to their clients about refunds being processed over this time period. WOW......This exposes this corporations vile disregard for there customers.
  7. Received refund yesterday from May 11th cruise cancellation. (Cruise, Tax, Pre Paid Gratuities) No sign of Flights by Celebrity refund yet.
  8. HAL lost my business FOREVER over their inability to refund or even communicate with their clients for cancelling. I filed a dispute with my Credit Card issuer and am awaiting my money back. It's mind boggling that anyone would book a future cruise when all the major operators are cancelling sailings after final payments are due and then dragging their feet on refunds. If and when they do resume service it might be with empty ships.
  9. A little shocked to see Norwegian talking openly about bankruptcy. Basically a way of reorganising debt and still operating. If you have nothing in writing about accepting a F.C.C. (which I'm sure you don't) I would just file a dispute with your credit card immediately. For sure, those future cruise credits will be worthless.
  10. We are booked on the Eurodam Nov 1 - 8 for a chartered cruise (Malt Shop Memories Music Cruise) Not sure what the Oct 25th charter is.
  11. I got fed up with being jerked around by HAL on a cruise that has now come and gone. This week put in a dispute with VISA and am awaiting a refund. This experience has lost them a customer and I'm voting with my feet (anyone but HAL) Looks good on them to have a merchant charge reversed for being a holes.
  12. So Carnival (just by example) did 21 Billion in sales last year with a net income of 3 Billion. So that's 1.75 Billion in lost sales if they are closed down for a month. Sorry, but if they make 3 Billion in profits then they should easily ride out the shutdown. Not even taking into account (Fuel, Food, Wage savings) It will just be a bad year not a extinction level event. NO BAILOUT REQUIRED
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