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  1. That makes perfect sense. We never take advantage of the 3rd-4th person free -- it really only benefits families with kids -- hard to squeeze four adults into most cabins -- comfortably, that is. But, even if they don't give OBC or whatever ----- I'm happy to see the end of the junk pins.
  2. We can certainly agree to disagree! I see so few people wearing their pins and medallions, that I am guessing they don't care that much about them. I'm basing my guess about how people feel about getting them from numerous conversations we have had onboard with others. I still think most people would happily give up cheap pins if a new perk was introduced instead -- whether it be a bit of OBC or another benefit.
  3. There are no guests allowed for breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill --- whether they are family members, traveling in another cabin with you, etc.
  4. I might be in the minority (but I don't really think so) but I'm all for scrapping the pins and medallions. Most people throw them away right after receiving them. I'd much rather see more benefits at each level than souvenirs that mean nothing to me.
  5. People complain already about having to bring dressy clothes (airline limitations, etc.) so I can't imagine people wanting to bring theme related clothing/items!
  6. We tried this twice on the Eurodam last month and were disappointed both times. It is Faaaar from "candied". And the consistency was much like beef jerky. Great idea, poor execution … in our experience, at any rate.
  7. This is correct. She will be all set for the dining room! Enjoy!
  8. But there is a venue for bridge set aside just about every day. HAL just doesn't organize it.
  9. My Canadian friend and I went to Cuba on the Veendam last year and I am still hearing about the fact that HAL made her pay $75 for a visa that is not necessary for Canadian residents. We took a ship's tour because I was nervous about being in compliance with OFAC (and whether they would let us off the ship). This year another friend and I went to Cuba on a different line and even though they hounded (threatened) us with the possibility of OFAC audits, we walked off the ship and did an independent tour. I guess we are supposed to wait for a knock on our door any time in the next five years to check out our people to people paperwork.
  10. I'm sorry!!!!! You are right! The Retreat Cabanas are a waste of space and a waste of time. I cannot recommend them to anyone! LOL
  11. There is a room and time for bridge but you are on your own for a partner.
  12. Do not miss Lincoln Center Stage when you are onboard. There are five musicians -- four strings and a piano. Their music selections range from strict classical to movie themes. Only half hour concerts, so they are easy to "pop into" when they are playing (six days a week, three concerts a day).
  13. I always get a kick out of these negative comments regarding cabanas made by people who have never experienced a cruise while using them! We love the cabanas and really don't care to sail on a ship without them, now that we have been spoiled. One-upmanship? HAHAHAHAHA No one on the ship knows that we have a cabana, so I don't know where the one-upmanship comes in! My husband loves to relax and read while cruising, but the balcony is so isolating. This way we have "neighbors" if we choose to chat with them (have made some wonderful friendships this way) and we have wonderful stewards who will bring us a burger from the Dive In, drinks or anything we would like for lunch from the Lido. Sparkling wine and strawberries are served every afternoon, along with ice cold bottled water. For us it is well worth the money. I enjoy going to trivia or hitting the casino on sea days. I always know where to go to re-connect with my husband. Same for him …. if he wants to go down to the Lido pool area and enjoy the hot tub, he knows he can catch up with me in the cabana. But please continue to disparage the cabanas …… we want to make sure they are available when we want to cruise! (By the way, "taking a look" at the Cabana area does not let you know if a certain number of cabanas are in use at any given time. People often wander in and out during the day and, unless you walked through the entire area -- which, of course, you shouldn't -- you can't see all of the cabanas in the Retreat. Just sayin'.)
  14. In Aruba, there is a great restaurant with a unique experience of serving your dinner while you lounge on a bed! Check out The Screaming Eagle. It is much more elegant than the name suggests! A one of a kind experience and great food and service, too!
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