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  1. There isn't as much difference between the HAL Vista and larger classes as there is between the Grand and Royal Princess classes of ships. Princess has one more pool, and far more activities. It is better suited for families with kids. But I agree that service, food and actual cabins were much nicer on HAL.
  2. I imagine that at least until Covid effectively disappears, we'd also have to wear masks while getting the buffet food and stand at least 3 fee apart. They may have to open the MDR for lunch even on port days to accommodate all the protocols. But on the plus side, there probably be fewer Noro outbreaks as well post-Covid.
  3. Not sure my travelling partner would want to ride a horse and not get to shower before a 12-hour flight. But other than that, it sounds like a very interesting and unique excursion.
  4. According to an executive from AOV in a recent blog post, pro photographer Michel Verdure will be onboard the Antarctic sailings. https://myfamilytravels.com/antarctica-cruise-top-adventure/ He's a very famous photographer who has been hired by all the cruise lines to take photos of their ships and activities. He was profiled last May on the Wall Street Journal. That article is behind a paywall but here is that link too. https://www.wsj.com/articles/cruise-ship-photographers-once-in-a-lifetime-shot-anchors-just-out-of-reach-11589379290?fbclid=IwAR1DWVDK_v2oj
  5. I'm booked on the January 6 sailing as well. Very excited for this trip and looking forward to finding out all the travel arrangements Atlas will be planning for us. The website seems to be down at the moment, hopefully they're uploading new content!
  6. Found a good site that charts vaccines administered per 100 people (can have more than 100 since it counts someone who got 2 vaccine doses as 2. But good picture of relative progress between a few countries in the Caribbean with some noteworthy countries/EU. I tried to include Bahamas but I don't think they have the vaccination data available.
  7. I am a regular reader on this website below, there was an article yesterday about mysterious "drones" spotted by at least 3 modern US Navy destroyers on July 14 - 15, 2019 near the coast of California. There was an interesting piece of one of the ship's log concerning the Carnival Imagination, who also responded to a radio call about the drones: "Meanwhile, the USS Rafael Peralta received a radio call from a passing cruise ship, the Carnival Imagination, notifying them that the drones are not theirs, and that they also see as many as five or six drones maneuvering nearby:"
  8. I'm also booked on that cruise. I booked my flights through flight ease but do have some issues right now with the flight reservation not showing my air credit. Even if the cruise is a go, one big unknown is whether there will be a "travel bubble" required straight from the airport to the ship. My original flight actually is to CDG to spend a few days in France first, which is unlikely at this point.
  9. I did a deep dive into possible Portuguese airlines to charter, due to strong parent company's ties with Portugal. Minimum business class seats is 20, most likely at least 24 since there are 10 suites on the ship. Findings from wikipedia: TAP Air Portugal - Older A330-200s with 24 business class, 239-244 economy. Very unlikely to use their new A330-900s with 34 lie-flat business and 96/168 econ comfort/standard economy. Economy seat pitch 32-33 inches on the older plane and 31 on the A-330, with econ comfort at 34 inches. EuroAtlantic Airways - Supposed to get 2 Boei
  10. Given that there are several Dutch territories in the Caribbean, and HAL is the only main cruise line with Dutch flagged ships, it should be a good match to sail from Caribbean ports. But I guess Carnival Corp/ HAL hasn't worked out the logistical side of how to resupply and refuel their ships. Also, HAL traditionally isn't as competitive in the Caribbean market, so not sure they can operate profitably under such arrangements.
  11. Atlas' charter will be a widebody from Orlando non-stop to Ushuaia. Given the distance, it'll most likely be a Boeing 787 or Airbus 330 or 350 jet.
  12. Free laundry may not be set in stone, but only because of COVID-related environment and rules. What I do know is that there are no "formal nights" on the cruise line, it's more of a country-club casual vibe. So no need to bring formal attire unless you want to.
  13. The Atlas Voyage website has the list of excursions and pricing details. You'll have to click on the brochures and pdfs available on this page: https://atlasoceanvoyages.com/destination/connecting-european-and-caribbean-islands/ More info on the Atlas all-inclusive items. Airfare should be included. https://atlasoceanvoyages.com/all-inclusive-all-the-way/
  14. I love what Atlas Voyages has presented so far online, and have booked a January 6 Antarctic sailing. While I understand specific details on Antarctica like flight arrangements and shore experiences are not yet available, around when would we see an update to the general website about onboard experience? The website's blog and shore excursions brochures are nicely done, please keep up with the good work!
  15. IF Greece is able to open up, it's likely Turkey and Croatia will as well. So Eastern Med cruises from Piraeus will be doable.
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