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  1. That's surprising, we had her as our photographer for our wedding and we felt she did a very good job, and was quite accommodating
  2. Was Wilma a very petite Filipino girl, with very large glasses?
  3. I just looked at the current stuff they have listed on their website, and it is still different from what we paid. I can try and find the documents and post it if anyone wants, but again, I think its out of date. We felt the same way about providing alcohol. If they wanted to buy it, then that was fine and on them, but we weren't comfortable with the open bar ( people will drink wayyyyy more) and having people drive home.
  4. Yes they can, they just use their credit cards.
  5. The problem with outside shots is, that the ship will have already set sail, so it's windy and there are people out and about. My favorite shots came from the steakhouse and red frog pub. I can post a couple of those if you'd like. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Forums mobile app
  6. The pride is one of my favorite ships. I'm sure your wedding will be amazing. Shortly after we got married, carnival changed their wedding packages to what they are now, so unfortunately my information for that will be out dated. We did get some outside shots I'll post them a little later. It's a bit of a pain to upload images on this site lol Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Forums mobile app
  7. Congratulations, it sounds like you guys managed to have a good time even if there were some hiccups! Just a quick question here, did they give you a choice of venue that included an outdoor option on one of the upper decks or were all of the venues indoor? -Thank you, we had an amazing time. At the time we got married all venues were indoor. I'm not sure if there are open deck options are available or not.
  8. Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? -No, we can't really think of anything we'd have changed. You do have to understand that you do have to give up a certain amount of control over things with the constraints of doing it on a ship, and the stream lined nature of it. We are simple people and very easy going, so we were fine with it. Any tips for new brides? (Getting Married on the Horizon in October 2018) -I'm her husband, but she asked if you had anything in particular you'd like to know? Is there anything you wish you had done? - Again, with how the wedding is streamlined (but in no way rushed), there aren't a whole lot of things you can or can't do. Actually that makes it sound kind of bad, there are plenty of options, but we had the ceremony and reception we wanted. I can’t find many reviews about being married on the ship while docked in port. So other questions you may not be able to answer. But any tips are very much appreciated! -Take a tour if you are able. You get 1 free and then can do a second for $50 I believe. You'll see the venues, meet 1 or more wedding planners, and possibly the officiant. You will get a great idea of how things go, and see the rooms potentially set up. If you are able to do these tours, I would suggest the first you go as a couple, and the second take your best man/ maid of honor (only 4 people are allowed to go). -Ask about parking for nonsailing guests. The location of the lot at port Canaveral is not labeled and a bit of a pain to find. -If you are wanting to stay separate on your wedding day, let them know asap. It can be a pain, but they will do it. They had us all in the preboarding lounge, and when she arrived, they basically sat me facing a wall. It was pretty funny lol. -If you have other sailing guests (we didn't) they can have 1 or 2 cabins ready for you on top of yours. This is great because it will give your groom(smen) somewhere to get ready. I had to arrive in my tux fully ready since no one else was sailing with us. -Pictures are negotiable, don't feel like you have to buy the very expensive prices that the brochure lists. -I'd suggest letting your guests know not to bring gifts, outside of cards with cash or gift cards, because it will slow things down a lot, and adds a ton of crap you may have to try and take off the ship. I can't think of much else right, now but feel free to ask anything specific you might think of.
  9. Dinner is included at any specialty restaurant on the ship, you just let the coordinator know, and they will set it up for you. This is accurate as of Dec 2017.
  10. So what numbers are you looking for exactly? We sailed with 45 non sailing guests. We were on the Carnival Magic, however, the wedding prices have slightly changed since we got married (last December). What parts are confusing you?
  11. I hope your wedding went without a hitch, and congratulations to you both!
  12. So the green line is how you come into the Port, the red outlined lot is the employee parking Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Forums mobile app
  13. Oops, I thought it went down to Miami already. Sorry! Gina was our coordinator, and she was fantastic. There were a few times it took her a day or two to get back to us, but usually she was very prompt.
  14. We're getting married on the Magic on May 26. First of all, congratulations, and I hope your day goes on without a hitch. Hopefully Joanna is still the group coordinator on the ship (she was amazing). I forgot her name but our photographer was a very short young lady, who also did an amazing job. I think it might have been Christine. Also, I just noticed you were engaged on the magic, and you're getting married a year after the engagement. We basically did the exact same thing, but it was 1 day short of a year. I was wondering, where is the parking located for non-sailing guests? You mentioned it was hard to find. So, when we got married, the Magic was still in Port Canaveral, so unfortunately I can't help you here. At PC they parked in the unmarked Employee parking lot. Did non-sailing guests have to pay to park? At PC no, they did not. I can only assume its the same in Miami. I would call the wedding experience, or maybe Carnival's Miami terminal and ask? How did they manage to keep you and the bride from seeing each other before the ceremony during check in and boarding? So this one was kind of funny. I got to the terminal very early, so I could help out the non-sailing and non experienced guests figure out the flow. We were lucky that day in that the ship got cleared very early (we were on board by like 10:30 at the latest). At port Canaveral, they move the priority guests upstairs shortly before boarding. At first they weren't aware that we didn't want to see each other (we were told it would nearly be impossible), but a quick thinking employee grabbed an empty chair and put me in a corner facing the wall. I felt like I was in timeout, but it worked, because as soon as she boarded, they escorted her to the cabin, and I roamed the ship. Sorry for the wall of text there. How long did you have to wait to board after everyone was checked in? I know it varies depending on when the ship is cleared. We didn't wait very long at all. Once everything is cleared, I believe you board after diamond and plat, but it might even be before them. My memory is a little hazy on that right now. Do they take pictures after the ceremony of the wedding party, before the reception starts? Yes, after the ceremony, she got pics with the wedding party, parents, family, all the men, all the women etc. How much time is there between the ending of the ceremony and the beginning of the reception? After the pictures they send everyone to where the reception will be. We stayed back to hammer out the first dances and all that. Took a quick walk down and we were there. If I had to guess, maybe 30-45 min, but most of that was pictures. I know I have a lot of questions, but with my wedding only a couple of weeks away, I'm getting really excited and really anxious!;p Keep them coming, I'd love to put your mind at ease with anything possible. Its a whirlwind of an experience, and it is over before you know it, but it was amazing, and we were treated like royalty during the whole process. While you're still in your dress and going to muster or to the various locations for pictures, get ready to be tired of saying thank you. We must have got 500 congratulations, and she got about 500 more omg you're so beautiful.
  15. Nancy, thanks for the kind words. I believe someone answered your question better than I could have before me. Have a great day, and feel free to ask anything else.
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