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  1. I'm currently on the Rotterdam (17 day Panama Canal) in a lanai. The lower promenade deck was only partially closed for one day, and only for a few hours. There has been the usual painting and varnishing going on, and one bit of work on something up near the lifeboats that involved a bit of banging but no grinding. It's mostly been quite peaceful - hope your voyage will be the same.
  2. I can attest it definitely works for shore excursions.
  3. Same here, I had no idea of my immune status. Since there have been reports this year of measles outbreaks in airports, I decided to get the MMR titer test last month. Insurance covered all of it (rare for my insurance, just sayin') and I received the results in a few days. I now have an electronic version of the report I can "carry" with me at all times. If you have a printed copy, I suppose you could take a picture of it on your phone so you'll always have it with you. Hopefully the port authorities would accept that?
  4. Thank you all very much! I'll plan on checking on board for any additional specials, then book accordingly.
  5. Argh. That should be "FCDs" not "FCCs." I'm still learning all this lingo!
  6. We have some FCCs we purchased a couple years ago. We're going on a Panama Canal cruise at the end of December, and I am looking at an Alaska cruise for 2021 that I was thinking of booking onboard to get the reduced deposit and OBC. However, in doing some searching in this forum, it looks like I can get the same reduced deposit and OBC as booking on board if I use the FCCs and the ZPM code within 60 days of returning from our Panama Canal cruise. All things being equal I'd prefer to book at home than on the ship (more time to do research, no sales pressure etc.) but I want to make sure I can use the ZPM code with our older FCCs before deciding not to try booking on board. (I don't see any reason why I couldn't do this but I thought I'd better ask to make sure.) BTW... are there any benefits to booking onboard besides the reduced deposit & OBC?
  7. Confirming that the Amex offer will work with shore excursion purchases. We bought slightly over $500 worth last week and when I checked my Amex account this morning the credit had been applied.
  8. When we had a lanai on the Veendam last year, the crew took in the lounge chair cushions at night and replaced them in the morning. The loungers are made of teak slats so they're not very comfortable without the cushions. However, I read at least one post where the lanai occupants stowed their cushions in their cabin to get around that issue.
  9. Working now for me too. Was able to at least look at flights and get pricing. Huzzah!
  10. FlightEase is still messed up as of 8 pm CDT Monday. We have our cruise booked but I don't have flights booked yet and wanted to see what HAL's pricing is. All it's giving me is a blank screen with "Loading Holland America" in the upper left hand corner. I tried both Chrome and Firefox and turning off ad blockers, no difference. C'mon, HAL, this has been going on for 48 hours now. Even if you can't get the site back up for some reason, tell your web folks to at least post a message to that effect. Very unprofessional.
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