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  1. HAL and Seabourn are two distinct brands and there's no chance of merging Seabourn's luxury with HAL's mega ship mentality. Seabourn passengers wouldn't put up with that. The fact that seems forgotten is Carnival used the Princess model to cheapen HAL many years ago. Most of the changes that bothered HAL loyalists began with Princess. Careful what you wish for in a new CEO or president. I've never known any who revert on practices. It's always advance and, given the current climate, they must find ways or stabilizing and boosting the company coffers.
  2. Not myopic for those who lived it. And their reality will be what we sail with in the future. IMO.
  3. Eagerly awaiting to hear comments of the GWV passengers as they return from an unanticipated flights halfway around the world. But from reading various blogs from AMSTERDAM and other ships, it seems there are a few takeaways worth considering. Has the GWV gotten too grand? They never used to last this long and there seem to be some ports with such a low rate of success of reaching that one is left to wonder why they are even on the list. Is a medical inspection needed to determine the health of a boarding passenger before the ship departs from its first port?
  4. I would first contact HAL support services to try to nail down the plan. I thought they were American, but since reading, perhaps contact Canada's version of the US State Department for some guidance. And then I'd book them a hotel and get on a plane with stops in Hawaii. I would NOT recommend they go solo to Manila.
  5. Let's see, this thread started with "I've been cruising since I was 17." Well, Ive been cruising since 1969 when I was 7. I have given much thought about not replying to this thread. But here goes. Haven't sailed on HAL in years, mainly because of the changes that started long ago when Carnival transplanted the Princess model on HAL. Seabourn is more expensive folks, but you get so much more for your dollar (like we once did on HAL). Carnival often gets a bad rap, but face it. Carnival kept HAL alive and helped it expand. Unfortunately, expansion comes at a
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