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  1. cruiseaholic78


    I noted this number for a HAL upsell some time ago. 1 888-628-8107 Hope it works for you. Rosalyn
  2. cruiseaholic78


    If you want a longer,cheaper option with many sea days without complicated flights from USA you might want to consider HAL. Each year they do a round trip from San Diego via Hawaii to various Islands then of course back to S.D. They are much larger ships but offer more facilities on the sea days, we are going in March on the Eurodam, can’t wait. Rosalyn
  3. cruiseaholic78

    Cabins with forward-facing beds on Regatta

    You may want to check out this wonderful spread sheet someon ehas made for the Azamara ships, they are the same layout as the small Oceania ones. Some people have also added which way the bed faces, this is something I always like to know if possible. Happy planning. Rosalyn https://boards.cruisecritic.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=355520
  4. cruiseaholic78

    Sommelier Dinner?

    We were on the Prinsendam and this dinner happened to be on my birthday(any excuse), we really enjoyed it and they even chose a special white wine for me because I don’t drink red. It was an experience which we enjoyed a lot and I would certainly recommend this for a special occasion or just as a treat. Rosalyn
  5. cruiseaholic78

    MDR lunch hours on embarkation day?

    We were just on the Prinsendam and always go for lunch in the MDR on embarkation day, the crew do tell you to go to the Lido though. We like a relaxing start to a cruise in the MDR. Rosalyn
  6. cruiseaholic78

    Onboard shops product guarantee

    I just thought I would share my experience with you. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2649754 Rosalyn P.S. I know it is too late for you but for others do keep a copy of your receipt.
  7. cruiseaholic78

    San Diego

    https://boards.cruisecritic.com/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=56921115 Maybe this might help for your luggage and then just get a taxi. Rosalyn
  8. cruiseaholic78

    Serious Wayback Machine - Old HAL Brochures

    SS Rotterdam still going strong. Here is a link to a very old HAL ship still in use as an hotel in Rotterdam NL. We have attended 2 receptions/parties there and she has been beautifully restored to her former glory. Anyone lucky enough to visit Rotterdam can also book a night there in a cabin of yesteryear. Scroll down to history for more information. Rosalyn https://ssrotterdam.com/
  9. cruiseaholic78

    Eurodam 4166/4188 or 4054/4054/4129/4132

    There is thread dedicated to the exact same question, I posted on this and based on the answers chose 4166 for the Oosterdam and afterwards we booked 4168 because we loved it so much. Check the thread and see what you think I loved the double width and of course the extra view and plenty of sun and of course only one set of neighbours. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2536517&highlight=4166 Happy planning Rosalyn
  10. cruiseaholic78

    Beijing (Tianjin), China Shore Excursion Question

    Thanks, in the meantime I had found the solution and thought I had posted this( its somewhere in the cloud).It seems that excursions are shown on the RTW itinerary but not on the individual legs. Looks great and one which will definately have to go on my list. Rosalyn
  11. cruiseaholic78

    Beijing (Tianjin), China Shore Excursion Question

    Hi, I have seen that a similar tour is offered on the 2019 cruise and said to DH I would love to do that on our segment Tokyo-S.F.2020. Where have you found this excursion? Maybe the full RTW’ers get this earlier? If you have a link please can you send it. I know its a long way away but hey planning is always part of the fun. Rosalyn
  12. This is always useful when in planning mode. http://www.tomsportguides.com/ Rosalyn
  13. cruiseaholic78

    My LOST bag was delivered by celebrity AFTER TWO WEEKS

    We bought these before our last cruise and they are great. You can add on details of your trip online check where your stuff is and see if anyone has accessed your Q code. That said I hope we never need to use them but know if our luggage gets lost we have a much greater chance of finding it!. https://www.tagonce.com/shop.html
  14. cruiseaholic78

    Cruise Reading Lists

    How about finishing with a book set on a cruise ship. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. Rosalyn
  15. Here is my positive experience regarding the after sales service of the on board shop. Due to a ridiculous amount of OBC given by Azamara when we booked I found myself regularly lurking in the shop like a child in a sweet shop. After spending a lot of OBC on excursions I decided to splurge the remainder on a very expensive Furla bag (pink) with an equally expensive matching ladies wallet. Thinking that the price would guarantee excellent quality I was extremely disappointed when I saw a tear in the wallet after a few months use. Furla referred me back to retailer and luckily I had kept the bill so I sent a mail to the retailer explaining what had happened. It took a while but they returned saying they couldn’t replace the wallet but would refund it in full. Today I received the money and thought I would share this experience for those of you worried that their service stops on leaving the ship. Rosalyn