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  1. Based on the above just checked my booking on the HAL website and we have been moved from a double wide cabin with shower 4166 to a guarantee B. To me this is a downgrade and until now we have not heard anything from our T.A. about this. Have to get on the phone tomorrow. Rosalyn
  2. You will have a fantastic time, we did the same itinerary in 2019 one of our most memorable cruises. Rosalyn
  3. Have you had a look at the difference between 2021 and 2022. Nautica B1 Eu 8969 for 2021 I think this has just been reduced. Tokyo-Dubai Nautica B1 Eu 11459 for 2022 Tokyo-Dubai Needless to say which one we are hoping to book! however they are a nogo until there is a vaccine. Rosalyn
  4. We also did an Amazon cruise in 2010, on a German ship Aida Vita, we had an amazing time after meeting up with a Germen couple on the roll call. The Amazon is an amazing river starting out so wide and getting narrower and narrower as you near Manaus. There were indeed very few insects and we were told this has to do with the salinity of the water. When we were in Belem at the beginning of the Amazon we had a very memorable excursion, after being collected by mini van we were taken through the town, then through a hotel where some boats were moored. It turned out the enormous boat was jus
  5. Thanks Phil for answering actually its for an Oceania cruise, ( I know we love Azamara too but this itinerary was soo special) no hurry we will probably not be booking just yet. Rosalyn
  6. Never got an answer here but on the Oceania site, unfortunately the cruise was cancelled but now trying for 2022. This time round a veranda cabin around the middle of deck 6 starboard side, so 6059/6061/6063/6065/enz, does anyone know which ones have the headboard facing forward so I am traveling the same way as the ship? I just need to know it for one cabin as they are B2B. I realize I should have changed the title Rosalyn
  7. Back again, unfortunately the cruise was cancelled however trying again in 2022 and hoping again for help. This time going for a veranda cabin deck six oneven numbers, around 6059/6061/6063/6065/6067. Trying to work out which is the best cabin for me, I prefer to face the way the ship is traveling, if I have one number I can of course work out the rest as the headboards are B2B as it were. I hope someone can help. Rosalyn
  8. They are all on deck 7 numbers 7000/7008 7001/7009 and then 7108/7126 7111/7131 these are clearly shown on the deck plans for each ship. happy planning Rosalyn
  9. Phew, thanks for that, just panicking that I might have to rethink my plans, should of course have seen the date at the top. That said I am surprised that Oceania was considering selling Insignia in 2019, way before any of us could even imagine the problems we would be facing in 2020! Rosalyn
  10. Wow, wonder what will happen to the RTW cruise in 2022 if the Insignia is sold before then, shuffle the others around, not good for our plans. Unless there is a vaccine soon so we can go in May 2021. Then there is of course the new build which should/would be delivered in 2022. One can of course only speculate and 2022 is so far away, maybe someone on CC is more in the know than the rest of us. Anyone?? Rosalyn
  11. As for "getting rid of" the R ships: The $100 million Oceania NEXT total interior renovation of all four R ships demonstrates that these proven niche-serving ships ain't going anywhere. Correct me if I am wrong but I think only 3 of the R ships have had their NEXT renovation, Nautica is still waiting for hers and I am hoping that this will be done before we sail on her. Rosalyn
  12. I stand corrected that must be one cool balcony, is it one of the new builds? we have friends in one of them they have side and frontal views of the N.Waterweg incredible!!
  13. It was copied from one of the webcams from the Port of Rotterdam as are all of the photos above. It might look slightly dark however I can assure the weather here is incredible, we are in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures above 35 celsius. I am sure many photos will follow on her last journey as Rotterdam, I was just the first one to post today. Rosalyn
  14. And this is the first one taken at 07:11 today entering the Nieuwe Waterweg Hoek van Holland on her final voyage as M/S Rotterdam
  15. I am sure you are aware of this but thought I would mention it anyway, I presume that you have no issues with motion sickness. We have had a cabin right at the front of the ship ONCE never ever again I have never been so sick in my life. Not only do you get more movement at the front you are also higher up “the more you pay the more you sway”. That said I can’t understand choosing a balcony which is so much smaller than the others, still each to his own. Happy planning. Rosalyn
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