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  1. cookiejarvis

    TBA rooms

    Wow, Talk about almost last minute as we sail tomorrow. Now I am excited. Awaken this morning to a room assignment. Actually, great assignment. Went from Interior Upper/Lower to regular Interior mid ship, mid deck. Yeah very happy that my fat hiney does not have to climb a ladder. Bon Voyage and Happy Valentines.
  2. cookiejarvis

    TBA rooms

    Thanks for ypur cheery and encouraging responses
  3. cookiejarvis

    TBA rooms

    Husband and I booked last minute cruise for Valentines Day. We booked last cat available...upper/lower interior. We are seasoned cruisers on various lines and have stayed in all cat of cabins. So we got the To Be Assigned. We are now two days out from sailing. When might we expect a cabin assignment? Help would be soothing to the nerves. Karen
  4. 7 days 22 hours until sailaaway. Fantasy from Mobile Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. cookiejarvis

    Carnival Excursions

    Thanks for the reassurance from all of you. DD is gung ho. She has been diving a while now and usually takes advantage of every opportunity during cruises. However, I do not recall one of them ever scheduled so tight with sailaway.
  6. cookiejarvis

    Carnival Excursions

    Feeling anxious now. :eek: I just purchased a dive for my 20 year old daughter through Carnival while we are in Cozumel. When ordering, it just said a 4 hour duration. After I placed the order and paid for it, it shows up on our invoice as being from 11:30 to 3:30. All aboard will be at 3:30 as we are scheduled to sail at 4. I know that Carnival waits for their excursions. My question is knowing this is an extremely small group, would something like this slip their minds before pulling anchor. Is there any way this boat will sail without my daughter on it?:confused: Cookie
  7. cookiejarvis

    Switching rooms

    I recall seeing conversation about this on here several times but cannot seem to locate it now: Your response will be appreciated. Both DH and I had really good offers for casino pack and play. SO, in order to take daughter and niece, we booked two cabins. I am in one with niece and DH is in one with daughter. Both cabins are linked to the same credit card account. How easy is it to switch out and put the girls together. DD is 20 and niece is 17. Is this possible? What steps do we need to do to accomplish this if it is possible? Cookie
  8. cookiejarvis

    Port of Alabama/Mobile

    Thanks to you all for your input
  9. cookiejarvis

    Port of Alabama/Mobile

    Thanks for the insight princess. This is exactly what I was looking for. Cookie
  10. cookiejarvis

    Port of Alabama/Mobile

    Forgive me if there is a thread on this subject...just could not find what I was looking for. Can anyone provide some details about Mobile/Port of Alabama? We have sailed from a number of ports but never Mobile. Just curious as to what to expect...is it comparable to Miami, Canaveral, Jaxville, Charleston, Tampa? It is easy to get too, what about parking on site and off site, terminal, etc. Also, INterested in how the staggered check-in works. We got 11-1130 as checkin time. While we have cruised often, we have been able to evade the staggered check in process until now. Thanks in advance for any help. Happy Sailing to you all. Cookie
  11. cookiejarvis

    Cruising New Years Eve

    Huge deck party. Champagne (cheap) flows freely during embarkation and on at the deck party, They put party favors and hats on dining tables in mdr. We have done New Years cruises for three years and love them
  12. He needs to sit on the edge of the pool everyday during peek sun hours (11-2) and strike up conversations with the other young adults. Then they make plans to meet up after dinner. They go the karoke, the dance club, adult comedy show, sports deck, and even the casino. My daughters have always found some people to hang out with in the evenings. Our youngest daughter is in college and has gone on the last three New Years Cruises during her winter break. She loves it. Your son will love it too.
  13. cookiejarvis

    Woo Hoo!

    Jealous.....i still have 17 days to go. Have a wonderful time on valor. Husband and i sailed on valor last summer and loved the ship. Really liked the serentiy area.
  14. cookiejarvis

    HOO RAH-doing the single digit dance!

    Bon voyage to you all